Friday, August 1, 2014

July NewFO's and Finishes

July was a very busy month for me. 

First, I had a finish.  This was a NewFO for June, and a finish for July.
Oliver & Chelsea's wedding quilt (up close, since the colors don't look so good in the next picture)

Oliver & Chelsea's wedding quilt
I got to attend 2 different TOGA's (Treadle On Gathering and Academy's) in 2 different states (Ohio then Michigan) in 2 weekends.  Woohoo!  Lots of lovely treadles and hand crank sewing machines.
some of the machines at a TOGA

more machines at a TOGA

still more machines at a TOGA (all of these were in just one room)
Each TOGA had block exchanges.  I made blocks for the TOGA's and also for a block exchange, later this fall, for Treadle On members.
4 different sets of exchange blocks, all made on hand crank or treadle sewing machines
In between TOGA's, my son asked me to make him a speaker holder for his ipod speakers.  He wanted them to be attached to the headrest of his car (did I mention that he asked me to do this, last minute, and we made this in an hour)?  This counts as a NewFO and a finish. 
front of head rest speaker holder

back of head rest speaker holder
My son is happy with this. 

After the TOGA's, I started more quilts.  One of these quilts had not been planned at all. I saw my Aunt in Ohio before the first TOGA.  My Aunt has cancer (again) and had just had surgery a few weeks before I arrived.  She's had another surgery since I was there.  I figured she needed a quilt.  Her apartment is decorated in an oriental theme, since she and my Uncle were stationed in Thailand, many years ago.  I just happened to have an oriental piece of fabric in my stash.  I quickly designed this.
Pat's quilt top

up close of Pat's quilt top
I still have to baste and quilt this. 

I also (finally) started the Birds on a Wire wall quilts for my youngest son.  I've been meaning to start these since February, but, I had too many other things to get done.  I'm only showing a picture of one of the quilts, but, I promise that there are 2 quilts. 
Birds on a Wire wall quilt
I had some quilting problems with these quilts (see post here.)  The birds are NOT fused down (just laying on the wires) because I will need to wash both wall quilts before I fuse the birds down.  Since this is batik, all the stitch holes from the stitching that I had to take out, show up in the fabric.  I do have the binding attached on both quilts.  I still have to hand stitch them down before I can wash these, and finish the birds. 

Not too bad, considering that I took 2 out of state trips during the month of July. 

Have a great weekend!


  1. I love that bird quilt! All of your quilts turned out great, congrats on the finishes!

  2. You surely were busy in July and what a neat trip to TOGA. The machines are so neat and I bet you were right at home among all the treadle machines and treadlers. Glad to see you are quilting as much as ever. I've taken a long break from sewing since I sold my qammill. It was hard, but the right move to make for me at this time. I've enjoyed your blog and keeping in the quilt world vicariously.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  3. I would say you did quite well for a month that has travels - nicely done!

  4. The quilts are all gorgeous! I'm sure you'll have the birds done soon. It feels so good to have finishes! You've had such a productive month along with two great trips! Hope your son in enjoying his speaker holder. ~Jeanne

  5. Looks like a busy month. I love your birds on a wire.

  6. You are very talented. Good job, Mom!

  7. Wow, it sure was a busy month for you! And very productive- I love your birds on a wire quilt :)

  8. The two quilts are so beautiful and bright, love them. The birds is really wonderful, I hope you got all of the problems fixed, do you think it was the batting or the basting? I spray baste everything, pinning makes me nervous that it's not tight enough.

  9. I love the greens in the Wedding Quilt - it looks sort of Irish to me?

  10. Your wedding quilts are far different from the others and which is very good sign of uniqueness. Just keep up the good work.

    Gorgeous Tart Leilah Dress

  11. You've been very busy.....great speaker holder design ! WOW those machines are awesome !

  12. Not bad at all Cheryl!!! Looks like you had lots of fun and travel and quilting in the month of July - what could be better? I laughed at your son's boom box finish - way to go!!!


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