Friday, October 30, 2015

Busy with 'pre-sewing' machine cleaning

I've been busy the last few days, cleaning 5 different sewing machines.   These are all ready to stitch now.

First, I cleaned a Riccar Dressmaker Model RS-98.  This was made in Japan, around 1989, and, is a free-arm machine.  It came with attachments, but, no manual.  I've contacted the company, and, hopefully, a manual will be headed this way soon.  I do need the manual, since it stitches differently than my other machines, and, even setting the stitch length was hard to figure out.  Once I get the manual, it will be simple to work.  This is a metal machine, not a plastic machine.
1989 Riccar Dressmaker Model RS-98
The second machine I worked on is for a friend's daughter.  I should have cleaned this in July, but, I got it days before I hurt my hand, and, since this is a VERY HEAVY machine, I put off messing with it. 
The lady I got it from said the tension would never work for her.  I figured out why.  There was a ball of lint between the bobbin case and the tension spring.  I had to take it apart (tiny little screw I almost lost) and clean it out.  It stitches nicely now.  It came with lots of attachments and a manual.
Kenmore Green Zig Zag, 148.12050 (Model 1205) 1970-71
The next machine is also a Kenmore (Kenmore's are great machines).  I got this earlier this month.  It is very similar to the machine my mother had (now my son's machine).  I learned how to quilt on my mother's old machine.
Kenmore 158.14301 (Model 1430) 1974-75
Today, I worked on 2 machines that got re-wired at the Arkansas TOGA, the first week of October.  Since I knew that they had to be re-wired before I could use either of them, I never cleaned them.

I got this machine, back in May 2012, from another collector in downstate Illinois.  I was going to turn it into a hand crank (I still may).  If I do, I'll find matching paint, and paint a spoked hand wheel and hand crank to match.  I like that the motor, foot control and light are all matching (blue). 
Home Mark Super Deluxe (C34422) Japan class 15
The last machine I worked on today was the dirtiest, by far. 
look at all that oily lint

drippy grease all over the bottom of the machine, yuk!
I had to get all that old grease off the gears before I could start oiling the machine. 

This is what my counter looks like, as I clean machines.
parts, parts, everywhere
And this is what happens when a screw is stuck, and the screwdriver slips.
blood, blood everywhere
Don't worry, I cleaned it up.  It's hard to finish cleaning a machine with this on your hand.

This is the cleaned up machine.  It was also re-wired at the Arkansas TOGA.  It stitches very nicely.
Stitchmaster (DA201062) class 15, Made on Occupied Japan
What started all my cleaning is that I have 2 different ladies who want to buy a hand crank from me.  I needed pictures of the machines I would consider selling and converting to hand cranks.  I knew the machines were in the dining room, but, I didn't know which machines they were.  As I went thru all the machines in the dining room (22 machines, oh my!) I made a list of what I have in there, and labeled each machine case or cabinet.  I still have to double check the machines for sale, and convert them to hand cranks. 

Since I'm in a cleaning mood (gotta clean house before Thanksgiving) then I am planning on going thru all the machines in the living room, too.  I have a couple in there that need to be cleaned. 

Tomorrow is a sew-in day with my little quilt guild.  I'm taking the last 2 machines, for other's to sew on (that is why I had to clean them today).  The Green Kenmore will also be going, so that it can head to it's new home (that will leave 21 machines in the dining room).  As for the 21 machines in the dining room, you'd never think I had that many machines in there.  I have them 'hidden' in corners, on top of cabinets (with machines in them, too), under cabinets, etc.  Don't worry, I have LOTS of room to get around my dining room table.  Thank goodness for the bay window (most of the machines live there). 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

I started a new project (actually, 8 of these sewing caddys) yesterday, at the quilt guild's sew-in.  I'd spent a day before cutting everything out.

Sewing Caddy from Jenny of Elephantz
Here is a link to Jenny's free pattern.  I am changing a few things up.  First, I've added some batting to my hexie.  I'm also going to change up how it is bound, and how the ties are added.

Here is what I've done so far....
I've made 2 of these, with this lace trim ( I ran out, so, had to change trim for the next 2)

here is the 2nd trim I used (2 like this)

there are 4 of these, and I've stitched on the hexies, too
You have to pay attention when you use directional fabrics, like the scissors above.  It wasn't hard.

I still have 4 hexies to stitch on, some decorative stitching, and, I need to make the pin cushions (added last, after everything else is done).  Here is what I still need to do (besides binding).
4 more hexies to stitch on, and the circles will become pin cushions
Here is what I'm using for the back of these.
I have lots of sewing theme fabrics, and, I'm finally starting to use some of them.  It is hard to cut into them the first time.  Now you know why I've been embroidering the sewing machines. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!

Actually, it will be pork loin for supper, but, I DID WIN something while I was traveling.  I've just now gotten a chance to take pictures of it.

Karen at K's Quilting Korner had a giveaway.  I signed up just before I left for my first trip (the one with car problems).  Woohoo!  I won!  The pattern book, and 12 blocks, that only need the top stitching on them (and a few buttons).

pattern book

Since these blocks are not stiff, I think I might hand stitch them instead of using my machine.  I think it will be relaxing to hand stitch them.

For me, the hard part is all that fusible that has to be traced and cut out.  I really don't like that part.  Someone has done all the frustrating parts for me.

Thanks Karen!

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Quilt Show

Well, we got back from Jamaica in the week hours of Saturday morning.  A friend picked me up at 11:30am, and we headed out to the Faithful Circles quilt show.  I only took pictures of the quilts that caught my very sleepy eye.

with sewing machines on it, I couldn't pass this one up

up close of the cute spiders

up close

I love the rabbit stealing the block

can't pass up a Quilt of Valor

I've seen this pattern, but, not the finished quilt before

Of course this next one caught my eye (Harry Potter fan that I am).  It was made by a 17 year old (her first quilt).

tiny hexies

This quilt is GREAT!  We all know who has 'broken the law' quilt show wise.

up close of the border

I liked the trees on this one

I haven't had time to enter my sewing room since I left on the first trip, almost a month ago.  I'm headed up shortly, to see if I can 'find' it under all the stuff I brought home from my trips.  I have a Quilts of Valor sew-in on Tuesday, and I need to find my project to work on. 

I did see one other thing at this quilt show.  In Texas, I found me a 301 table, but, the one I found was for a short bed 301, and both of my machines are long beds.  There was a lady in a booth, at the quilt show, that was selling a short bed 301 and a long bed 301 table.  I wish I had been more awake, so that I could have asked if she would switch tables with me (she had large gaps, since the table was for a long bed machine).