Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Teapot Tuesday and museum photos

Telephone Teapot
I don't remember where I found this little teapot.  I love rotary dial phones.  Remember in the olden days, when you could just dial 'O' and get the operator to dial the number for you?  And the great sound the phone made as it rotated back to place after you dialed a number?  

The TOGA I attended (info in the last post) I found a bit of time to visit some of the museums buildings.  These are some of the sewing machines that have been donated to the museum.  I didn't get pictures of all of the machines.  I wish that they had labeled the machines as to what model and how old they were.  I recognized some of them, but not most of them. 
boot patcher in the back, left?

I think that there is a 'boot patcher' machine in the 2nd photo, in the back on the left.  Someone brought a boot patcher to the TOGA to be cleaned.  I didn't get to see it but for a minute.  
 Look at the handcrank.  Isn't it pretty!?!  I just love the base on it. 
 I loved the quilts in the museum.  These are just a few of the quilts they have.  My pictures don't do them justice.  I would love to have seen these opened up. 
 Check out the crazy quilts!
Have a great week!


  1. Ooh! Love that quilt on hanging on the wall! Cool museum!

  2. adorable teapot. I do remember that at Grandma's house back in the 1950's, when you picked up the phone the operator came on and said "number, please". There was no number dial on that phone, none needed.

  3. Hi! Found your blog on Slow Poke Quilters. Hope you don't mind having a new follower. :) I LOVE love and LOVE that teapot!! Just about the cutest one I've seen. :) And remember how the rotary phone took what seemed like forever to dial a number, if it had lots of 9's or 0's in it?


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