Monday, October 1, 2012

September NewFO's

I can't show most of what I've started in September, since it is for the Wicked Blog hop the end of October.  My date is October 24th.  I'll post those things in the October NewFO post.  Here is what I CAN show for the month of September.

one of two blocks made

the back of the block, showing the paper pieced pattern

the pattern

I learned how to paper piece in September.  I've now made quite a few paper pieced blocks.  I learned on the Singer Featherweight pattern above, which can be found here.

I should have started on an easier pattern, but, since I collect vintage sewing machines, I am using this block as a 'lure' in the hopes that a reasonably priced Featherweight will come my way.  I doubt it, but, one can hope, can't they?

I also made this block for one of my quilt guilds October block lotto tonight. 

paper pieced block

This block can be found at the same place as the Featherweight block.  She shows this block as a Jack-o-lantern, but, I just wanted it to be a pumpkin.  It was really easy to adapt it back to a pumpkin instead. 

I had a demo booth at a Fall Festival this past weekend, to show off some of my vintage machines and my hand quilting.  On Saturday, I used some of the extra fabric from the above block to make a mug rug.  More info on my mug rug and the weekend festival is on my previous post here.  Links back to where I got the idea for this mug rug, using an old doily are on the previous post.  Thanks Marcia for the idea.

doily before it was cut, sewn on my hand crank machine

mug rug being quilted on my hand crank machine
I seldom machine quilt anything, since I just can't seem to machine quilt anything other than straight lines.  I guess it just isn't my 'thing'.  One of these days I'll try to free motion quilt on a treadle instead of a super fast motorized machine.  Here is the finished mug rug.

finished mug rug

back of mug rug
I had to piece the back, since the rest of the matching fabrics were at home, not in my booth at the festival.  The materials used for the pumpkin and the mug rug are all leftover from my nieces quilt from a few years back.  I've also made a table runner with the leftovers. 

Have a Great October!


  1. Great NewFO's - love the Singer pattern, have to try that one.

  2. Good Job! I'm so glad to see you paper piecing. (Like I have a partner in crime!)
    I absolutely love the pumpkin. I'm going to have to make a bunch of those. Your mug rug is quite innovative. I like the idea of using the vintage handkies for that. And I just am amazed that the Singer is your first attempt. Looks pretty complicated to me. Again I say "Good Job". You did it!

  3. What cute projects, Cheryl. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Cheryl, that mug rug is simply darling! You did a fabulous job with it!!! :)

  5. That paper pieced machine is really, really cool! Love the pumpkin too. And that is a sweet new life you gave the doily in your mug run!

  6. Good luck on your featherweight hunt. sooner or later it WILL appear. I bought 2 at $100+ each, both not working and so far beyond my skills. then one Saturday morning one popped up on CraigsList, case, manual, attachments, working perfectly for $40 "or best offer". I forked over the $40 with a smile.

  7. I like your paper-piecing Singer sewing machine, cute!

  8. All of your projects are so darn interesting especially the doily sewn into the mug rug. BRILLIANT!! I have about 1/2 dozen hankies that I have yet to find a home for yet. hmmmm....maybe this could work!


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