Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A New Hand Crank!

Japanese Princess sewing machine
I had a visit today from a new sewing machine collector.  She stopped as she was driving thru my are to see my 'herd' of vintage sewing machines.  This blue sewing machine was the only one I showed her that has a tail (electric).  I purchased this machine the end of August, and hadn't had time to clean it up or play with it. (see post here)?  Well, while it was out, I decided to clean all the lint out of it and see if I could convert it to a hand crank. 

attachment box
 This machine was drowning in lint!  When I took the motor off, there was carbon dust everywhere.  Some of it was 'glued' to the machine by old sewing machine oil.  I've been afraid to plug it in and try the motor, since the wiring is so bad (see pictures below).  I was afraid I'd start a fire.  I'd like to re-wire the motor and foot pedal one of these days and see if the motor still works.  After LOTS of oiling, I got this lady to turn easily.  I took the spoked hand wheel and the hand crank off of my Singer Spartan, and, they both fit this machine.  I threaded the machine (something I'm not good at, especially since I don't have a manual to show me how this machine should be threaded), and she sews!  Yipee!  Now I have to order another hand crank and spoked hand wheel just for this machine. 
motor, foot pedal and wiring

old scary wiring
My 'herd' consists of (currently) 4 full treadle sewing machines, 2 treadle heads, and (when I get the other hand cranks in) 4 hand cranks.  I'll show the other hand cranks as I get them converted.  2 of the treadles will be leaving this Sunday, if everything goes right.  They were supposed to leave 2 weeks ago, but, the lady couldn't make it that day. 


  1. Hmmmm...who'd a guessed. Very nice!

  2. Nice machine and I love the original blue bobbin winder tire.

  3. very nice blue machine! You're so right that the wiring is a fire hazard.
    Sharon Weaver(treadle-on)

  4. What a gorgeous sewing machine! She really does look like a Princess. :) How clever you are to borrow another machine's wheel and handcrank for testing. I always learn so much from you! Dianne B. in England (also an Onion)

  5. Yes, that is scary wiring! Glad you were able to convert to a hand crank. And she's still a princess!

  6. That machine reminds me of one I have in my herd as well, this kind always reminds me of a classic car from the 50's with the all the color and chrome. Nice site, enjoyed visiting your blog.
    Gwen, the vintage seamstress

  7. I love your new HC, very reto. Looks like a fun machine to play with and a cool color too!

  8. I am in utter sewing machine envy! Love the color, attachments, wow..awesome find!!!

  9. Beautiful machine! and you are so lucky to have the original attachments box, too. BTW, you can go ahead and oil the stitch length knob. If there is an access plate under the hand wheel, you can take that off and peer inside with a flashlight and oil the back part of that knob also. That and a hair dryer should do the trick.

    The styling and color are terrific on this one. Great find!


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