Thursday, October 2, 2014

September NewFO's and finishes, etc.

Barbara, over at Cat Patches has her NewFO linky party.  I'm adding my finishes, etc, to this post, too.

This month I stitched 19, 60 degree table runner tops.  Each of these table runner tops still needs to be backed and quilted.  I made 4 of each of the table runners in the first picture below.
4 of each of these (8 total)
I also made these table runner tops.

This pattern also makes a 'bonus' round table runner.  I have these cut, but, I've only stitched the little topper tops from the top picture.  I didn't get pictures of these.  They still have one seam left on each of the 8 round toppers.  All of these will be Christmas presents this year.

I'm participating in a brand new Mystery Row swap that started in September (not too late to join).  I made 2 blocks, one for me, and one to swap (you have to make at least one to swap to get the pattern for free).  I'll make more sewing machines when things slow down a bit.
Mystery Row swap blocks (top block is mine to keep)
I'm in another block swap, with my Treadle On group.  These blocks have to be made on either a hand crank or a treadle sewing machine.  This swap is Canning Jars.  The 'contents' of the jars must be something that would be canned (fruits & veggies).  I made 5 sets of 6 blocks, along with some extra blocks for me to keep.
pickles, made on 1914 Singer 66 hand crank

carrots, made on 1925 Singer 66 hand crank

peas, made on 1925 Singer 66 hand crank

blueberries, made on 1941 Singer 66 hand crank 'Betty'
asparagus, made on 1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank
I can't wait to see what blocks I'll get back in this swap.

I've also stitched over 250 HST's this month for a new Quilts of Valor top I'm working on.

Speaking of Quilts of Valor, I finished a top this month, for my next door neighbor, who is currently deployed.  He'll be coming home late October, early November.  My friend, Karen, quilted this top for me, and she also bound it and even made the pillowcase for it (all Quilts of Valor are presented with a pillowcase).  Sorry the colors didn't come out well.  It looks washed out in the pictures.  The background is a pale cream on cream, not white. 
Steve's Quilt of Valor

up close of Karen's quilting

backing and label in the corner
This quilt will be entered in a quilt show this month. 

I did do lots more stitching in September, but, I don't have pictures of most of it.  I did take a picture of part of what I stitched last weekend, at the Fall Festival, where I was showing off some of my vintage sewing machines.
more blocks and strips for 2 Garden quilts

some 1.5" 9 patches

On another blog I read, JulieKQuilts, she mentioned a terrible fire, where another blogger's mother lost all her stash.  A request was put out to send Fat Quarters to the mother who lost her stash.  The first post/request is here.   Those of you who read my blog, know that I lucked into tons of fabric last Thursday at a local thrift store.  When I read Julie's post on Friday, I knew what I needed to do with some of that fabric.  I picked up a Priority mailing box, and, on Tuesday, this is what I sent.
priority box full of fabrics
If you want to help out (fabric, tools, notions, etc), you can send it to this address.

Joyce Wilson,
PO Box 352,
Pateros, WA 98846


  1. OMG Woman! No wonder you have not been blogging much. Where do you get the energy? You must be really young.
    You have a big family who are all getting lovely table runners... and they aren't the easy kind that I would make. WOW.
    I love the little 9 patches. I think I have some fabric with flowers like that - somewhere in all those boxes.
    Love the canned goods with the corresponding sewing machines. Portraits.
    What a terrible thing to happen to a sewer. You are very generous with your fabrics. Thanks for the address.

  2. I guess you aren't just sitting around twiddling your thumbs. Even those machines are being kept busy!

  3. I just love those table runner. I did google 60 degree table runners and found lots of links, but not an actual pattern. Must look some more. Nice of you to part with some of your stash.

  4. What a lot of pretty stuff you have here. I especially love the sunflower and apple table runners, but all of your stuff is so cute and pretty.

  5. You have been very busy! I love the 1.5 inch 9 patches. I have been playing with mini quilts lately. I know your neighbor will love the quilt.


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