Friday, July 4, 2014

June Updates

It doesn't look like much, but, I did get lots done in June.

I made 3 purses.

for my future daugher-in-law

for Michelle

for Betty
I also have a NewFO for June.  I started this quilt on June 5th.  I cheated, and put the motor on my 1959 Singer Spartan, instead of using the hand crank.  This is the first time I've used the motor on this machine since I brought it home.  I really needed to get this quilt finished quickly. 
1959 Singer Spartan with the motor attached
This quilt is finished, including straight line quilting, except for a small bit of hand stitching on the binding (that part will be done before the weekend is over).
label for the quilt

back of the quilt, showing the machine stitching

front corner of the quilt, showing the machine quilting
and here is the quilt with the binding stitched to the front (not stitched down in the back).
Oliver and Chelsea's wedding quilt
The wedding isn't until July 14th, so, for once, I'm ahead of schedule on a project.  Woohoo!  This is the same double 4 patch block that I used for the beginning quilting class I taught the last few months.

I also made 4 blocks for Missy's uncle's cancer quilt.
4 9-patch blocks
Please pray for Missy's uncle.  His tumor is growing, not shrinking. 

I do have another project that I've spent several hours on this month, but, I don't have any pictures of it at this point.  I'll show it when it is finally done.  Applique is s-l-o-w going.  

Update on my Comcast emails:
Well, despite calling Comcast 3 different times this week, I still haven't gotten a call back or my 3 months of emails.  Grrr!!!!!  Hubby and I both have spent hours on the phone this week with them. 


  1. You have accomplished lots. Congrats on getting wedding quilt completed. Bright and colorful. Nice quilt label.

  2. Wow - you have been busy!!! Love the purses and the wedding quilt. The label is perfect. Best of luck getting your emails back. ~Jeanne

  3. Purses and bags take a lot of time to make, so kuddos in accomplishing 3. Super wedding quilt and yeah for early finishes.

  4. Looks like you did accomplish a lot.
    (I'm sorry for the lost mail with Comcast; it's hard to deal with companies like that)

  5. Lovely bags. I'm sorry about the uncle. My mom in law is battling cancer too

  6. The comcast problem seems like big headache with not a lot of sympathy or understanding. They need to take a page from your book when it comes to using time.

  7. Love your wedding gift. I always like a quilt for a wedding gift... love to the couple.
    Love the bags for your girls. Nice size, color and that outside pocket is soooo convenient. Did you make one for yourself?
    Sorry about Comcast. What else can we say...

  8. Sorry to hear about the Comcast problems :( Hope they can help you soon.
    That's a great wedding gift! How lucky they are to get one of your quilts! Is it an Irish chain?
    Great job on the purses too. They're a bit more time consuming, don't you think? With zippers and linings and hardware, they are a bit more work. But so worth it- they look great :)

  9. You have been busy! Great wedding quilt.

  10. ooh, I love the bags! and that is a great polka dot fabric.

  11. Cute projects. You did a lot this month. Love your quilt fabrics.


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