Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hand Crank conversions & a new treadle

I've been busy this weekend.  I converted two different sewing machines to hand cranks.  The first is my 1921 Singer 66 Redeye. 
1921 Singer 66 Redeye hand crank
  The second machine I converted is my 1910 New Home A.  I've been trying to convert this machine for a year now.    I had to get an extender made so that I could add the hand crank.  I had a tough time getting this one converted.  The Singers are much easier to convert.  I finally got this one running after some tension issues.  It has a leaf tension.  I wasn't familiar with this type of tension.  Another blogger had just posted about leaf tension last week.  Thanks DragonPoodle for the info on this.
1910 New Home A

decals on New Home

belt added for bobbin winder

belt on bobbin winder
I added a belt to the hand wheel to make the bobbin winder work. I haven't tried it yet.  The belt is too loose.  I'll have to get a smaller belt.

I was going to convert my 'Princess' clone machine, but, I was contacted by a lady in one of my quilt guilds.  She had a treadle that was left by the previous owner of her house.  She already had several machines, and didn't want the treadle anymore.  Her hubby kept mentioning putting it by the curb, but, she'd been reading my blog and knew of my Sewing Machine Addiction Disorder (SMAD).  I am now the proud owner of a Standard treadle.
Standard #1261292

the drawers have a neat way of locking in place

Standard treadle sewing machine

foot clamp

top of treadle, not the best of shape

hinge flap over bobbin case
I've been cleaning this machine all afternoon and most of the evening.  I'll show pictures of that in another post, later.  This machine didn't come with a needle or a bobbin.  I don't know which needle or bobbin to use.  Hopefully my Treadle On onions will be of help with this.  I also can't figure out how to attach the pitman.  The pitman that came with it (it was not connected) is just too short.  I'll have to figure this out, too, if I want to get this machine working. 

I won't be keeping this machine.  I just want to get it up and running and pass it on to someone else.  I can only  fit one more treadle in the house right now, and I'm waiting on a White brand treadle base to fit my White Rotary treadle head.  We'll see if/when I ever get one. 

You'll be seeing more of my machine in the near future, as I get them ready to show at my quilt guilds quilt show.  If you are going to be in the Chicago area March 10 & 11,  stop by and check out the quilts (and come visit me, too, at the show).  More info is here.


  1. Beautiful machinery you have there. I love older machines!!

  2. I didn't know you had SMAD. lol I have PAD (addicted to making pillow cases). Love your old vintage machines, sooo cool! Esp. the treadle, and those decals are so gorgeous on the others. Wish I lived close by so I could come to the show, sounds like fun! xo

  3. Just lovely old machines. Enjoy your quilt show - you are too far for me to pop in, but I'll wave from across the lake.

  4. Very pretty, and I know how excited you must be! Have a great week!

  5. Your black box for your Redeye looks sharp with the machine.
    The New Home's decals are beautiful, and the cabinet for the Standard is very nice!

  6. I admire women who are so handy like you are!

  7. I have a handcrank Singer 99, I have tried and tried but I just can't seem to get the hang of it. I find I need both hands to get my fabric through straight, its like rubbing your head and patting my stomach at the same time! lol I am impressed with your abilities! Enjoy reading your blog whenever you post, sorry I am such a lurker. I love all your old machines, they are gorgeous!

  8. Lovely machines! I too am developing one of those vintage sewing machine addictions. I started out last spring buying one and within a few months had purchased four. Hubby refinished cabinets and refurbished the machines.

  9. I have a Singer 66 that I converted to hand crank, and I love it! I'm a fellow SMAD sufferer. SMAD is a dangerous disease, but I definitely don't want a cure!

  10. I have an old 66 I am considering converting. Thanks for the post!

    Did you make the black base on the 1st photo, or is that an actual case bottom?

  11. I have a New Home I am wanting to convert to a hand crank, I have gotten the wheel unstuck, cleaned my machine, etc. I have the hand crank, where did you get your extension? How does it work? Thanks!


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