Friday, September 11, 2015

Some Finishes!

I have gotten a few things finished in the last week or so.  First, is the baby quilt.  This is the 2nd of these baby quilts, since the first one turned pink when I washed it (red Minkee bleeds).  This is a picture of it after I washed it (yes, even though it was treated with Retayne, the color catchers still came out pink on the 2nd quilt for some reason). 

2nd baby quilt

up close of the straight line quilting

red Minkee on the back

corner showing the binding
Woohoo!  The baby shower is next Tuesday. 

I also finished the witch blocks for my little guilds challenge.  We had to make a 12.5" block with either a witch or a scarecrow.  Here is my finished block.  I have another block made, that I will turn into a wall quilt sometime.
challenge block finished
I also finished a quilt that another quilter started.  I was asked to finish it, since she got sick, and couldn't finish it.  I didn't even know her.  She passed away the end of last year.  I finished the quilt (lots of applique) and sent it off to be quilted (she had already arranged this part).  I stitched the binding on, and made a special label for the back, per her husband's request.  I delivered this quilt to him earlier this week.
Salt Box sampler

Her family has pictures of the blocks I made, so that they will know which blocks she made.  I found out when I delivered it, that one of her daughters is having a birthday this week (she wanted it finished for her daughters).  The quilt will be a great way for them to remember their mother/wife. 

I'm off to the Ottawa, IL quilt guild tonight.  My large quilt guild has a raffle quilt, and we will be taking it to their guild.  It will be a nice road trip with some of my guild friends.

Have a great weekend!


  1. Isn't it fun to have finishes! Like them all but the churn dash is my favorite. You must have a red fabric that wants to bleed - glad you used color catchers. I remember a quilt I did that I washed 4 times - I washed it until the color catchers came out clean. ~Jeanne

  2. I have a quilt I've washed multiple times, and it is still bleeding! It isn't just the red either, the blue backing comes out too. I'm washing in cold water, and the fabric was bought at a quilt shop.

  3. There is nothing more satisfying then completing a project. I love your challenge block. Well done on your finishes this week.

  4. The baby quilt will be enjoyed for years to come. I like the way that striped binding sets it off. The witch block is a fine finish and the quilt you finished sounds like it will really be cherished down to the last block.

  5. I will remember to never buy red minky! Lovely finish to that prescious family quilt that I am sure will so treasured.

  6. So, do you think you'll ever do another churn dash ? LOL. Nice to have that behind you. I love the story of finishing the quilt, her family will treasure it.

  7. I absolutely love the Halloween block. So cute! Ams what a wonderful thing you did for that family! I am sure they are going to cherish that quilt forever! Great finishes!

  8. How sweet of you to finish the quilt for her!

  9. This just goes to prove what a nice person you are! How heartwarming to know her daughters will be able to enjoy this quilt due to your kindness!

  10. I love your quilts! The baby quilt is perfect with the bright colors and I especially love the Salt Box Samper! It's gorgeous.


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