Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Teapot Tuesday

Dog teapot
I should have taken a picture of the back of this teapot, too.  The tail is really cute.  I found this in a thrift store yesterday, and just had to have it.  I love dog!  I have two dogs at home.  I'd post pictures of the dogs, but, all my pictures of them are on my phone, and I don't have them downloaded to the computer.  Eek! another learning curve for me. 

Christopher & James
Christopher's quilt
I've been out of town more than in town the last few weeks.  I've traveled every week for the last 7 weeks so far.  Only one of the trips was unplanned.  I had 36 hours to prepare for a 6 day trip with a Venturing crew to the upper peninsula of Michigan.  A great trip, but, I'm tired of traveling now.  Last week I took my oldest son back to college in Missouri.  He is 450 miles from home.  This is his 3rd year at school.  His new roomate this year has been a friend of his since he started college.  I took this picture before I left for the hotel.  After driving all day, then unloading (it took 4 full carts to get Christopher's stuff into the dorm), and helping to set up, I was pooped!  I waited until James arrived to help him unload.  James only had one cart of stuff, since his family lives nearby.  I took the boys to breakfast the next morning before I started the drive home.  You can see the quilt I made for Christopher's dorm on his bunk.  Sorry I don't have a better picture of it loaded onto the computer.

 I did stop at several thrift stores on the way home.  I found some great stuff, including sewing machine attachments. 


  1. Awesome quilt! OK. I thought the phone teapot was the cutest teapot I'd ever seen, but now you've got me second guessing myself. I. LOVE. THIS. DOG. I mean love! Great find!!! :) So glad I found your blog. :)

  2. you just dropped a "i found sewing stuff at the thrift store" bomb with no more info?? What a tease! hahaha

  3. What a darling teapot!! That would look great in my collection if you ever get tired of it - lol!
    I can understand why you feel exhausted. Sounds like you need some 'me' time.
    The quilt looks great on your son's bed!

  4. The quilt looks great on his bed and that is such a cute tea pot. I have just been to a teapot and tea cosy exhibition and bought a new chicken tea pot.

  5. So cool! Those boys are handsome. So let's see the sewing machine!

  6. I love your tea pot! And the quilt looks very nice too!

  7. OOhh, attachments! Anything unusual?
    Cute teapot, great quilt, and a son to be proud of!


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