Wednesday, September 17, 2014

September DOD Mystery blocks

I joined a Mystery block swap.  I don't usually do mystery quilts, but, I'd already seen sample blocks for the first month, so, I decided to join.  You can still join this swap.  They are making a 'Quilters Garden' row quilt.  To join, you have to agree to make at least one block per month to swap.  You can make more blocks if you want to.

Here are the blocks I made for this swap.
Eldredge block (I'm keeping this one)

Summer Fun block (I'm swapping this one)
I'm keeping the Eldredge block, since I own an Eldredge chain stitch sewing machine (Thanks Jai!)
my Eldredge chain stitch machine
I used several of my vintage sewing machines as inspiration for my block.  There were 4 different sewing machine blocks to choose from.  I'll probably make more blocks when I have more time.
'Princess' a Japanese 15 series machine

Aldens 15 series machine
White sewing machine
toy sewing machine
and, of course, my wonderful 'Victor' treadle.
Victor 15 series treadle
On of the 4 patterns looks more like my 'Victor', another looks more like the Aldens sewing machine.

These are just some of my blue/green sewing machines.  I know I have at least one more that is blue.  I just love these colors!  And NO, I do not own a pink machine (yet).  Now to find a RED sewing machine......

Off to get some work done in my sewing room. 


  1. You've got a lot of machines that match your block. You could make a whole quilt of them.

  2. I love your block - so much! I wonder if you will let me add your machine photo to my pattern if I give you credit for it. I would love for people to see how much more real they look with your embellishments.

    I also enjoyed looking at your sewing machines. I am fascinated because your "Princess" machine looks just like a pink machine I was studying when I designed this block.

  3. I love your block and of course I love your machines, I'm still looking for a blue one like your Victor!

  4. Super cute lineup of machines ; )

  5. Well, how could you NOT join that swap! Have fun.

  6. I really really really like your blocks!!!!!

  7. I like your block and the fabric that you used.

  8. Do you have a 'thing' about blue sewing machines?

  9. What a cute block! The mystery block swap sounds like fun and I'm sure you'll love it. I'm just waiting to see a red machine! ~Jeanne

  10. Love your blocks! You're so creative & talented!!! Hope you're doing well.

    Take care & keep stitchin !


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