Saturday, November 24, 2012

No Reply bloggers

No Reply bloggers!  I answer EVERY COMMENT that is left on my blog, EXCEPT those from No Reply bloggers.  Usually, I've typed up a response, then, as I click 'SEND' I notice the address is no-replyblogger.  I really want to answer every one's questions, but, without any contact info (yes, I check their profile to see if there is contact info there) I just can't answer you.  I've had questions asked about machines.  NO, I'm not ignoring your questions, I just can't answer you!  I just finished typing up a response to 'Vicki', but, I can't send it to her. 

If you've left me a comment, but, haven't received a reply, then check your profile.  Only YOU can change the info on it, and only YOU can leave me contact info so that I can reply.  I've sent many an email into the 'void', trying to reply to you.  If you don't want to leave your contact info in your post, then, look on the right side of my blog, under the 'Daily Blessing' and my profile info is there.  Just click on it.  Under the (blank) picture it says 'email', click that and my email address will appear.  Send me your questions that way, MAKING SURE THAT THERE IS AN EMAIL ADDRESS THAT I CAN REPLY TO.  I really do want to reply to EVERYONE that leaves me a message. 

PS:  Janie in Evansville, IN, I'd really like to talk with you about your RedEye, but, you are 'Anonymous'  


  1. I know! Is this the most frustrating thing about blogging? I hate having to ignore people. Sadly, most of these folks have no idea, and yet they hopefully enter giveaways thinking there's a chance. So sad. I have spent hours trying to track folks down in any way possible, but I finally gave up the fight.

  2. It may not always be that they are intentionally "no reply." I've yet to find a way for Wordpress to let my email show and no one there seems to have any idea what to change. (In fact, tech support forum didn't even know what a "no reply" blogger was!) I just changed another setting in hopes that it will change and let my email show in let me know if that worked! (

  3. I was coming to say exactly what bethstrand just said. Wordpress and Blogger do not play well together. BUT if someone clicks on my name, it usually takes you to my blog. And the email is right there. That and this...( are all I can do.

  4. Hey Cheryl! I hope I'm not the "Vicki" you're talking about here! I checked my profile and my email is there, so it should work ok, right? I'm new to all of the blogging stuff, so if you have words of wisdom, pls pass them along!

    Thanks! :)


Comments are IMPORTANT to me. Thank you for commenting. If you are a no-reply or Google+ commentor, please leave me your email address, so that I can reply to you. If you don't want everyone to see your email address, then you can send me a private reply (my email address is listed under my profile).