Sunday, June 19, 2016

2016 Quilter's Dozen Quilt Show

The Quilter's Dozen hand quilting guild has a quilt show every year in the Little White Schoolhouse during Prairie Fest, in Oswego, IL.  I've been going for many years now.  Here are some links to previous shows I've attended 2015, 2014, 2013, 2011.

We always go to the quilt show before hubby is in the parade, with his Barbershop Chorus.  I usually drive the float.  The quilt show is in a tiny, former school house.  It's only in the front room, so, there isn't much space.  I had a quilt in the show this year.  I took pictures of the quilt labels.  They are under each quilt (except mine).  Some of the quilts are hand quilted, some are machine quilted.  If it says 'Quilted by the Quilter's Dozen' then it is hand quilted by the ladies.  You have to be a member to 'earn' getting one of your quilts hand quilted. (means you have to work on so many quilts of others before your quilt gets in the Que).

Since there isn't much room, they drape some quilts on chairs along the side walls.

The next quilt is by a lady that is also in my little quilt guild.  She's only been quilting a few years, but, she's learning fast.

Here are a few more quilts.


 I love the batik leaves in this quilt.

Hubby and I helped start a Boy Scout troop in the area.  One of our sons was also in this troop.  We also helped start a BSA Venturing Crew, that hubby is still a leader of.  That made this entry special for us, since hubby has met the father of the boy this quilt was made for, at several BSA events over the years.  Our son had also been in this troop at one time.

Here are the quilts along the other wall.

These are the last few quilts that I took a picture of.

Here is the quilt I entered, my son's wedding quilt.  They didn't have enough room to show both sides of the quilt, but, they did show a corner of the pieced back.
Connor & Krystal's wedding quilt
The Quilter's Dozen meets at the Little White Schoolhouse every week.  They hand quilt one quilt at a time.  This is their current project, along with a quilt they made for the Little White Schoolhouse, several years ago, on the wall.
two ladies hand quilting
Here is this year's raffle quilt.  I didn't get a call, after the show, so, someone else must have one it.  They make a new raffle quilt each year.  The money is donated to the Little White Schoolhouse.
raffle quilt
This is how we spend Father's Day each year.  Quilts for me, and singing for hubby.
Hope you are having a great weekend, too.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last of the Pin Cushion Thread Catchers, etc

I did a demo on pin cushion thread catchers at the Michigan TOGA last weekend.   I had 7 different pin cushion thread catchers, in various stages of completion.  Well, I've finished all 7 pin cushion thread catchers.  There are NO unfinished pin cushion thread catchers at my house.  Yipee!  That means I've completed 18 pin cushion thread catchers THIS YEAR! (some were started last year).

Here are the last 7 pin cushion thread catchers.
so you can see the pin cushion parts

so you can see the thread catcher part
Two of these were for the Ugly fabric challenge from the Michigan TOGA.  I had made sewing machine mats with my ugly fabrics, and the pin cushion thread catchers were 'bonus' projects.  I didn't finish them before the TOGA, since I needed them for the demo.  Here are my completed Ugly fabric challenge projects.
sewing machine mat and pin cushion thread catcher #1
sewing machine mat and pin cushion thread catcher #2
I am showing them with my 1927 Singer 15 hand crank, that I made them with.  Our projects were supposed to be made with a 'people powered' sewing machine (treadle or hand crank). 

I found I need 10 more string blocks to make my pillow cover to go with my Tulip Fields quilt.  They are half done.  I want to get these finished, and stitched together, so that I can take the quilt to the longarm quilter. 

What are you working on this week????

Monday, June 13, 2016

National Sewing Machine Day!

Today is National Sewing Machine Day!

Go celebrate with a couple of sewing machines!  Here are a few from my collection, to get you in the mood.
1880 Willcox & Gibbs chainstitch hand crank

1939 Singer 221 Featherweight
1927 Singer 15 hand crank
1911-1912 Bradbury Family VS hand crank
Post WWII Japanese series 15 treadle
1923 Singer 128 hand crank with La Vincendora decals
1914 Singer 66 hand crank (back clamp) with Lotus decals
I could keep on adding photos of different machines, but, I'm sure you've seen enough for one day. 

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!  

Go stitch something!