Wednesday, October 31, 2012

NewFO's for October

Barbara over at Cat Patches is hosting the NewFO challenge for 2012.


Here are my NewFO's for the month of October.

I was in the Wicked blog hop, over at !Sew We Quilt! My day was last Wednesday, Oct. 24th.  Here are the blocks I created for this blog hop.

Yo-yo spider mini quilt (completed)

paper pieced blocks

paper pieced blocks

paper pieced blocks

'batty' block

paper pieced block
If you want more info on these blocks, check out my post here.  All of these blocks were sewn on my 1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank.

1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank

I collect 'people powered' sewing machines (treadles and hand cranks).  I am in an online group called Treadle On.  Treadle on is having a block exchange, called a TOBE (Treadle On Block Exchange).  The current TOBE is 6" half square triangle blocks.  All of these blocks have to be made on a people powered sewing machine.  I made 5 sets of blocks, with 12 blocks being a set.  I used 4 different machines to make these blocks.

1896 Singer 15 treadle
TOBE blocks made on 1896 Singer 15 treadle
1948 Singer 15-88 hand crank
TOBE blocks made on 1948 Singer 15-88 hand crank

1921 Singer 66 'Redeye' hand crank
TOBE blocks made on 1921 Singer 66 'Redeye' hand crank
1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank

TOBE block made on 1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank
TOBE block made on 1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank

Little to do and lots of time!  Oops! Reverse that!  Lots to do and little time!  See ya at the end of November with more NewFO's!

Monday, October 29, 2012

New machine and Life happenings

If you are looking for the Wicked blog hop post, click here.

Lots of life happenings with my family in the last week or so. Here is a quick update.  My father in law had quadruple by-pass surgery last Monday.  We made a rushed trip down to Texas to be with him and my mother in law.  FIL is now back at home, recovering.  I'll be headed back down to Texas on Wednesday (poor hubby has to stay here).

We rushed back home so that hubby could be in a wedding this past weekend.  

hubby and me at the wedding
Not the best picture, but, I don't really like pictures of myself.  Hubby is very handsome, isn't he!

Before the wedding, while hubby was waiting around for pictures and such, I had lots of time to kill.  I spent my time well.  First, I voted early, since I won't be home on Election day.  Then, I headed to a nearby thrift store to kill more time.  As soon as I walked in, I saw this....

Singer in bentwood case
 I've wanted a Singer in a bentwood case for a long time now.  This is what I found when I took the cover off...

1925 Singer 99 electric

very dirty, with tape as a seam guide (NOT 1/4")

I've never seen a foot pedal like this one.  It is Singer

Singer motor, it works, but, it needs rewiring and a new belt

some of the things that came with the machine

Singer light, needs rewiring, at the least

attachments that came with the machine

isn't her face pretty!
 She is filthy, but, that can be fixed.  She needs to be rewired, and she is missing her needle plate and a spool pin.  Not sure if the tension assembly is all there, either. 

The bentwood case came with a key.  I haven't checked to see if it will lock or not.  Too much cord, etc in the way.  I'm thinking of rewiring the motor, and also purchasing a hand crank and slotted hand wheel, so that I can also hand crank this lady.  I've never rewired a motor before. 

This machine is the sister to my Singer Spartan 3/4 size machine.  99's were made before (and after) Spartans, which are also 3/4 size machines.  Wow, 3 new (to me) machines to clean up and play with!  Sew much fun! 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today is my day for the Wicked blog hop!  Welcome to my blog!

Little Miss Muffet, sat on a tuffet.....

Along came a spider......

Spider mini quilt (finished)

Spider eyes (detailed)

Spider web (detailed)
This was a totally original block.  I used yo-yo's to make the spider, and rick rack for her legs.  I found the eyes for the spider while on a trip last week.  This block is a finished mini quilt.

I learned to paper piece in September.  I found some great paper piece patterns on Sewhooked.  Jennifer Ofenstein gave her permission for me to use them, and even 'shrank' them for me.  You can find her 'shrunken' patterns here.

paper pieced block #1
Witch Hat


Crystal Ball

Cauldron - I wonder what is brewing in there?

Carol Doak cat in pumpkin pattern
 The Cat in the Pumpkin is a Carol Doak pattern and can be found here.

paper pieced block #2



 These patterns came from this book.
501 Quilt Blocks from Better Homes & Gardens
These patterns were much harder to paper piece.

paper pieced block #3
Since I was going a bit 'batty' trying to narrow down ideas for the project, I figured a cute little bat would make a great block.

This cute little bat came from this pattern.  I 'shrank' him down just a bit, so that he'd fit the 12.5" block better.  I had fun adding the bells on his hat and toes.

Bat Magic by Linderella's Quilt Design Studio
My last block is larger than 12.5" because I want to make it into a wall hanging.

This is what the block looks like at 12.5"
12.5" size
This pumpkin is paper pieced.  He is a free pattern from Artisania.  I used her jack-o-lantern pattern, but, turned it into a pumpkin instead.

All of these blocks were pieced and all stitching (other than hand stitching) was done on my favorite hand crank sewing machine.  Even the stitching on the bat and the spider's legs.

1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank

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