Monday, September 12, 2016

A Double Finish!

Two years ago, I started two family reunion quilts.  I made the squares before the reunion, and had everyone at the reunion sign 2 matching squares.  I made 2 matching quilts, one for the family reunion, to auction off, and one for me (I'm not going to bid on my own quilt, after I made it and donated the fabric, etc).

I got my inspiration from Dar at Dar's Patchwork Garden.
This is the quilt she showed on her blog.

I asked Dar if I could use her quilt as a starting point.

I liked the onpoint of her quilt, but, I chose to make mine more simple, since I didn't know how many blocks I'd wind up using.  I drafted 3 different sizes, depending on how many blocks I wound up using.

shows the 3 different sizes I could make
 I never really expected to use the larger sizes, since we haven't had that many people show up at the reunions in many years (most of the older generation is gone now).  

I finished both quilt tops in July.  I had them quilted at Quilting in the Valley, in LaSalle, IL.  
finished quilt tops

up close of some of the blocks
Last night, I finished stitching the binding down, and the label, on the 2nd quilt.  Woohoo!  These are done ahead of time (seldom happens with me).  I only took a picture of one of them, since they are both the same.
finished quilt

label and binding
This is the same binding fabric that I used for my son's wedding quilt

*Sorry for so many posts today, but, I finished several things at once, and needed separate posts for each of them.

Tonight is my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin's Annual Tea.  I've been in this guild since the first meeting, back in 2003.  Our first meeting was the 'Annual Tea'.  There are 5-6 of us that have been members since the beginning. 



  1. Great idea on the Family Reunion quilt!

  2. Your quilt turned out great. Have fun at your tea!

  3. Your family reunion quilts turned out great. Love the binding.

  4. Fun quilts and I love the label! Oh, I think our guild needs to have a 'tea' meeting.

  5. The quilts look great! And I love the binding and the label. Hope your Tea went well. ~Jeanne

  6. I have made signature quilts in this style for scouting and the Womens' Conference but now I have a pile of signatures made by church members in our 140th anniversary. I have yet to figure out how I am going to put them together but my goal is by the 150th anniversary. I have been thinking about a garden with a signature lattice and have the words "!50 and still growing" ... maybe with blank areas around the border for new members to sign.

  7. Love the quilts! Great ideas for the rest of us as well

  8. Great idea, lovely keepsake for both quilt owners!

  9. Love your autograph quilts... especially the label. So cute. Thanks for sharing.

  10. What a fabulous idea! Those quilts are both beautiful and I love that stripey binding. This auction may result in a family feud!


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