Saturday, December 3, 2011

Life! and some finishes

 Life happens!  On Monday, the light over the kitchen sink decided to go out.  I changed the bulb, then realized that it still wouldn't work.  On Wednesday, while I was preparing some of the food for the Wednesday night meal for church, the overhead lights went out.  We replaced the florescent bulbs, but, it still didn't work. 
After driving to the store to get new bulbs (this was late Wednesday night, after the church supper) we found that new bulbs still didn't make it work.  Oops!

I set up some lamps on stools in the kitchen so that I could see to do dishes and cook until hubby could work on the lights.  On Friday, we found out that the 'balist' had burned out on the overhead light.  By evening, I finally had lights back in the kitchen.  We still aren't sure if the light over the sink will continue to work or not.  It just lit up, like magic, after my son wiggled it a lot.  The wires are tight, we did check.  Oh well. 

Santa block exchange quilt top
finished table runner
finished baby quilt
 My Santa block exchange quilt top is finally finished.  I have to have it for the guild meeting on Monday evening.  I did not add my blocks to the quilt.  I signed up to make 2 sets of blocks.  I received 16 blocks, and added borders, then twisted them to make them wonky.  Since the blocks finished at 20" square after the borders and trimming, I didn't really need more than the 16 blocks to make a large quilt.  I will be using my blocks for something else.  I'll show them (hopefully) soon.  I'm still trying to decide if I want to add some borders.  I'm thinking I'll add more of the red on the bottom, and more of the green on the sides, to match the 'pattern' I created when I made them wonky.  Yes, it was planned that way. I think a small border will make it plenty big enough. 

On the drive to Texas and back, I finished sewing the binding on the table runner and the baby quilt.  I will show these at quilt guild on Monday, too.  Then I'll give the baby quilt to the new owners.  Hey!  I finished BEFORE the baby has been born!


  1. Like the Santa Blocks and set 'tipsy' adds to magical whimsy. Congrats on finishing the quilt before!!

  2. Life is always interesting isn't it? Hope all is working well again. I love your quilty projects!!

  3. The Santa blocks are adorable, and the baby quilt is very cute too.

  4. oh! We went through that exact nightmare in the kitchen about 3 years ago. :P What a pain! I really love the wonky setting for your exchange blocks. It would work so great for the guild exchange blocks I still have in a baggy from 2009. (egads) Would you mind if I end up using a similar setting?

  5. love your santa exchange quilt!


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