Thursday, June 16, 2016

Last of the Pin Cushion Thread Catchers, etc

I did a demo on pin cushion thread catchers at the Michigan TOGA last weekend.   I had 7 different pin cushion thread catchers, in various stages of completion.  Well, I've finished all 7 pin cushion thread catchers.  There are NO unfinished pin cushion thread catchers at my house.  Yipee!  That means I've completed 18 pin cushion thread catchers THIS YEAR! (some were started last year).

Here are the last 7 pin cushion thread catchers.
so you can see the pin cushion parts

so you can see the thread catcher part
Two of these were for the Ugly fabric challenge from the Michigan TOGA.  I had made sewing machine mats with my ugly fabrics, and the pin cushion thread catchers were 'bonus' projects.  I didn't finish them before the TOGA, since I needed them for the demo.  Here are my completed Ugly fabric challenge projects.
sewing machine mat and pin cushion thread catcher #1
sewing machine mat and pin cushion thread catcher #2
I am showing them with my 1927 Singer 15 hand crank, that I made them with.  Our projects were supposed to be made with a 'people powered' sewing machine (treadle or hand crank). 

I found I need 10 more string blocks to make my pillow cover to go with my Tulip Fields quilt.  They are half done.  I want to get these finished, and stitched together, so that I can take the quilt to the longarm quilter. 

What are you working on this week????


  1. Your ugly fabric creations are nice. I just need some down time this week to sew.

  2. You've been really productive! I'm still working on Jamestown Landing. I also need to get a quilt bound by the end of the month. Cleaning up my sewing space needs to be a priority too!

  3. WooHoo!! That's a lot of catchers/cushions!

  4. Good going! It must feel good to have so many things DONE.
    Baby quilt was finished today and tomorrow I leave for camp. I think there will be a big table I can use to mark and cut the border for my nine-patch. Maybe I can begin sewing it. Then, my son's birthday is coming up. I was thinking of a gift certificate but today I got another idea of a quilted item so if I have time before I leave, I may mark and cut pieces for that. Never a dull moment ... but you know that.

  5. Great finish. I am working on rebuilding my son's dinosaur quilt I made for him 15 years ago! Even though he is now married, he still sleeps with it every night ;-)

  6. Love your finishes! I'm making a fabric book for my great grandson. It has some paper pieced pages and some I Spy pages. I'll make a post on it later today.

  7. Your thread catcher/pin cushions are great. You can probably make those in your sleep now! I'm starting on a new bag... should be fun.

  8. I think you might have enough thread catchers now - one for every room and a few extra! My family would say - yay, no more threads around. Ha! Glad you have them all finished. ~Jeanne

  9. I would call those ugly fabrics, but after seeing them made up like this they look really good.


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