Monday, March 5, 2012

Quilt Show pictures (lots of lovely eye candy)

I got to go to a local quilt show on Saturday.  There were so many wonderful quilts to see there.  I took a few pictures (yes, only a few of the quilts shown), and I still may have to split this post to fit all the pictures in. 
reproduction of a Civil War era quilt

LOVED this quilt!

I just loved the fabrics in this quilt

Remember the Ghastlies?  They made it into a quilt show

being from Texas, I just had to take pictures of this quilt. Yeehaw!

I love Dresden plate quilts

my youngest collects nutcrackers

What a great Santa!

loved the embroidery on this

loved the quilting in the borders of this quilt
isn't the quilting wonderful in this quilt? 

detailed picture of the embroidery

just love those Dresden plate quilts

Abraham Lincoln.  Sorry my pic doesn't do it justice

had to show the Puffin quilt.  We celebrated our 20th Anniversary in Maine
Oh my goodness!  I have more quilts to show.  I'll have to show the challenge quilts in another post.  



  1. Thanks for sharing. What a great group of quilts!

  2. Wow what talent ,I've done the basket embroidered one I can't tell you the hours and hours of work that's in that one .

  3. I enjoyed your double post on the quilt show. How lovely and inspirational! Thank you.

  4. Loved the show. Some really pretty ones. Thanks for sharing.

  5. How wonderful, Cheryl! Thanks for taking the time and effort to download all of those beautiful pictures!


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