Tuesday, June 13, 2017

National Sewing Machine Day!

June 13th is the first of two National Sewing Machine Days (the other is September 10th).  Isn't it great that we get to celebrate TWICE each year?!?!?!?

Back in early 2010, I only had 2 sewing machines, the Kenmore my mother gave me (so that she wouldn't have to sew ever again) from 1972-73, and the Janome 4800QC that hubby bought me, when he decided that I needed a 'better' machine to quilt with. 
Janome 4800QC from 2004

In September 2010, that all changed.  After looking for a treadle all summer, I suddenly acquired 3 Singer treadles in 3 weeks (I still have 2 of those treadles).
1st treadle, 1896 Singer 15

The lady who gave me treadle #2 and #3, also showed me one of her hand crank sewing machines.  Now I was on the lookout for a hand crank sewing machine. 

The next July, that same lady contacted me, and had a 1959 Singer Spartan with a working motor, but, no base, that I could have for free, so that I could turn it into a hand crank. 
1959 Singer Spartan (192K) hand crank
I was hooked!  I started collecting vintage sewing machines (and sewing with them).

Over the years, I've collected quite a few vintage sewing machines (some I still have, some have gone to new homes).

After converting several machines to hand cranks (re-wiring machines still scares me), I finally got some original hand cranks.
early 1900's Gritzner VS hand crank
1911-12 Bradbury Family VS
early 1900's Frister & Rossman Model E

Don't worry, I also like electric machines.  I have a few of those, too.
1939 Singer 221 Featherweight
Post WWII Home Mark Precision class 15 machine

I do have a few very old machines, too. 
1878-1885 Wheeler & Wilson #8 (non working)

1881 Singer 12 treadle
1880 Willcox & Gibbs chainstitch hand crank

I did an unofficial inventory of my machines today (unofficial, since, hubby told me that if I count all of them then I can't collect any more).  I have less than 15 machines upstairs, more than 50 on the first floor, a few in the basement, and some (including several junkers) in the garage.  Now you know why I didn't come home from my last trip with another sewing machine.  Oh yea, I may be getting 2 more machines on Thursday (gifts from a friend).  No clue what she is giving me.

Celebrate National Sewing Machine Day by sewing something!  I know I will!


  1. We won't even discuss how many machines I have sitting around. Let's just say I forgot how many had been stored in the attic, barn and garage.

  2. Well you do know how to celebrate! I have marveled at your machines and find it good to know how you acquired the addiction. It's a great collection and thanks for letting us see some of them.

  3. Happy Sewing Machine Day! This is a holiday that is perfect for you, I hope you enjoy the day, I'll tell my 4 machines that todays their day and maybe give them all some oil :)

  4. Everyday is sewing machine day around here! I love my Vintage singers and love cleaning old ones and bringing them up to speed. They are marvels of workmanship and do the best straight stitches!

  5. Happy Sewing Machine Day! Thanks for a peek at your collection. There's no way I would count all of the machines if it meant no more collecting. Those old machines were definitely made to last forever. Don't you love listening to an old machine sew?! ~Jeanne

  6. The Wilson and Wheeler one is so different in shape, I had never seen one before seeing your blog. So do all these older ones weigh pretty much the same and look pretty much the same size in person?

  7. Love hearing about these collections. I have 4 vintage (one a hand crank) 2 antique treadles and one more current machine that is still 25 years old. I truly do enjoy sewing with the treadles. The sound is so awesome, but then again the whole adventure of using a treadle is awesome. I learned to sew on a treadle. I admire those that collect these machines and pass them onto others. My hubby loves the treadles and while he doesn't sew on them he can be caught every now and then polishing the cabinet.

  8. Happy Sewing Machine Day! It's always fun to hear about your hand cranks and treadles. Love the pictures and the history lessons.

  9. I'm not going to count how many sewing machines I have. My oldest is an 1885 Singer Improved Family and my newest is an 1982 Kenmore. Wow, that's almost a 100 year spread!
    You have some gorgeous machines!

  10. Is there really such a thing as a National Sewing Machine Day??? Well, you are the queen of sewing machines, at least in my eyes. I was at a Bernina shop last week and they had a small exhibition of old machines. I loved seeing them!

  11. Loved seeing Betty Sue in your amazing collection of sewing machines. You definitely have reason to celebrate National Sewing Day...twice a year...if not more. I too, join you in not so many machines, but enough to be a National Sewing Machine Day celebrant! Great post and pictures.

  12. Wow! Where do you keep all the machines? I have a Featherweight, two or three vintage Singers, three Kenmores, and my workhorse Bernina. I think I still have my old Singer Stylist that I bought when I graduated from high school, but it's in a shed somewhere, probably not in very good shape.

  13. Happy Sewing Machine Day! I didn't realize you were relatively new to the vintage SM obsession! I got started in 1997 with a German hand crank machine. My collecting has slowed, but I still love finding a new (to me) and unusual machines "in the wild"!

  14. You have wonderful sewing machines. In 2011, I also had one machine. I thought to myself, I would never need another. In 2017, I now have five and at one time six machines. Lol.

  15. Those machines are having a real festival to celebrate. At least they are not lonely.

  16. When I took a quilting class one of the lady also collect sewing machine and she would bring a different one each time to the class...quite interesting...coffee is on

  17. You are helping to preserve history and I appreciate that about you!!


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