Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Teapot Tuesday

It has been a long time since I've posted a teapot.  Here is my newest (to me) teapot.
I found this at an Estate Sale on Friday.  I didn't know that there was an Estate sale until I turned onto the street, headed somewhere else.  This teapot has a card in it that says:
"Happy Anniversary" on it.  The new owner of the teapot added a few notes to the card.  She wrote that they received it on 5/28/1980.  The teapot plays 'Tea for Two'. 

When I was growing up, my daddy would have tea parties for him and me.  He'd make cinnamon toast (his cinnamon toast was the best) and brew Constant Comet tea in a teapot that played 'Tea for Two' that my Aunt and Uncle had given my parents as a gift.  This teapot brought  back nice memories for me. 

When I showed some of the goodies I found last Friday on the last post, I forgot to show one thing.
This needlepoint is DONE!  I paid fifty cents for it.  I am thinking that it would be a nice center for a mini quilt.  It does need a small bit of the black details to be finished, but, I think I can do that part.  I'm not familiar with needlepoint, but, I've done a bit of cross stitch before.  The kit does include the directions and extra thread.

Today is hubby's 50th Birthday.  Youngest son is off from school today, while the younger kids have testing, so, we're headed to take hubby to lunch.  I'll be taking him out to dinner with friends this evening.  We're having a big party on Saturday.  Oldest son is doing his best to get moved to his new dorm room (have to wait till the occupant moves out) so that he can drive in for the party. 


  1. What a sweet teapot, and a lovely memory.
    I love your butterfly. The wall quilt idea is great for this... it won't be washed and therefore the stitches will stay in place.

  2. I love this teapot! what a great find!

  3. You really do find the most wonderful treasures!

  4. I love those painted flowers on the teapot, it is really a beauty..Thanks for sharing.

  5. Happy birthday to hubby. Your teapot is cute, but what is more important are the memories of your dad. Priceless.

  6. Oh I do love tea pots, yours is lovely :)


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