Sunday, April 7, 2013

Last day of the Sewing & Quilting Expo & Goodies!

Last day of the Sewing & Quilting Expo.  I met lots of fun people at the Expo.  This guy was a vendor at the expo.  He wore a different kilt every day.  He calls them 'utility' kilts.  He sells shoes and baskets and beads for jewelry.  Check out his wild shoes.  All of the shoes were in fun, wild patterns. 

Quilts of Valor got to present 2 different quilts at the Expo.  I missed the first presentation, but, I took pictures of the second presentation.  Both presentations were to former Vietnam Veterans.  Thanks guys, for your service!

Quilts of Valor presented to a Vietnam Veteran and his wife

We also had several young girls in the booth on Saturday, who all got an opportunity to sew a string block for a Quilts of Valor quilt.  I got to help a girl who had never used a sewing machine before.  Her younger cousin was also making her first block at the same time. (Yes, I have permission to post the pictures).

teaching a new sewer how to use a sewing machine

Here is a picture that was taken on someone else's cell phone of the two girls with the blocks that they made.  (Sorry, I can't rotate someone else's pictures, I tried).

The Expo vendors area was like turning a kid loose in a candy shop!  Sweet!  I came home with some yummy fabrics and goodies.  I tried really hard to be good, but, with these goodies, it was just too hard.  At least fabric doesn't have any calories!  

Since I couldn't find my sunscreen for my car last summer, I really needed to buy a new one.  Look what I found!  
sunscreen for my SUV
 My friend and I decided that since I collect vintage sewing machines, I just had to have this topper for my quilt stand.  Also check out some of the squares in the fabric that is hanging up (both taped to the wall, and hanging on the stand).  Perfect for me!  The draped fabrics are all sewing themed fabrics.  Check out the sunglasses, too.

sewing machine topper, and in fabrics
The sunglasses were free, with a $10 purchase.  I spent well over $10 at that booth.  Maybe I'll have to start wearing contacts again, so that I can wear these.

Quilters sunglasses
More sewing themed fabrics came home with me.  I just couldn't resist.

sewing themed fabrics

sewing themed fabrics

key cover on sewing themed fabrics
I also couldn't resist these cute quilters socks.  The fabric is owls.  I plan on using this fabric for an owl themed book for my Harry Potter The Project of Doom quilt.

quilters socks and owl fabric
I also found some cute buttons.  I just couldn't resist these.

sewing themed buttons
Lastly, I just had to get this window decal for my car.  Can you guess why????

vintage sewing machine decal
I got doubles of some of this stuff, for the TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy) that I will be attending in September.  I need items to donate to the raffle table.  Don't you think other 'people powered' sewing machine collectors will like some of this? 

If you want to find some of these materials and items, I think that I have selvedges on all the fabrics, and a web site (or two) for some of the sewing themed items.

There are Sewing & Quilting Expo's all over the country.  You might find one near you.  Check them out.  I had a blast! 

After being gone for the past three days, I'm very behind in my blog reading again.  Sorry if I haven't commented on your blogs or comments.  I'll get caught up in the next few days.


  1. Wow your Expo was much better then ours!! A lot of the vendors are local, and they had a LOT of embroidery products this year. I was a little disappointed, and only bought one little thing. A glass nail file for my daughter ;-) There was nothing like what you showed. Glad you had such a nice Expo.

  2. Thanks for sharing... I feel like I was there!

  3. I'm sure there will be folks at the TOGA that would love to have a decal of a vintage sewing machine for their car window. All of Fiberflies's sewing motif vinyl decals look way cool!

  4. How incredible, your quilts of valour work. Both the quilts you give, and the young hearts you touch with your lessons.

  5. Looks like I am going to the wrong shows. If they had those goodies here, I know I would go home BROKE and HAPPY.

  6. Oh my! I must shop for a sewing machine decal! All your goodies look fabulous . . . just love the sewing themed fabrics.

  7. Looks like a great expo. I just love those quilters socks.

  8. Oh what wonderful goodies!!! All of that sewing themed stuff - I'd have gone nuts (and broke!)!!! My favorite is the sun screen for your SUV - totally awesome :*)

  9. Sounds like a great Expo. The utility kilt cracked me up.


  10. Nice new fabrics!! Looks like you had lots of fun :-)


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