Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Busy Week!

I've had a busy week. 

On Tuesday, some friends and I went to Sewing, Etc, to sew.  We love to go stitch with Kelly, the owner.  Marilyn got a lesson on one of the long arm machines from Jo.

Marilyn quilting, with Jo looking on
Marilyn was quilting one of the charity quilts for our little quilt guild.

Kelly was also using one of the long arm machines.
Kelly, setting up one of the long arm machines
As you can see from the pictures, this quilt store is packed full of fabrics and notions.

I was working on purses.  I'm making 4 at one time, so, it is taking me longer than I expected. 
Betty Sue, the featherweight, set up

outside of one of the purses I was working on

On Wednesday, 3 of us from Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor, went to Skokie, IL, to the Veterans Court.  We awarded 4 Quilts of Valor.
4 veterans with their Quilts of Valor

On Thursday evening, we had Ladies Crafting, at my church.  Oops!  I forgot to take any pictures.  I was prepping Half Square Triangles for the Quilts of Valor sew-in next Tuesday.

On Friday, Marilyn, Jo and I drove down to the Fabric Center, in Morris, IL.  I used up all my Retayne, while washing over 100 yards of fabric, that I got in Arkansas a few weeks ago.  I was good, as I only got my Retayne, and 2 small pieces of fabric, for a special project that I need to start working on. 

On Saturday, Rita, the Illinois State coordinator for Quilts of Valor, Marilyn and I, presented 32 Korean Veterans with Quilts of Valor. 

I was so busy handing out quilts, that I didn't have time to take any pictures, but, Rita's husband took several, and they are on the Land of Lincoln Quilts of Valor blog.

Today, our church had a Chili Cook-off.   There were 3 different categories.  I entered the Venison Chili category, and WON!  Woohoo!
my certificate

my trophy

Next week will be a bit slower, thank goodness.  We do have a Quilts of Valor sew-in on Tuesday.  I haven't had a chance to be an many of the sew-ins this year, since they keep happening while I'm either out of town, of have just gotten home. 


  1. It sounds like you need a slower week! You have been super busy. I think it would be great fun to go somewhere and use a long arm. I know of one place about 2 hours away. Awarding the QOVs had to be wonderful. And Congrats on the chili! ~Jeanne

  2. Wonderful, and congrats on the Chili win. Those QOV and the vets....just priceless. I tear up every time. Your full schedule wears me out. Have a sewingly good week.

  3. Holy cow- a whole month's of activities squished into a small time frame. Love the QOV post and photo. Rest up.

  4. Wow I am worn out and I wasn't even there! One of the LQS is now offering classes and time on a long arm.

  5. I would love to be at a QOV presentation, how special. COngrats on your chili win.

  6. You've been so busy but it all looks wonderful, especially the QOV, that must feel wonderful. Congrats on the win!

  7. Wow, you sure have been a busy bee!

  8. Oh my goodness you have such a busy life Cheryl!
    Lovely photo of the veterans!
    I'll be right over for some of that yummy chili!

  9. Wow you have been busy! Good job on the chili, and oh, would I love to get a QOV made some day!

  10. What a busy and wonderful time you have been having! I love that you are so involved with QOV!

  11. OMG girl. You are one busy lady.

  12. For some reason, my chili never turns out, and I love chili. My husband hates it though. Sew -ins sound like a lot of fun!


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