Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Quilt Guild and Quilts of Valor

First, the giveaway will have to wait till after the New Year.  I don't know about you, but, I'm so behind.......  I'm hoping I can get caught up soon.

Wow!  I haven't been blogging, but, I have been working hard on projects.  I really need to get my NewFO post up.  I totally missed Octobers post. 

Monday night was my little guild's Christmas party.  Everyone had a chance to make and exchange a snowman block.  We made these blocks in either 14.5" or 16.5" squares, so that they could be turned into pillows if wanted.  I've got more pillows than I know what to do with, so, I'll probably turn the block I received into a center of a quilt, or, make a small table topper with it. 

This is the block that I made.

the block I made, 16.5" square

up close of the center of the block
My block was based on a snowman block from Quiltmaker's 100 Blocks, vol.6.

block in this issue, see it, 2nd on the cover

this is what I based my block on, yes, I changed it up a bit (as usual)

this is what can be done with this block (included in the front of the issue)(sorry for the glare)
I may have to make another block, just for me.  It was fun and easy!

Here are the other blocks that were exchanged.

front of block

this was included as a backing for a pillow, etc


sewing themed snowman

this one has a knitted hat, and lots of other 3D things added
Here is the block I received.  It is now pinned to my design wall.

block made by Jinnie (in wool)
There were also lots of other goodies handed out.  I didn't get pictures of all of them.

snap purse made by Marilyn

inside of my snap purse

my 'treat' that was in the snap purse

whole box of chocolate goodies (these will be horded away in my sewing room)

snowman & napkin ring made by Thelma

lavender filled sachet, also made by Thelma
On Tuesday, it was Quilts of Valor sew-in at Prairie Shop Quilts in Batavia.  We had a soldier come in and he was presented with a quilt. 

Quilts of Valor presentation
I also finished a quilt top at the sew-in (and remembered to take a picture).

quilt top I finished for Quilts of Valor
There were lots of show and tell quilts and tops, but, I didn't have my camera out.  Info is on the blog along with a link to the story that the local newspaper did about the presentation.  If you go look at the picture gallery with the article, I'm in the 3rd picture, far right, sewing my blocks together. 

Oh yes, I have had a small bit of time to visit a few thrift stores in the past month.  I found 2 treasures that I thought you might be interested in.

lovely Christmas wall hanging

on the bottom back corner of the log cabin wreath quilt

twister wall hanging
I just couldn't resist these.  I just don't understand when people put something like this at the thrift store.  Oh well, 'I' appreciate all the work that went into each of these.


  1. Wow! The Snowman Blocks are all great! What a fun exchange. And to be able to be at another QOV presentation - wonderful! Sounds like you are keeping very busy! ~Jeanne

  2. I have never taken part in an exchange but I have a few random blocks that friends have made and given to me, languishing in a box until I can think of what I might be able to do with them. Yeah, pillow covers might be the only solution but they wouldn't go with anything so they still sit. The snowmen are cute though.

  3. Our guild party is next week - we do pillowcases for a local hospital, helping with non-parishable foods for the local food pantry in the church we meet in, and then there will be an ugly FQ game with desert. I love seeing the QOV presentations.

  4. Love the variety of snowmen - especially like yours and the overhead shot. So much to love on your posts.
    And yes, we quilters to appreciate the work of other quilters. Seems their kids do not. I have one son that still doesn't have a quilt because he can't see the difference between a quilt and a horse blanket. (I really thought he was the smarter one...)
    Good to hear from you!

  5. Once again, you're a busy gal with the Quilts of Valor...wonderful. And with all your other projects. Guild envy here...wish for a group like your Little many wonderful happenings there. Someone put those Thrift Shop Quilts there just for you knowing how much you appreciate the work that went into them. Found one of my table toppers in an antique booth out at ABA one day....must have gotten there via my DIL's garage sale....hmmmm!!! Great to hear from you today...thanks for stopping by!

    Sue CollectInTexas Gal


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