Monday, April 17, 2017


I've been busy sewing, but, not much to show for it. 

First, one of my groups, Quilt Along,  had a mug rug exchange.  These are the mug rugs I made for the exchange (we were to turn in 3 mug rugs, and get 3 mug rugs back).  I made 4 (one to keep for myself).
2 of my matching mug rugs
I got the idea from Jennifer O's blog, Sewhooked.  She makes lots of paper pieced patterns available (some free, some for a small charge).  She offered this pattern for free, back in February.  I'm not much into hearts, but, figured that I could change it up, to suit my needs.
free pattern I got my idea from
It was fun to fussy cut the treadles.  I added the 'plate' to the side, to give room for a snack, too.

These are the mug rugs I got back.  I got 4 back, since I'd sent the hostess a gift, and she made me an extra mug rug, wasn't that sweet.
hand applique on this one

cute Snoopy

love these colors, and the quilting

front of mug rug, with lovely quilting

back of mug rug (red is my favorite color)
All of these have been in use since I took them out of the package. 

My Treadle On group is having a Half Square Triangle exchange.  I made 4 sets of 8 HST's for the exchange. 
2 sets on this Post WWII hand crank

2 sets made on 1927 Singer 15 hand crank

The weekend of April 7-9, I was invited to join the Camp Tuckabatchee Quilters for a retreat.  The Camp Tuckabatchee quilters host the quilt show with the treadle races, that I was at, just a few weeks ago.  So nice to be invited to join this group.  I could only attend for Friday, and had to leave Saturday morning, since I had my Ladies Crafting, that I run, at my church, on Saturday.  Next time, I get to stay the whole weekend.  Here are some of the things the ladies were working on at the retreat.

One lady had been given quite a lot of completed cross stitch blocks, and asked to turn them into quilts for her granddaughters.  
cross stitch blocks

more stacks of completed cross stitch blocks
Another lady was working on a former members UFO's.  The former member died several years ago. 
9 patch and snowball blocks
Someone was quilting this cute kids quilt.
kids quilt
I didn't get pictures of the other projects.  More ladies were expected to show up, after I left on Saturday morning.

I was stitching corner triangles onto squares, for the next Family Reunion quilt.  I want to get the blocks all done before the next reunion (2018), so that they can be signed at the reunion.  I'll make 2 matching quilts again, so that I get to keep one, and the other quilt will be raffled off, to help pay for the reunion. 

I found this quilt, at The Eclectic Abuela blog. The quilt is called String Crossroads
next Family Reunion quilt(s)
I've finished the 1 corner units, for the border (80 units per quilt), and I'm working on the 2 corner units (196 units per quilt).  I cut 2.5" squares for the corner units from 83 different fabrics.  I kept adding fabrics, so that the quilt would look scrappy enough.  I'm using 1930's reproduction fabrics, with Kona white for the background.  It is taking forever for me to mark and stitch all the corners, but, I'm getting bonus HST units for another quilt, so, it's worth it.  The bonus HST's will go to the OMG quilt that I started a few years ago.  I ran out of pre-cut pieces for the 9 patch units, and hadn't worked on this quilt since.  One of these days, I should really get the pattern, since I'm just 'winging it' so far.

units that need to be made for the quilt
Some of the units I'm working on.
1 corner units for border (80 units per quilt) (DONE!) 2 of each fabric in the quilt

working on the 2 corner units (the solid white squares still need the first corner stitched on).  This is taking forever!

I'm going to stitch at Sewing, Etc. tomorrow, with a friend, and will be working on these.  Sometimes it feels like I haven't even made a dent. 

When these squares are (finally) done, I have to start the string blocks (200 string units per quilt).  Good thing I started these quilts a year early.  You'll be seeing these quilt parts for a l-o-n-g  t-i-m-e!


  1. 30s fabrics are my favorites... I'll be happy to see them again. Something so cheery about them.
    Love your modified mugs. Just right for an exchange with your group.

  2. Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  3. Wow looks like some gorgeous quilts. I like the 30's prints.

  4. Looking forward to receiving some of your TreadleOn blocks!

    1. I hope you get some, and I get some of yours, too. You are noreply, and I don't have a way to contact you.

  5. Nice haul with the mugrugs, you reminded me that they are perfect for practicing FMQ. Thanks for the link to the String Crossroads, I really like that quilt.

  6. Love the mug rugs. Your reunion quilt is going to be stunning - what great signature blocks! Do you use your treadle to quilt with? That sounds interesting to me. ~Jeanne

  7. Your mug rug with the treadle sewing machine-just perfect!

  8. Cute mug rugs. They are so much fun to make. You gotta love a quilt you can make from start to finish in a couple of hours.

  9. Gracious, you've been so busy!! All your mug rugs ... both the ones you made *and* the ones you received are precoius! I adore mug rugs. I saw someone else -- Missy Shay -- posting about attending a treadle group meeting like yours, too!! :)

  10. Never heard of Mug Rug exchange...Coffee is on


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