Thursday, July 13, 2017

Machine Quilting

Well, I've been stitching.  I machine quilted the watermelon table topper.  I used the ruler in the center, then just straight stitched in a few other places.
just needs binding

ruler work from the back

I may stitch thru the ruffles again, for more quilting
I just need to make the binding for this. The binding is the black with polka dots. 

I know I was going to practice more ruler work on the Project Bag backings, but, I opened  up Victor, the blue treadle, and remembered how much fun he is to stitch on. 

Victor, the blue treadle
Since these backs only need a bit of stitching, I had fun playing around with them.  Most of them have wavy lines running thru them.    On the machines with treadles or hand cranks, I just stitched between the machines.

wavy lines stitched around the hand cranks

more wavy lines around the treadles
These treadles are much larger, and needed more quilting.
wavy lines in one direction only
This fabric was easy, since I just followed the white dots with the walking foot.
straight lines, at an angle (hard to see)
Here are the other fabrics.  Some are hard to see the quilting.
more wavy lines, going up/down & side to side

can't see the wavy lines on this busy print
it was fun reading this fabric
That last fabric is a lovely baby blue.  It just doesn't show up.  My camera was messing with the true colors of some of these fabrics. 

That is a total of 14 quilted Project Bag backs, on the treadle.  Not bad. 

I have Ladies Crafting at church tonight, and I'll be working on hand projects.  I need to draw the line across the squares on about 100 more squares, for the family reunion blocks.  I haven't worked on those blocks for a while now, and want to get them finished, so that I can start the next blocks.  For once, I want to be finished EARLY on a project.  The reunion blocks need to be ready by October 2018.  I may make it...;)  We'll see.

I'll be headed to Michigan for the TOGA in the morning.  What fun!

Don't forget the 12 Days of Christmas in July blog hop, that starts tomorrow morning!


  1. Wow! Beautiful work. I can't imagine the labor.. Ty! for sharing..

    1. Thank you. You are a no-reply commentor, so, I can't reply personally to you. I don't do Google+.

  2. Love all the quilty themed fabrics in your bags. Safe trip and have a grand time.

  3. Did you enjoy the ruler work? The design is really pretty but I'm not sure about the rulers. Have a good time and take lots of pictures.

  4. These are perfect for the bags! Quilted enough to be pretty without being stiff.

  5. Your quilting looks gorgeous. Such fun fabrics. Can't wait to see your pictures from TOGA.

  6. What a cute table topper, and I love that treadle sewing machine fabric. Cute stuff on your blog today.

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  8. You've been very productive! Not much sewing this week for me, but I did straighten up my sewing room and found my patchwork foot.

  9. very clever gift ideas and easy enough to make for everyone on my gift list.


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