Friday, March 1, 2013

February NewFO's and Progress

Time to list my NewFO's for Barbara, over at Cat Patches, and also list what I made 'Progress' on in February.

I started on the Harry Potter 'The Project of Doom' quilt in February.  The patterns can be found over at Sewhooked.

block #1

up close of block #1

block #2

up close of block #2
block #3

block #3  up close

I also 'found' a few UFO's while going thru some stuff in my basement.  These next quilts are now basted, and marked to be quilted (Progress).

Fat Cats in the City, quilt #1

Fat Cats in the City, quilt #2
2nd Flag quilt

My little quilt guild is having a 'box' exchange.  We all bring our 'box' full of stuff we want made, and pass it around to each other to work on.  These are the blocks I made for the first month of the exchange.

Kay's block #1

Kay's block #2

extra block made from extra HST's
I didn't like the lack of contrast in the second block, and, since I had just enough extra HST's left over, I made a 3rd block.  Kay's pattern only calls for 2 of these blocks, but, now she has a choice in which 2 she wants to use.

Not only was 'Progress' made this month, but, I had 2 finishes! 

quilting on a hand crank sewing machine
I added the borders and quilted these 2 mini wedding quilts.  I also bound them and sewed on hanging tabs.  The machine sewing was done on my Singer 99 hand crank. (I also used this machine on the Harry Potter blocks shown above & Kay's blocks). 

Chris & Crystal's wedding quilt

Nicole & Craig's wedding quilt

Yes, I know how late these wedding quilts are.  Both are now delivered.  Both couples understand that 'life' got in the way of finishing these quilts. 

I'm headed off with a friend to visit 2 quilt stores (like I need any more fabric or projects) then, hopefully, this weekend will see more progress on a few projects.  


  1. Oh you've been so busy this month. Enjoyed seeing all these projects. Thanks for linking up.

  2. Wow, you were busy! Hope you have a wonderful time at the LQS. You don't have to buy... LOL!

  3. Enjoyed seeing your starts and finishes. And, the month was a couple of days short. Good for you. I need to get linked up tonight.

  4. What an excellent idea to have a "box exchange". I've never heard of it but I think it would be so much fun to do that. You've been very busy and made nice progress with your UFOs. Well done!

  5. Beautiful wedding gifts!
    I loved seeing your hand crank getting a work out!

  6. The Harry Potter quilt looks really interesting. I'll have to take a look at that. I love your gray and yellow blocks!!

  7. I love your mini wedding quilts! And your Singer 99 handcrank too! Do you use it often? I haven't attempted to piece quilt blocks with my Singer 28 hand crank. It just sits in the dining room looking pretty most of the time.

  8. Your Harry Potter quilt has me intrigued. Do the blocks tell a story? I love your mini wedding quilts and your handcrank machine. I don't think I could crank with one hand and guide the fabric with the other. Kind of like rubbing your tummy while patting your head, mine would try to go the same direction.

  9. I love all your creations! New follower here
    Marisa from


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