Wednesday, January 2, 2013

December NewFO's

Time to post my December NewFO's over at Cat Patches. 

Next month (this month, actually) starts her New, 2013 NewFO challenge.

Hmmm...  Hopefully I won't be having as much to put in her 2013 NewFO challenge, since, I really need to FINISH some projects in 2013.  We'll see...

Not many 'starts' this month, but, some that were started and/or finished.

I made a table topper for the Christmas exchange with my Thursday sew-in group.
table topper

table topper backing
I finished some mini quilts for Christmas & birthday gifts.  The 'New' part is the binding and hanging sleeves on these.  I'll use whatever I can as a 'New'

mini quilt (made 4 of these as Christmas gifts)

mini quilt (made 5 of these as Christmas gifts)
I also quilted, bound and sewed on hanging sleeves for some birthday mini quilts.

mini birthday quilts
I made 3 of these, 2 as gifts.  You can't see the chocolate colored binding in the picture, but, it's there.  I bound another one in the pink sprinkles fabric, and one in the blue polka dot fabric, too.  I forgot to take pictures of them before I mailed them out.  Oops!

For Christmas, I received a great sewing machine table for my vintage machines.  It can be 'rearranged' to fit more than one machine.  This was the only thing I asked for, for Christmas.  I had to try it out, so, on Christmas night, I made the top of a mug rug.  This may be a UFO for a while.

mug rug flimsie

My son's have been home from college, so, I've been spending time with them, not with my sewing machines.  I did get some sewing done.  I used Triangulations to make half square triangles for my nieces quilt.  I love Triangulations.  Ironing them open and tearing off the paper is something I can do while watching movies with my family. 

360 half square triangles, waiting to be sewn together. 

These will be cornerstones for the sashing for my nieces quilt. Hopefully I'll get these sewn together tomorrow.  We'll see. 

What did you get done in December?  What do you have planned for January?


  1. That table topper is so cute. And the cupcake. I love it. Bring on 2013 FOs.

  2. What a fun group of Finished were very productive during December. Such a cute selection of Christmas fabrics in the Mug Rug. Since I spent most of December sewing and crocheting on Fleece, the quilt block piecing was pretty much limited to after Christmas when I started on the Winter White Friendship Exchange. However, I have been busy lining up some Quilt Projects for January. I posted about that this morning....Jumping Into January With Both SnapOn Feet. Come on back to Texas...CollectInTexas Gal that is and see what's on my January Calendar. Happy New Year.

  3. Fantastic projects! Can't wait to see how the pinwheels works out.

  4. Glad that Santa brought you what you wanted! I'm sure it will get a lot of use.
    I'v checked out your link about the new FO challenge, but I'm no wiser. What is it and what is FO standing for? It's a sort of quilt along, but what exactly? In any case, I hope you'll have a lot of fun. Also, enjoy your boys while they are at home. I also still have my daughter at home; she is leaving on Sunday to go back to work on Monday (she's a teacher in Beijing) and my son is anyway with us again. He already started working again yesterday!

  5. Love love your mini pretty! I got a large twin bed quilt off the frame, bound, and sent to it's new home. What does FO mean?

  6. Ooooh. Love your minis and pinwheels.

  7. Such a cute mug rugs. They are so fantastic. Those mini pinwheels will be great. Thanks for linking up.

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