Thursday, July 27, 2017

Giveaway Winners!

Wow!  I answered over 500 blog comments from 3 different blog hop posts!  Unfortunately, more than 70 of those were no-reply commenters.  If your email address wasn't IN the blog comment, and you are a no-reply commenter, sorry, you did not get entered.  There were just too many comments with these giveaways for me to try to track down contact info.  Only one person came back and added their email address, after I posted that they were no-reply. 

We'll start with the first blog post winners:
Eek! mini quilt kit
Love the mini quilts. I think I like EEK
Brrr! quilt kit
Thanks for all the great gift ideas. I like the Brr kit.

Snowman Pillow pattern
That is a lot of pillowcases in progress! Your snowman kit is adorbs!

2nd blog post:

project bag

Wonderful ideas.

3rd blog post:
This one was harder, since the first 2 numbers chosen were to no-reply commenters.  The 3rd number was a winner!
Singer apron

Cute aprons, and they are great Gifts!

Emails have been sent to each of the winners!  Congrats! And thanks for a great blog hop!



Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Book Review

This is my book review for 'High as the Heavens' by Kate Breslin

This book is set in WWI.  One of my grandfathers served in WWI (he also served during WWII), so, I'm always interested in the human side of these wars.  There are lots of details in this book, and, the author makes her heroine, Kate,  a composite of several real life WWI heroines. 

The novel is set in war torn Belgium.  It weaves Kate's current life, with her past life.  It shows how one person can make a difference, be it a tiny difference, or a large difference, in many lives.  Past actions affect current outcomes. 

I enjoyed this book.  I was given this book, in exchange for my honest review. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

12 Days of Christmas in July, part 3 & Giveaway #3

Welcome to my 3rd and final blog post for the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, hosted by Sarah.  Here are the bloggers for today (not including Sarah's blog post).

Sarah is having a great giveaway of Tula Pink's new holiday line, BUT, you have to comment on all the blog posts in the giveaway to enter.  

On my first blog post, I showed you 4 different projects (with a giveaway, too).  On my second blog post, I showed you 4 more projects (with another giveaway).  Here are my last 4 projects (with one last giveaway). 

For those that are new to my blog, I collect and sew on vintage sewing machines.  I have well over 60 sewing machines (I don't want to count any higher, so, I don't know how many more than 60 I have).  Almost everything you've seen in my blog posts have been made on vintage, straight stitch machines (including some of the applique).  

#9.  Aprons:

Aprons are cute, and don't have to be worn just in the kitchen.  I made some to wear, when I demo my vintage sewing machines.  
Singer apron #1
Singer apron #2

Singer apron #2

Hubby's grandmother made me some aprons early in our marriage.  I like them, since they cover my clothes.  These aprons are about worn out, so, I made me some new ones, using the old aprons as patterns.
new apron
I made some aprons (using pre-made aprons from Hobby Lobby) long before I learned how to quilt.  Back then, fabric paints were popular.  Even I can follow the edge of a line with fabric paints.  I collected teapots long before I started sewing, and collecting vintage machines.
fused teapots, outlined with fabric paint

If I did this now, I'd outline those teapots with the blanket stitch.   I also made some for my boys, when they were little (they are fully grown now).


Aprons are great for women, men, kids, you name it.  Hubby has asked me to make him an apron to wear while he is working with his saws, to help keep some of the sawdust off his clothes, and, with pockets, so that he can hold some of  his tools.  I've been so busy preparing for this blog hop, that I haven't gotten his apron made yet (I did get the fabric).

#10.  Purses/Bags/Totes:

Who doesn't need a bag of some sort?  Hubby is a camper and back packer, and wanted to make some stuff sacks.  I helped him make a few (sorry, the picture below is off the web, since his stuff sacks are with him on a canoe trip).
Ultra Sil Stuff Sack 
Stuff sacks (picture off the web)

Hubby also saw a box bag that I'd made, and wanted it in rip stop fabric.  The 2nd bag was for a bag exchange I was in, and went to a man.
box bags
What about reusable grocery bags?  I made this one for a functional bag exchange.
grocery bag
A friend made me a bag, several years ago, then taught me how to make them myself.  Since then, I've had several requests for this bag.

Next, I found a great pattern for screening bags.
These bags are great for carrying folders, etc, along with a water bottle, or, used as a purse.
outside of bag

inside of bag
You can french seam the outside edges if you want.  A friend asked me to make one with a zipper closing.  I'm not good with zippers, but, with help, I figured it out.

adding the zipper

with zipper added

I took a class, with my little quilt guild, to learn how to make this purse.

Since then, I've gotten several requests for these bags

I still need to make one of these for myself.

#11. Glasses Cases:

Do you know someone who wears glasses?  How about sunglasses?  Do you know someone who uses safety glasses (working around tools, etc)?  They might need a glasses case.

Hubby requested some glasses cases for his safety glasses.  I used a fabric with nuts & bolts, and another fabric with screws.
hubby's safety glasses cases

I had some scraps of fabric left over from making fabric trays, and decided to make some glasses cases with the scraps.

 I use the middle one for my emergency phone charger.  I can find it easily in my purse.  It could also be used for cheater glasses.
emergency phone charger

cheater glasses
I've even made one with the scraps leftover, when I recovered a sewing machine chair.
faux selvedge case

 #12.  Mug Rugs:

Who doesn't need a place to put their coffee cup or water glass?  Mug rugs are sew much cuter than a plain coaster.  Great for a dorm room, cubicle, teacher gift, etc.  You can make mug rugs in many sizes, from a coaster, to something that will hold a mug and a small plate for snacks.

This was my first mug rug.  I'd found a doily with a hole in the corner, at a garage sale.  I grabbed some fabric scraps, and made this at a demo of my vintage sewing machines.  I use this by my computer.
first mug rug

My little quilt guild exchanged mug rugs, with matching mugs, for Christmas one year.  Everyone was to find a mug for $1 (Dollar Store or thrift store, or out of our kitchen cabinets) and make a mug rug to go with the mug.  This is the mug rug I made, and the mug rug I received.  I wish I had pictures of all the great mug rugs from that exchange

mug rug I made

mug rug I made
Here is the mug & rug I  received.  I love the tractors.  The mug has a barn on the other side.
mug & rug I received

showing the whole mug rug

I've made several for gifts.

2 of my matching mug rugs

mug rug
snowman & snowflake mug

I've also made some using 'extra' blocks from quilt projects.  These both sit next to my sewing machine.
from 'extra' quilt blocks
These are also great to keep around for those times that you need a quick gift (like Christmas).  Leave a couple under the tree, for those 'surprise' guests.

Now for the giveaway!
Singer apron
PLEASE, read the rules below.  I've had so many people comment that are no-reply commenters.  I've added a message to each of those, below the comment they made on my previous post.  
*Here are the Rules!  First, if I can't reach you, you lose out, so, PLEASE, when you leave a comment, make sure your email address is included.  I can NOT reach Google+ commenters, and No-Reply commenters.  If I don't reply to your blog comment within 48 hours, then I can't reach you.  Try again, with your email attached.  I'll draw a winner on July 26th, after the blog hop is over, to give everyone a chance to comment.  You do NOT have to be a follower to win.  If you can't comment on my blog, look under my profile, at the top of the blog, and my email address is there.  Send me an email, and what blog post you are commenting on, and I'll enter you in the contest.  See, EASY!  Also, I reply to every comment that has an email attached, since I think comments are IMPORTANT.  
Good luck!