Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NewFO's for February, blogs & Davy Jones

Barbara, over at Cat Patches is continuing her 2012 NewFO Challenge.  Here is what I've done for the month of February.

Quilts of Valor top
 I started this Quilts of Valor top last fall, but, work got in the way, and I couldn't attend the monthly sew-in for a while.  Life got in the way, and I didn't get a chance to finish this top.  I pulled it back out and finished it earlier this month.  Yipee!  Hopefully it is being quilted already.

Kari's quilt
 I made this for a lady that I work with for her birthday (February) this is the quickest finish I've done in a long time (start to binding done).  I didn't get a picture of it finished before I gave it to her.  I bound it in the same blue in the small border.
Valentine block, finished
Technically, I started these blocks in January, but, I added the hearts to the blocks in February.  Does it still count?  
Secret project

Secret project
I started this 'secret project' in February.  Barbara said we had to 'start' a project, not finish a project.  I have a few more months to get this done.

OK, now for the non-quilt related NewFO's.  I finally converted 2 of my vintage sewing machines to hand cranks this month.  

1910 New Home A turned into a hand crank
1921 Singer 66 turned into a hand crank
I've been meaning to turn these into hand cranks for a really long time.  The New Home is one of the first machines I blogged about.  He needed special parts to convert him.  Singers are easier, but, I needed a base for her, first.  I got the base last month.

Now, about blogging and blogs.  I'm sure you've all heard about blogger changing how we view the blogs we follow with Google Friend Connect.  Well, I've never trusted computers, so, just in case, I copied the links to all of blogs that I follow.  As I was copying the links, I found several blogs that haven't posted in many, many months, some, almost a year.  I knew one that had shut down, but, I didn't realize just how many have stopped blogging all together.  

Lastly, did you hear the news about Davy Jones?  The lead singer of The Monkeys died earlier today at age 66.  I loved The Monkeys (Davy, Peter, Michael and Mickey).  I watched them on TV, and I have at least one album of theirs (vinyl, requires a turntable) and I also have some CD's, too.  They were such a fun group.  I even remember Davy being on The Brady Bunch in one episode.

I hope that the rest of your week is WONDERFUL!!!!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hand Crank conversions & a new treadle

I've been busy this weekend.  I converted two different sewing machines to hand cranks.  The first is my 1921 Singer 66 Redeye. 
1921 Singer 66 Redeye hand crank
  The second machine I converted is my 1910 New Home A.  I've been trying to convert this machine for a year now.    I had to get an extender made so that I could add the hand crank.  I had a tough time getting this one converted.  The Singers are much easier to convert.  I finally got this one running after some tension issues.  It has a leaf tension.  I wasn't familiar with this type of tension.  Another blogger had just posted about leaf tension last week.  Thanks DragonPoodle for the info on this.
1910 New Home A

decals on New Home

belt added for bobbin winder

belt on bobbin winder
I added a belt to the hand wheel to make the bobbin winder work. I haven't tried it yet.  The belt is too loose.  I'll have to get a smaller belt.

I was going to convert my 'Princess' clone machine, but, I was contacted by a lady in one of my quilt guilds.  She had a treadle that was left by the previous owner of her house.  She already had several machines, and didn't want the treadle anymore.  Her hubby kept mentioning putting it by the curb, but, she'd been reading my blog and knew of my Sewing Machine Addiction Disorder (SMAD).  I am now the proud owner of a Standard treadle.
Standard #1261292

the drawers have a neat way of locking in place

Standard treadle sewing machine

foot clamp

top of treadle, not the best of shape

hinge flap over bobbin case
I've been cleaning this machine all afternoon and most of the evening.  I'll show pictures of that in another post, later.  This machine didn't come with a needle or a bobbin.  I don't know which needle or bobbin to use.  Hopefully my Treadle On onions will be of help with this.  I also can't figure out how to attach the pitman.  The pitman that came with it (it was not connected) is just too short.  I'll have to figure this out, too, if I want to get this machine working. 

I won't be keeping this machine.  I just want to get it up and running and pass it on to someone else.  I can only  fit one more treadle in the house right now, and I'm waiting on a White brand treadle base to fit my White Rotary treadle head.  We'll see if/when I ever get one. 

You'll be seeing more of my machine in the near future, as I get them ready to show at my quilt guilds quilt show.  If you are going to be in the Chicago area March 10 & 11,  stop by and check out the quilts (and come visit me, too, at the show).  More info is here.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Busy week! Treasures, and other things!

It has been a busy week (longer than that, actually) for me.  On Thursday, hubby, youngest son and I headed towards Oklahoma to visit Oklahoma State University.
Oklahoma State University
We toured the university on Saturday.  The tour group was so big that they ran out of seats for everyone.  Our tour guide was from Tulsa, where we used to live.  We all loved OSU!  Now, to get youngest son to sign up for his dorm choices quickly.  While we were there, we passed 2 quilt stores (I only got to stop at one) and several antique and thrift stores.  I didn't get to stop at any on this visit, but, I'll be back!  We did stop in Tulsa on the way to visit friends.  One of them even gave youngest son an OSU mug and Chocolate bar.  While driving around we passed a sign that said 'Estate Sale.'  Well, I made hubby pull over.  I found some goodies for my MIL (shhh... it's a secret) and I also found some goodies for ME!
Silver-plated, covered serving dish

Silver lidded powder dish with puff, the lid has a mirror underneath
They didn't have anything 'sewing' but, they had these lovelies!  I can't wait to put some powder in the powder dish.  I don't think it's ever been used.  That's ok, I'll use it!

After we left Stillwater (OSU), we drove thru Kansas to visit oldest son at his college.  We stopped at the Kansas Welcome Center near Laurence and I found these two items.
Kansas thimble

fabric bowl

bottom of fabric bowl
Did you see who made this bowl?  Hubby said I just had to have it since my name is on it already!  This bowl was made by Cheryl Travis.  There is a group that sells Kansas products here.  You can purchase lots of crafty things from them online at the link.

When I got home I found these pretties waiting for me in the mail from Leona's Quilting Adventure.  Check her out.  She's having a giveaway thru today.

clipboard, fat quarter, Birthday card and thread
Thanks for the great Birthday goodies, Leona!  I just love getting birthday goodies!

The day before we left, I passed this lovely machine on.  I was part of a 'Pony Express' for this machine.  I picked it up and held it for 6 weeks for the new owner.  I handed it off to someone else, and, now it is much closer to the new owner.  I got to drool over it for 6 whole weeks!  

 Well, I keep trying to upload pictures of my 'secret project' but, Picasa just won't 'sync' the pictures.  I was going to join Sarah's 'Whoop! Whoop!  Oh well.  I don't know why these pictures will sync, but not the two I want.  Computers and computer programs baffle me.  I'll try again another time.

I DID get a finish while on the drive to Oklahoma.  I finished the binding on this quilt for Kari.  I gave it to her for her Birthday earlier this week.
Kari's quilt
 Sorry I didn't get a picture of it with the binding done.  I just ran out of time.  Have a Great Weekend!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A win for me, more progress & the Triple Whammy Giveaway winner!

A years supply of Biz!
Yipee!  I won a years supply of Biz from The Tulip Patch a few weeks ago.  I've been remiss in posting about it, sorry.  Thanks Mary and Biz!  I may be sending some of this to college with my sons next year.

Wego Quiltin' charity lap quilt top
I'm in two quilt guilds.  One of them, Wego Quiltin' is making lap quilts that will go to our veterans at a local hospital in the Chicago area.  Our president, Thelma, handed out kits at our last meeting.  This is the kit I received.  I sewed it up while hubby and I were watching 'National Treasure 2' the other night.  Quick and fun.  These are flannels.

Kari's Birthday quilt
The lady I work with is having a birthday next week.  I made her this quilt.  I even machine quilted it (only straight line quilting).  I seldom machine quilt, but, I am pressed for time.  I'll finish stitching down the binding this weekend.  I hope she likes it.

And now, for the winners of the Triple Whammy Giveaway!

Springtime in Paris by Briar Rose Designs

24 pieces in this quilt kit

10 hand made buttons by Creative Uniques, Inc in a 'school' theme.

14 items Set of 2 June Tailor Quilt hangers, 3 candy pin cushions, 5 Schmetz Universal Needles (90/14), and a 4 piece set of Clover Chacopel Fine marking pencils & sharpener.

One thread catcher (winner chooses colorway from here).  Pattern can be found here.

First place goes to:

I thought I was already following you. Geesh! Well I am now! I can only remember two birthdays that were special, so I will share both. On my 7th birthday, my dad (who lived separate from us) gave me my very first Barbie doll (wish I still had it...had to share with younger stepsisters) and a slinky. On my 10th birthday, I got an outfit (slacks and top) and a Bizzy Buzz Buzz! Wish I still had the Bizzy Buzz Buzz!!! (I'm looking!)

I'll post about your giveaway.

Happy Birthday!!!! Have a WONDERFUL day!

The Second and Third place winners each will receive a thread catcher in their color choice.  They are:

  1. Happy Birthday! I would say th 50th birthday party my husband threw for me.

My favorite birthday was my last big one(!) when my husband had organized a surprise party for me - I thought we were going out for a quiet lunch, just the two of us!!
Thanks for the giveaway and happy birthday Cheryl

Ladies, please send me your snail mail info and let me know which thread catcher colorway that you want to receive.  Congratulations!


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finishes! Starts! and Treasures! (& Teapot)

I finished this quilt top for Quilts of Valor this past weekend.  It is sewn on my Singer Spartan hand crank.  Sorry for the bad colors in the picture.  It is much prettier than it looks.  I started another one like it in reds, whites and blacks today at the QoV sew-in.
Quilts of Valor quit top

I also finished the Valentine blocks that I showed last week.  Again, sorry about the bad colors in the picture.
Valentine block
I also started a few things last week.  The first is a sewing machine base for my Singer 66 that I will turn into a hand crank, now that it has a base.  I painted the base black, to match the machine.  I will add a Singer decal to the base soon.  I also purchased an extension for this base. 
base for sewing machine, also, extension for base

base with extension attached
I am making this little quilt for a lady I work with.  Her birthday is later this month.
Kari's quilt top
I received this bentwood sewing machine cover from another lady.  Isn't she pretty!
bentwood sewing machine cover
I ordered more spool pin doilies from Linda when I ordered the sewing machine base.  Here are the lovey spool pin doilies I received.
Spool pin doilies
I decided to visit a few thrift shops on Friday as a birthday present to myself.  I was almost through the last shop when I turned a corner and saw this lovely beauty.
hand pieced and hand quilted Grandmothers flower garden quilt

close up of Grandmothers flower garden quilt
I of course 'raced' down the aisle and grabbed this!  SCORE!  The border fabric is frayed, and some of the flowers are disintegrating, but, she's still in pretty good shape, and, she's lovely!  She was also half price!  Woohoo!  Less than $5 for this quilt!  Then, I started to see if there was anything else on the aisle, when I came upon this quilt.
Carpenters Wheel vintage quilt

close up of Carpenters Wheel block
Another vintage quilt.  This quilt is in really good shape.  I wish there was a label on one of the quilts, but, there isn't.  This quilt was less than $10.  Talk about some great birthday finds.  I also found a cute (and tiny) teapot.  I haven't seen many teapots at the thrift stores lately.  This one was marked half off.
tiny teapot

tiny teapot
I put the phone in the last photo so that you could see just how tiny this teapot really is.  I couldn't even put this in the basket for fear that the lid would fall thru the holes.  The decals aren't fuzzy, just in the picture, sorry.
This was my weekend, how was yours?  Also, don't forget about my Triple Whammy Giveaway!  You still have time to enter.

PS:  The sewing machine base and extension table, and the spool pin doilies can be found at Linda's store, Lindalu's Treadles and Treasures.   If you don't see the doilies, just ask her.