Friday, June 5, 2015

Busy! Busy!

I v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y started taking over my youngest son's room, as my sewing room, back in August 2013.  My son didn't want me to pack up his stuff, and, he wanted me to leave his closet, and all his stuff in the closet.  He was supposed to pack things up when he came home that Christmas.  Best intentions........  Yep, he didn't pack things up that Christmas.  This is what his closet looked like back in August 2013.
Connor's closet, back in August 2013
Back then, you could still get into that closet, but, as time passed, more and more stuff was added to that closet, until you could barely get thru the door.  Well, my youngest son just got married last month.  Also, he's been living in Alaska for 1 1/2 years now, so, he's not coming back (and he won't be around to pack up his stuff, either).  I've been packing the stuff in his room for a while now, little by little (still some stuff left to pack).  Last weekend, I started pulling everything out of the closet.  I've packed some of it, taken some of it (including the chair) to Goodwill (3 loads so far), but, lots of it is piled in the guest bedroom, still, waiting to be packed away. 

On Monday, I bought 3 new bookcases, and assembled them.   Most of my fabric is stored in plastic buckets, in the basement.  I've forgotten most of what I have, since I never see it down there.  I've been folding fabric, over comic book boards, for 3 days now.
3 small stacks of folded fabric (about 60 pieces)
This is what I've been folding the fabric onto.  You can get it at your local comic book store.
I've used almost 2 full packages of this, since Wednesday (100 boards per pkg). 

I've been folding fabrics, as they came home, for about a year now, and putting it in the bookshelves in my sewing room. Here is a picture of one of the bookshelves in the sewing room.
folded fabrics in the sewing room

This is the closet NOW.
2 shorter bookshelves

larger bookshelf
There is another bookshelf, under the window in the closet, too.  I'll move lots of the 'non-fabric' items out of the bookshelves in the sewing room (books, magazines, vintage sewing machine parts, etc) to the lower shelves of all the bookcases, and, start filling the spaces with fabric.

I'm only folding pieces that are 1 yard or larger.  I'm not messing with smaller pieces yet.  Until I get the larger pieces stored, I don't know where I can put the smaller pieces.  I'm also collecting pieces that I plan on passing on to other people that will use it.  I'm really bad about not using my scraps, so, I've already started a large pile of scraps for the Quilts of Valor group.  Several of the ladies LOVE scraps. 

I designed a baby quilt this week, and pulled most of the fabrics for it, but, other than some hand stitching, and Quilts of Valor on Tuesday, I've not been sewing at all since early May.  Maybe I'll get back to some stitching soon.  Till then, I'm getting my fill of petting fabric.


  1. That's a huge closet! WOuld fit all my stuff in there. Tackling the big stuff first is the way to go and your seem to have a good system in the works.

  2. Wonderful how you've stored your larger pieces. I love that idea!!

  3. It must be a global phenomenon that adult children think they can use their parent's house to store their stuff for ever. Same story here! You've made a great start into organising your fabrics and moving into your son's room. I love how the fabric looks folded around the comic book cardboards.

  4. That closet looks bigger than my bedroom! I love seeing all that inspiring order.

  5. I love the comic book boards and folding the fabric around it. I did that with all of my large yardage last year. I sure shop my stash a whole lot more.

  6. Progress looks great. The scraps can overwhelm you without a system. I cut them to strip size and load up a shoe box bin that stacks.

  7. Wow...I bet it was just like Christmas getting all that fabric out of the bins on to the shelves. It's so good to get organized and it all looks so pretty and neat. Way to go.
    Sue at CollectInTexas Gal

  8. What a great fabric storage closet! I love, love, love it. Glad you are finally taking over the space - if we have to be Empty Nesters, we might as well enjoy it! ~Jeanne

  9. I'm doing that to this summer, Cheryl! Can't wait to move it all out of my bedroom!

  10. Your closet looks great! Since your son has not needed his stuff for that long it is safe to say he deosn't want it anymore. LOL

  11. Good going Girl! I've been "organizing" my sewing room, too. I've just about got it to where the photographer for the listing can take a picture of it. Almost all of the fabric is packed away. Ugh

  12. I love organizing stuff! Looks like fun.

  13. I'm at the NC TOGA. upon hearing my first name three people have asked me if I am you. We need to show up for the same event sometime and confuse the heck out of them!

  14. are serious about organizing!!! Good job cleaning out the closet--if he wanted the stuff, he would have gotten it by now, right?? LOL....I really like seeing the fabric on the comic board things...looks like a mini quilt shop!!


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