Monday, June 27, 2011

Weary weekend

I'm tired!  I had a busy weekend.  On Saturday, there was a special sew-in at a church in Winfield, IL for Quilts of Valor.  This is the 2nd annual QOV sew-in that this church has sponsored.  The ladies who came to sew don't usually make quilts.  Some of them seldom sew at all.  There were 3 of us from the regular Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor group that attended.  It was a great sew-in.  The ladies were eager to help and sew.  We taught several ladies how to chain piece, and we came away with lots of quilt tops.  All of the ladies are already looking forward to next years sew-in.  Some may start sewing with us on a regular basis.  One of the ladies sitting next to me was sewing on a Featherweight.  She didn't even know that her machine was called that.  Well, after Rita and I finished drooling over her machine (she inherited it from her hubby's aunt) we told her all about Featherweights.  NO, I didn't offer her $50 and cut and run.  We were NICE.  Whohoo for all the quilt tops for our great military!

After the sew-in, I went to my church.  My church had VBS this past week.  We always have a tent service the Sunday after VBS.  Well, since my hubby is the head sound guy, and since my oldest son did the sound all week at VBS, I got to go to the BBQ for the Praise Band on Saturday evening.  Ribs and chicken and beans and baked potatoes.  YUM!  My guys had been there all afternoon moving the sound system outside to the tent and setting it up.

On Sunday morning, we got to be at church EARLY.  The guys had to make sure that the sound equipment was still working nicely and the praise band had another rehearsal.   I figured I'd use the time to make some yo-yo's.  Well, one of the daughters of a praise band member asked me what I was making.  She wanted to learn how to make yo-yo's.  She made 2 yo-yo's before the service started.  She was thinking of all the great ways to use yo-yo's.  I'm sure I'll see them on a headband soon.

After the service there was another BBQ for the whole church.  I helped serve up chicken, pulled pork and hot dogs.  Lots of families brought desserts, so, more YUM! 

My family didn't get to leave until the sound system was hauled back into the church and re-connected.  We had lots of help hauling the system back in and getting the speakers in place.  Re-connecting the wiring is a 2 person job, so, my guys did that while I helped clean up from the lunch and tent service.  We finally left mid afternoon.

Since it was a lovely afternoon, my hubby convinced me to join him on the patio.  Since I'm running behind on my Santa block exchange blocks, I took the iron outside and proceeded to fuse 6 more Santa blocks together before dinner (salmon burgers on the grill).  More YUM!  I didn't cook all weekend.  Food was provided at the sew-in, then food at church, too.  NO-COOK weekend!

Well, gotta go sew blanket stitches around more Santa blocks.  I watched Six Days, Seven Nights while sewing the first block.  I'm gonna finish that movie and move on to Mary Poppins next.  I can sing along and sew at the same time.  Have a Great Week!


  1. Wow! Your weekend was overloaded! Glad you survived to be able to blog today :D

  2. Long weekend indeed! But, lots of good food and shared with old and new friends.


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