Monday, November 3, 2014

October NewFO's & Finishes

I only got one NewFO done in the month of October.  I'm in a Mystery Row Block exchange, and I finished 5 blocks for this exchange.  One block to exchange....
my exchange block
and I made 4 blocks for myself.
4 blocks I'm keeping
This is the block I got last month (September exchange).
block from Marilyn
I did get 19 finishes done in October.  Not bad, considering I was gone for a week to my family reunion.  I finished 19 - 60 degree table runners.  I do still need to bury the threads from the quilting.  I'll do that while watching TV.
4 Snowman table runners

4 different Snowman table runners

#1 Beach table runner

#2 Beach table runner

#3 Beach table runner

#4 Beach table runner

2 Apple table runners

2 Sunflower table runners

aqua table runner

red floral table runner

green floral table runner
Next month I hope to have 19 more table runners.  Using the 60 degree pattern, you get a 'bonus' round table runner along with the long table runners (shown above).  I just need to back, baste and quilt the 'bonus' table runners.  I think I went a bit overboard on these table runners.  Once you start cutting them out, you just can't stop.  I still have lots more material left to cut more of some of these table runners.


  1. Those rotary dresdens are too fun! If ever I need a table runner, I know who I can call upon! LOL They all look great!

  2. Just love your table runners! i especially like those sunflowers--really nice...hugs, Julierose

  3. Rotary windmills! So fun.
    L.O.V.E. the table runners. You are one busy girl.
    I'm packing up the last bits today - movers come tomorrow.

  4. Your rotary dresdens are very cute. Love the table runners Wow that is pretty impressive especially since you were on vacation for a week!

  5. Nice table runners - will these be Christmas gifts? Or do you have a use for 19? Love the rotary dresdens - very imaginative and cute! ~Jeanne

  6. Those rotary cuter blocks are fun! And the person who you made you the the sewing machine block must know you well ;)! My gosh, you really are on a roll with all those amazing table runners. I still haven't managed to make but it's on my to do list for sure.

  7. I love all those runners, especially the last one. The rotary blocks are great ... and no chance cutting your finger on them.

  8. Beautiful table runners. I like the rotary blocks!

  9. You have been a busy girl! I love the runners and the rotary cutter blocks are too cute!

  10. Wow! Those first blocks are so cute but must take hours

  11. Oh my goodness. The rotary cutter flowers are absolutely precious. Beautiful table runners too.

  12. You did get a lot done in October! I wish I could have done a little more but at least I am progressing in a forward direction.

    I love your table runners. What do you plan to do with them all?

  13. I love yur blocks and your table runners are very pretty! What are you making so many for?

  14. Oh my goodness -- those runners are gorgeous!! Very beautiful!! :)


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