Saturday, September 28, 2013

I Saw A MOOSE!!!!!! (Minnesota trip, part 2)

On Wednesday morning, hubby started his 6 day/5 night solo hike on the border route trail.  As soon as he hiked away from the cabin, I headed down the road towards Lake City, MN.  About 15 minutes after I drove off, I rounded a curve and saw a MOOSE standing in the road.  I couldn't get my camera out of my purse before the moose walked off up someone's private road.  Oh My!  Those moose are HUGE!

I told you those moose are HUGE!
 Don't worry, I haven't been drinking, and this isn't the moose I saw.  We saw this orange moose at Black River Falls, Wisconsin, on the drive up to Minnesota.  I just couldn't resist using this picture.

I really DID see a moose, though.  The moose population is way down in Minnesota since 2010.  I'm supposed to report my moose sighting to the proper authorities. 

I did get a little souvenir of my moose sighting before I left the state.

my moose sighting souvenir
Isn't he cute!

More Minnesota trip tales to come!


  1. I'm sorry you didn't get a picture but I love your souvenir. So glad you didn't hit him! ~Jeanne

  2. I hear they can be mean! Glad he kept going!

  3. Son lives in Alaska - Anchorage, to be specific - and they have moose all over, in town, out of town. Because of the way it is built, moose are very dangerous to hit with a car. They are so tall and heavy that they land in your windshield - can be deadly to the inhabitants of the car! I'm glad you weren't on that path.
    Hubby saw a moose just a bit past the town of Moose Lake, MN...LOL

  4. I think moose are one of those things you have to see to believe. I remember the moose in the main street on the opening shots for the TV series Northern Exposure.

  5. Oh my i know the perfect person who will be moooooosed by this..
    Love it cheryl

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  7. I'm way behind in reading blogposts. Glad you had a fun trip in my state. We've been having some awesome weather. Moose are awesome to see in the wild. Did you see any bear?


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