Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fun Finds this past week!

Last week was a busy week, but, also a fun week.  A quilting friend is moving out of state, and had a garage sale.  I went to the sale 3 different times.  I found stuff each time that I didn't see the time before.  This is just some of what I found.

unfinished table topper and vintage flat iron

This T-shirt describes me to a 'T', don't you think!

not sure what machines this walking foot will work on, but, for the price, I couldn't resist getting it

not sure if I have any High Shank machines or not, but, I can always pass this on

cute recycled button thumbtacks

quilt top, I have the blue fabric in my stash, and will add borders to make it a lap quilt for the Veteran' home for my little quilt guilds philanthropy project in November
She also had this cool attachment set for straight line machine quilting (the only kind of machine quilting I've been able to do so far).

Quilt Wizard 'in the ditch' quilting feet and shank adjusters

extra feet in the box.  probably Bernina feet, but, I don't have a clue what the bottom, right thing is, or how it would attach to a machine.  Let me know if you have an idea
The Dream quilt book

back cover

an inside page of the book
This is a great book for middle school and above by Gyleen Fitzgerald

I also got a few patterns and books, but, I've loaned out all but one of them, so far.

Afternoon Tea pattern
Now that I'm learning the 'proper' way to embroider, I just may have to make this.  I think I still need to learn several different stitches.  YouTube is a great way to learn.

I purchased a few items at the Batavia quilt show, too. 

The Bunco Club book
When we lived in Tulsa, our neighbor invited me to join the neighborhood Bunco group.  I was a member until I moved to Illinois.  What a fun group it was.  After I read this book, I will gift it to my former neighbor, who is still a member of the same Bunco group (well over 25 years later). 

You can check out some of the vendors from the Batavia quilt show at Karen DeWitt's blog, here.  You can also purchase her book in paperback & Kindle editions at 

I purchased one piece of fabric at the quilt show, and another piece at a thrift store on Monday. 

notions fabric from the quilt show, 30's from a thrift store
I saved my most favorite purchase for last.  I got it, and a cute t-shirt from the Chix That Stitch booth. 

Golden Snitch watch necklace

Golden Snitch watch necklace, open
Judy, from the booth, said that if you want to order one of her watches (she has several really cute one, including a sewing machine and an owl, among many others) to email her about availability at  She doesn't always have them in stock, but, she'll let you know when they come in.  My Golden Snitch watch necklace was only $15.  Let her know that I sent you. 

I have NOT gotten any sewing done this week.  I've been tired all week.  I guess I need to recover from the past several weeks.  We are having 30+ people over for a Sunday school party on Sunday afternoon (hamburgers, hot dogs and home made ice cream), then, I drive my son's dorm stuff back to Oklahoma on Tuesday. 


  1. Great fines , I have done that afternoon tea pattern it turned out beautifully I gifted it to my sister in-law she treasures it .I've started a second one for myself .I know you will enjoy doing it .

  2. You are having a wonderfully fun Summer. Lovely finds.

  3. What luck! that looks like a standard low shank walking foot which should fit on many machines. You probably already know this, but there is a difference between walking feet for zig-zag machines and straight stitch machines. Just look to see if it lines up with your feed dogs or not.

  4. Wow you did great!! Amazing to find sewing machine feet. Some probably cost a pretty penny originally.

  5. Hmmm...maybe you should have just rented a storage unit instead of hauling his stuff back and forth. Lots of pretties in today's blog post.

  6. It was great meeting you at the Batavia show. What a fun blog this is--I'm adding it to blogs I follow on my site! Thanks for mentioning my book! I hope you enjoy it =) Karen

  7. Lots of goodies found their way from her house to yours...good shopping!

  8. Wow, you really cleaned up!
    I wouldn't know what to do with all those little machine parts but I'm sure you will figure them out before long.
    I love seeing your comments in the quilter's book club too.

  9. What great finds! You got some really great goodies! ~Jeanne

  10. Great finds! Sewing machine feet are always good to find! Hope the BBQ will be fabulous on Sunday . . . the weather is supposed to be perfect!

  11. I think that mystery foot is a blind hem foot. It looks very similar to the one I have for my one modern machine. Great finds, BTW.

  12. What a great find that golden snitch is!!! I love it!
    If you check out Jeni Baker's blog, In Color Order, in a February 2013 entry, you'll see a great HP pillow gifted to her by a fellow sewing blogger. I'm seriously tempted to make one for myself.
    Even with no sewing, your blog is a fun read :)

  13. Wow! You did find some great things! I am crushing on the iron. =)

  14. You are a die-hard HP fan! (Worse than me, I think, and that is saying something.) Love your time piece! And you made out like a bandit on all the rest, too.


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