Monday, April 6, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

I usually don't do any slow stitching on Sunday's, but, this week I did.  I have a block due for my quilt guild meeting tonight, and I had to finish it.  I'm linking up to Kathy's Slow Stitching Sunday post.
Bunny block
Everyone in the guild was challenged to make a Bunny block (however they wanted to) and bring it to our April meeting.  These blocks will be put together and turned into a charity quilt for a kid.  The blocks all have to be 12.5" square, and be on a pastel background.  The light is off in this picture, so the background looks green, not pale aqua.

Here is a better picture of the block, before I stitched on it.
Bunny block, before stitching
I took this bunny from this pattern.
Bunny table runner pattern
I'm making lots more of these Bunny blocks, but, only this one for the challenge.  I'll finish the rest of the bunny blocks later.

Since I had to pull out my Janome for the blanket stitching for the bunny, I also did some stitching for another project.  It's not hand stitching, but, I'm very slow when I blanket stitch on the Janome.
center square for signature quilt
I've been busy this past week, cutting out fabrics and sewing them on, for a signature quilt for my son's wedding.  I don't know if my son knows about this project, but, his fiance thought is was a great idea, when I showed her a picture of my inspiration from Carla's blog.  (I wasn't going to make a signature quilt unless the bride to be wanted it) I changed up the colors, to match my son's wedding colors, and drew up a pattern, so I'd know how many of each block to make.
signature quilt mock-up pattern
Carla helped me with the sizes to cut the fabrics (yes, I asked if I could copy her quilt).

Here is a stack of the blocks, ready to be sewn together.  I still have lots of blocks left to sew.  You get bonus HST's with this pattern.  I'm not sure when I'll use the bonus half square triangles.  I'm also making extra blocks, just in case, that can be put on the back of the quilt.
blocks for the signature quilt, along with bonus HST's


  1. Your bunny is hilarious! Love it.
    And the signature quilt.... beauty and fun. Wish I had made one for my wedding. At the time I thought quilting was only for old ladies....Lol. Now I know better.

  2. That is an adorable bunny... so fun! Love the eyes!

  3. The bunny is fabulous, and I think the signature block idea is wonderful. My mom and dad have a quilt that was made by the church when they were married in Hawaiian type prints in a fan pattern. It is gorgeous.

  4. The bunny quilt really hops! have done a number of signature quilts but only a few that were signed after assembling. It is hard for some people to keep their messages confined to the given space. It will be interesting to see the results.

  5. Cute, cute bunny!!! And I loved Carla's signature quilt - makes me wish I had more kids so they could get married so I could make one LOL!!!

  6. Your bunny block is so darn cute!


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