Monday, August 12, 2013

Lots from last week

It was a busy week, last week.  I'm going to put most of it all in one post.

Monday night was my small guild's meeting.  One of our philanthropy projects for the quilt guild is preemie quilts for a local hospital.  We set a new record for how many were completed.  We had 68 preemie quilts turned in (that includes my 7 that still are NOT quite finished, oops).

stack of preemie quilts for the local hospital (also some placemats for our Meals on Wheels project)
We also had lots of show-n-tell at the meeting.

Eileen's 1st quilt

Eileen's 2nd quilt

Eileen's 3rd quilt

Eileen's 4th quilt
Jinnie's quilt

Jinnie's friend's selvedge quilt
The next two quilts are for Quilts of Valor. 

Marilyn's 1st Quilts of Valor top

Marilyn's 2nd Quilts of Valor top
This guild usually has about 8-10 ladies show up.  On Monday night, we had 17 ladies at guild.  We almost didn't fit in the room.  Woohoo!  Next month is our 10th Anniversary of this quilt guild.  I was at the very first meeting.

Tuesday was the Quilts of Valor sew-in at Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia.  Marilyn's two quilts from above were turned in, as were several others.

Quilts of Valor top

another Quilts of Valor top
Rita quilting on the shops longarm machine (Quilts of Valor top being quilted)
We had a nice group of ladies show up.

some of the ladies at the sew-in
We had a triple presentation of Quilts of Valor quilts during the sew-in.  Two men who served together in Vietnam both received quilts, as did one of the men's son, who served in Afghanistan. 

Vietnam veteran receiving a quilt

another Vietnam veteran receiving a quilt

Afghan war vet receiving a quilt

all three veterans together
Altogether, it was a great day!  Thanks guys for all that you do for our country.

After the sew-in, Marilyn and I stopped in St. Charles to pick up a sewing machine for me to hold (NO, it is NOT my machine) for another collector.  I'm now holding 2 machines for him.  This is what we picked up.

White Rotary sewing machine

White Rotary cabinet
Anyone headed from Chicago towards Canada?  This machine needs a ride to its new home.

Thursday was the regular sew-in at the local quilt store.  Before I headed over there, I stopped at the Goodwill on the way.  I haven't stopped at this Goodwill in almost a month.  Well, I was rewarded for my stop.  I picked up 2 quilt books and a bag full of vintage hankies for $2.99.  Here is what was in that bag of vintage hankies.

some of the vintage hankies

more of the vintage hankies

loved this round flower hankie

this was an unusual hankie

up close of the lace

another up close of the lace
In all, there were 48 vintage hankies for $2.99.  Woohoo!  Marilyn and I stopped at the antique store next to the quilt store after lunch, and they were selling vintage hankies for $3 EACH.  I guess that Marilyn and I need to get started on our hankie quilts after the Christmas rush (yes, I'll share my hankies). 

I had a very busy weekend.  I'll post about it in my next post. 


  1. Wow, what great pictures!! Eileen has been a busy quilter ;-) And such a great find on those hankys!

  2. Lovely share post. Oh, love all those hankies and what a buy!

  3. Nice hankies! Hope they give you lots of inspiration! This is one of my favorite places for vintage hankie eye candy:

  4. I have some of the crochet edged kind in my dresser. I also have one that has a lacy crochet edge made by my high school boy friend's Grandma who could only speak Italian. Imagine not being able to speak to your grandkids.
    Love that cabinet. Sorry not going to Canada anytime soon... but it sounds like a lovely road trip this time of year.
    Anyway, I am shocked that you had a really busy weekend...LOL! But then what other kind would YOU have? Can't wait to find out what you did.

  5. Busy week! So fun to see the QOV presentations! Thanks for sharing. -Jeanne

  6. Such great participation from your guild members Cheryl! And for such a wonderful cause too :*) It looks like you really lucked out with those hankies. I have a friend here who adores vintage hankies and shops at Goodwill for them. She makes jackets using the pieces of those that are stained or torn. Can't wait to see your hanky quilt!

  7. Thanks for telling me about your blog Cheryl. Here is what I did with one of my vintage hankies.

  8. Great quilts! And your hankie treasure is priceless!

  9. The quilts are beautiful, as always! And your hankie find is GREAT! What luck you have when thrifting! :)

  10. Beautiful, it was like another quilt show, thanks. I'm jealous of your hankies, I've seen so many wonderful quilts from them but the ones for sale around here are all the $3 each ones, you've given me hope.

  11. The hankies are gorgeous!!! I was looking for some for my mom......Guess I better start hitting the stores harder. Amy @

  12. Wow, 68 quilts is pretty impressive for a small guild!! Well done ladies :)
    I love that you are doing the Quilts of Valor too, love it!
    Thanks for sharing the photos.


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