Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Teapot Tuesday and a Quilt Show

Teapot Lamp
My youngest son bought me this lamp.  We were near the Apostle Islands in upper Wisconsin, and, he found this lamp in a shop.  He enlisted his father and grandmother to help him purchase it and hide it away until Christmas.  It sits on a little table by my hand quilting frame.  I've enjoyed this lamp for many years.  He found this lamp while I was in an antique shop looking at a teapot that I featured in another post.  That was a great trip!

September 11 quilt

I worked the booth at a quilt show this past weekend for Quilts of Valor.  Yipee!  Air conditioning and quilts at the same time!  Our table was set up next to this quilt.  I've seen this quilt at the same show before.  This is a quilt that can be seen over and over.  You can read about this quilt and the show at this link.  I love listening to the lady who made this quilt talk about it.  She came out of her booth several times when people asked questions about it. 

Hand appliqued and hand quilted
 Here are more quilts from that show.

 This dress was a final project for a fashion major.  She wanted to incorporate quilting patterns in formal wear.  My picture taking skills don't do this justice.  It is a lovely dress.
 Isn't this little guy cute?!?  I just had to include him.
 Loved this quilt!  She said the aliens messed with her mind and made her quilt 2012 for the date instead of 2011. 

 This quilt was made for a doctor for his retirement by several of the nursing and medical staff he worked with.  I included some closer pictures below of a few of the blocks.  It was quilted with a 'good' EKG pattern in the white areas.  This was a really original and great quilt.  What a gift. 

More quilts to come in later posts.  Have a Great Day!

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