Sunday, December 2, 2012

A New Friend!

Way back in August, I invited a blogger to visit while she was in the United States for 3 months on Holiday.  Khristina and Glenn arrived on Thursday afternoon.  Khristina's blog is ! Sew Prim Khris !  Khristina is from Australia. 

Khristina and I got to have fun together on Saturday.  First, I took her to my LQS, Prairie Stitches, in Oswego.  Prairie Stitches lets us use their classroom space every Thursday to sew.  We had fun shopping in downtown Oswego. 

Then we headed out to Morris, Illinois.  We shopped at The Fabric Center, then headed to a new tea shop that they recommended to us.  We headed over to Letty Mae's Tea Room for some lunch.  What a cute place!  And yummy, too!

me at Letty Mae's Tea Room

Letty Mae's Tea Room

Letty Mae's Tea Room

Letty Mae's Tea Room
We had wonderful sandwiches and chilled Strawberry soup, along with tea and scones.  I'll be taking some special friends there as soon as we can get back.  Heads up Kay and Marilyn!

Khristina and I had a fun day shopping together.  I was a good girl, and only bought some fabric for the binding for my sewing machine cover, that is due on Monday night.  I also bought some fat quarters. 

Khristina gave me some wonderful gifts while she was here.

table runner and coasters

back of table runner and coasters

perfect backing for me
Since I collect teapots, this backing was perfect for me.  I love primary colors, so, the fabrics Khristina choose are great!  I'll enjoy using these.  I have red placemats that will match it perfectly!

Khristina also gave me some other goodies.

Aussie candies and Aussie tea

Aussie coin purse

Aussie coins that were in the coin purse
Khristina and Glenn also gave us some lovely ornaments for our Christmas tree.


tree frog


Echidna (like our porcupine)



This is the cute box the ornaments came in.

an eski is a ice chest

I'll be hanging these on the tree when I finish this post.

Here are some pictures of Khristina and Glenn.

Khristina and Glenn

Khristina and me
Khristina and Glenn will be back here in January.  I'm already looking forward to seeing them again. 


  1. I'm so happy to see your picture. Looks like you had lots of fun.
    (How can things be so different on the same planet, hey?) I love the ornaments, and the handmade things she brought you. I'm heading to her blog next!

  2. How fun to meet a blogger friend. And bearing gifts, too. Your FOs look great but time is getting short. Chop-Chop. Three weeks until Christmas. LOL

  3. Oh, what fun to see what she's doing! She and I are meeting in Knoxville as she scoots from Gatlinburg to Nashville!

  4. That is so wonderful. Sounds like an aweful lot of fun too.

  5. How fun! It looks like y'all had a lovely, lovely visit! I've really enjoyed meeting some of my bloggy's special, isn't it?! :)


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