Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Trip Goodies, etc!

I went on a 2 week trip.  What a great trip!  I started off by visiting a friend in Texarkana.  What a great few days we had!  When I was there, I saw a lovely 1940's buffet that she was selling.  Guess what came home with me?

1940's buffet
I had a great desk in that corner, but, the desk didn't have any storage, just a few tiny drawers.  Everything was stacked under the desk.  It was very 'crowded' on that desk. 
desk that was in that corner
Here is the cute desk, empty.  I'll have to find a new owner for this desk, since I don't have room for it. 
empty desk

What an improvement now....
new space
I still have room in the buffet for more storage.  This area will be a 'work in progress' for a bit, till I decide what I want out and what I want hidden.

Next, I visited my aunt and uncle, along with my cousin, her son, and all of his family.  Oops!  I kept forgetting to take pictures. 

The reason for the trip was to be at my step father's 80th birthday party!  I was his 'surprise' guest.  Boy was he surprised, when I walked in!  I don't know how it was still a secret from him, since most everyone else in my hometown knew I was coming (mom, in laws, BFF of 40 years, brother & family.....).
mom and Melvin, the birthday boy
I visited friends in Tulsa, on the way home.  What a great trip!

Of course, I visited a few shops on the trip.....Can't miss out on the shopping!  I was really good, and didn't get much this time.

sewing thread holder, tiny painted iron and vintage sewing box
vintage hankies and cute wooden shoe

just a few pieces of fabric, and a vintage needle threader

I think these are button hole scissors

a few patterns

a baggie stuffed with doilies

a couple of cute pot holders
vintage magazine and crossstitch

small table topper that matches my aqua machine
I did get some big scores, too!  I found a jumbo ziplock bag full of pre-cuts for $5.  Of course I grabbed it.  All but one piece of fabric came from Hancock Fabrics (sadly, now closed).
pre-cuts for $5 total
I also found a couple of quilts.  The first one I found in Little Rock.  Yes, it is pink (not my favorite color) BUT, if you look closely, you'll see why I had to have it.  TEAPOTS!

teapot fabric

signed on the back
And, my biggest score was a vintage quilt at a garage sale in Tulsa, only a couple of blocks from where we used to live.  I didn't even open the quilt until I got home. I just saw the corners. 
price tag I saw

corner I saw

what I saw when I got home
Someone had put a new binding on this, but, it's not a good binding.  I'll be replacing it when I can find material in one of the colors that is in the quilt (maybe the green).  Other than a few small stains, it is in great shape!  All hand pieced and hand quilted.  This is a large quilt (at least full sized).

When I got home, there was a package waiting for me.  I had participated in a HST exchange with Treadle On.  These are the blocks I made, sitting on the machines that I made them with.
2 sets of HST's

other 2 sets of HST's
These are the blocks I received.  Sorry, I haven't had time to set them out, so, you can't see them very well.  They are grouped by 'maker' (9 different makers). 
first 2 sets

2nd 2 sets

I have more of these, from other exchanges with Treadle On, and with different TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy) groups.  Now to finally put them together into a quilt (or several).  Each block is 6.5" and is signed with the exchange it is from, the maker and their location, and what machine the block was made on.  I have blocks from all over the USA and even from a couple of different countries.  All blocks must be made on either a treadle or a hand crank sewing machine. 

Last night, was my little quilt guild, Wego Quiltin'.  We had an UGLY Fabric exchange back in January.  Last night was the 'reveal' of projects.  Oops!  I forgot to take pictures of all the great things people made.  Lets just say that we had everything from quilts (duh!) to sun dresses, bottle holders, tea cup/ teabag holders, purses and bags, placemats, zipper bags, etc.  What a creative group!  Not everyone that participated could attend, so, we are all bringing our projects back to the July meeting.  Maybe I'll remember to take pictures then.

Here are the items I made.  I brought 2 UGLY fabrics, and took 2 UGLY fabrics home.  The first UGLY fabric is a Thimbleberries fabric (she was tired of Thimbleberries).  The placemats will be for Meals on Wheels.  This quilt guild collects about 100 placemats each year, to be handed out near Christmas.  We try for holiday on one side, and neutral on the other side. 
UGLY fabric is folded on top of placemats

Ugly fabric is folded on top of project bags
As for my project bags, I gave 2 away on the trip, and I have 3 of them filled with projects.  That is half of them.  Hmmmm..... I might have to make a few more project bags......

This week is FULL.  I have 2 different quilt guild meetings, a quilt guild class, and Ladies Crafting on Saturday.  That is just he sewing things planned this week.  I was supposed to be at Quilts of Valor today, but, I'm just too tired! 

What have YOU been up too? 


  1. You are a busy bee. What a great trip! So loved seeing your new piece of furniture and all your lovely finds. Really envious of your vintage quilt...it is a beauty. Happy Stitching.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip! The vintage Bethlehem Star quilt is wonderful!

  3. What a wonderful trip you had. Glad the surprise wasn't spoiled for your step father; sometimes when so many people are involved it's almost impossible. And you were able to do a "bit" of shopping on the way too. Why am I not surprised, lol!!! I like your new buffet although the desk you had is lovely too. And that vintage sewing box looks very interesting.

  4. What a great trip! Love all the photos, thanks for sharing! Wish I had a turquoise sewing machine.

  5. This week may be full but it sounds like the last two weeks were too! So glad you were still a surprise! It sounds like a great trip and lots of neat finds. That vintage quilt is gorgeous! ~Jeanne

  6. What a great trip you had! I love seeing all your new treasures!

    I cut my ugly fabric up small and put in in my quilts. It doesn't look as ugly in a quilt that is finished.

  7. What a great trip, so many great finds!

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  9. Wow, you sure made the best out of that trip! I like all your goodies and envy you the creative group.

  10. Wow, big trip, lots of loot too! I love the desk but see the storage problem. I have a buffet very similar to what you got.
    Sounds like you are on a roll for the next few weeks!

  11. Great trip and goodies, love the button hole maker.

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  13. Hit the send with too many typos-so I had to delete the first one! You got a great haul from your trip. Fun that you could surprise your step dad.

  14. Wow, you had a great trip, Happy Birthday to your Dad, I'm glad the surprise happened. Nice finds, the new Buffet is gorgeous and those precuts for that price is amazing.

  15. So fun seeing all your trip adventures. Love the quilt you found. It's great to see family & friends and be a Birthday surprise. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Oh my goodness the stuff you find! Can't believe the precuts package!
    And that quilt is spectacular!

  17. You had a fun trip! Look at all the great finds you made. The quilts and bag of pre-cuts are fantastic as well as the Buffet. I hope you get to be the surprise to many more of your step father's birthdays!

  18. That Lone Star quilt is the pretties one I have ever seen! What a great find!!!

  19. Wow you found some great treasures. Love the lone star quilt.


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