Sunday, January 5, 2014

A new machine and a mini TOGA!

What a great way to start off the new year!  I've been holding a machine for another 'onion' (Treadle On member/collector).  Well, she stopped by on her way thru Chicago to pick up her lovely Frister and Rossman hand crank (I brought it back here from Minnesota this fall).  This is her lovely machine.

Jai's Frister and Rossman hand crank
I've been drooling over this machine since the end of September.  Well, Jai knew that I've been wanting a chain stitch machine, so, she went down to her basement to have a look around.  She decided that the machines 'breed' down there, since she found a lovely chain stitch machine that she didn't remember having.  Look what she brought me!

cute little chainstitcher

the spool pin is broken off (I'll need to find a donor one)

the presser foot is upside down, the metal plate says National Sewing Machine Company, Belvidere, ILL and New York (Belvidere is only an hour or so from me)

bronze medallion says B. Eldredge Automatic

Serial number 34990 is painted on
This little machine is dirty and very stiff with a bit of rust.  I'll have fun cleaning it up, finding a replacement part or two, and seeing if she sews.  Oh my, isn't she CUTE!!!!!!  There really are decals hiding under all those years of grime. 

Now to find out more about my new little treasure!

Here is Jai and Grant holding my little chainstitcher.

Jai, Grant and my new chain stitcher
We had a great time together, Friday evening and Saturday morning.  It was a great little 'mini TOGA' with lots of talk about sewing machines (Jai & I) and camping, hunting and outdoors (hubby & Grant).  Sew much fun!

To all of you that are also experiencing this bitter cold and snow, stay warm and stay safe!  To those of you 'down under' enjoy your summer and send some heat this way, please!


  1. That is so sweet, and thoughful of your friend. How blessed you are!

  2. What an unusual looking machine. Once she's up and running, please show us how she works and what the stitch looks like. Sweet that your friend has breeding pairs! Sweet that you have such a wonderful friend!
    Stay warm, my friend. We know you know how.

  3. That is a sweet machine! I'm sure you'll have it purring in no time!
    Sounds like a fun party!

  4. Cute, cute, cute - yes, I am sure you will haveher running sweetly and all spick and span, too.

  5. How lovely... a new child to pamper. Have fun with your toy.

  6. What a great surprise for you! I grew up in Belvidere. It would be fun to have a machine from there. Hope you easily find the parts. ~Jeanne

  7. Just darling. So fun to add to your collection

  8. So jealous of your new machine! Can't wait to see how it cleans up. Hope you and your family stay safe and warm in this brutal cold spell we are under!

  9. What a lucky find! I don't know anything about chainstitching machines, so I hope you'll fill us in on it's special qualities etc... I hope you find all the parts you need and I am really looking forward to seeing it all polished up!

  10. I recently picked up a Wilcox & Gibbs that looks just like your Eldridge, but more rust and no shiny places. It is also missing the spool holder, broken exactly like yours. I got it because it was unique, but am hoping I can eventually get things to move. Mine came with the treadle cabinet also.

    Good luck. Roger


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