Sunday, February 5, 2017

Giveaway Winner! & No Reply bloggers

I had 115 entries in the 


 I Love Precut Quilts!  blog hop.  Unfortunately, 16 of those entries can't be counted, since they are No-Reply bloggers, and didn't list their email address in the comment, and didn't have their email address connected to their profile.  If I don't have a way to contact you, then, you can't win.  That includes a couple of my new followers, sadly.  I really try hard to reply (by email) to EVERY comment that is left on my blog.  If you didn't get an email back from me, then check the comments on this blog post, and see if you are no-reply.  I left a comment under each person's blog comment (only under one, if they left 2 comments) that I couldn't find a way to contact them.  :(

Now, to the WINNER!!!!!!

I'm a lurker/follower via bloglovin.

I'll be contacting Collette shortly!  
Congratulations Collette!  You'll love this book! 



  1. So sad about the no-reply, I appreciate it when people tell me when mine has switched.

  2. Woohoo I need a book to help me get my precuts tamed.


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