Thursday, August 31, 2017

Goodies and an Exchange

Sorry ladies (and gents) but, I have the best Daughter in law.  Want proof?  Well, on Thursday, a box arrived on my doorstep.  Inside (besides one of the sweetest notes) were some great things.

When I was in Anchorage last August, my DIL took me to 5 different quilt stores (twice EACH), but, she visited one of the quilt stores that we didn't get to, and found some patterns for me.
3 patterns

My DIL didn't know that I follow Barbara Brackman's blog (middle pattern) she just saw it and thought of me. 

Next in the package was something else that she just knew I needed.  Hmmm.... RED and with sewing notions on it.  DUH!  Check out this great wallet she found.


Lastly, on the very bottom of the box, was a tiny little box.  Inside, it had a necklace (silver, even though it looks gold in the picture).
says 'Grandma'

See, I told you I had the best daughter in law! 

In yesterday's mail, I got a pin cushion from a pin cushion exchange I'm participating in.  This pin cushion came all the way from Norway.

Front, see the bee?

fun print on the back

Thanks Turiid! 

This is the pin cushion I sent to Turid.
pin cushion made for Turid in Norway

You can find the pattern for the Ladybug Pincushion here.  Since I'm doing 5 pin cushion exchanges, I made doubles of some of them, so, you'll be seeing another Ladybug pincushion in the next few weeks.  Yes, it was made on a hand crank sewing machine. 

While paper piecing the Wendy blocks, and sewing the last seam, my machine didn't want to go thru all of the layers.  That was strange, since it usually has no problems with all those layers.  When I finished that seam, and turned it over, I found out the reason it didn't want to sew ( but did sew, with help).  I'd sewn thru the flower head pin, several times.
see the thread still in the pin head?

I had to cut the pin out, then restitch that seam.  Not sure most machines could have sewn thru this, but, that lovely, 92 year old machine did.  Hmmm....... after that, I think maybe I should change the needle on that machine.

Hubby is back home, safe and sound.  I took yesterday off from sewing.  Now to start a new block. 


  1. OMG what a fun package from your DIL and all of those things would make one think of you! The pin cushions are both very cute. My 1949 featherweight can sew through flat flower head pins too! Those old machines are great but sometimes this modern day sewer need to be more attentive! 😃 ~Jeanne

  2. That is absolutely the cutest wallet I have ever seen. And those zippedy bags look very interesting. You do indeed have a wonderful daughter-in-law.

  3. OMG! We are so much alike! I was working on one of the butterflies bodies when I sewed through the flower pin on the bottom of my work. My machine is only 60 or so, and I didn't even notice a problem until after the seam was done.
    I, too, have great DILs. I didn't get such a nice care package though.

  4. You really have a wonderful DIL, what thoughtful gifts you got from her. The pin cushion you made for the exchange is the cutest, I'm sure it was received with pleasure. Wow, I can't believe that your machine sewed through that plastic of the flower pin. It must be a powerful machine!

  5. Your daughter in law is definitely a keeper! What a sweetheart to think of you and get things she knew you'd love. That ladybug pincushion is the cutest. Since I collect lady bugs I guess I need to download the pattern and make me one. Maybe when I get all my other commitments finished. Your swap partner will love it!

  6. I love the top zipper bag. I have 2 of them. I did not want to put that zipper in, so i purchased them at the local quilt show! What a cute wallet and pin cushion! My DIL is wonderful, too. Although she is on a tight budget, she knits gifts for all of the extended family! I will be going to El Paso to spend two weeks with her to sew! She once told me that she had to get married to find her true mother and that I have raised her in the last 25 years!

  7. So great to get something more than bills in the mail. Fun that you like the bee pincushion. And thanks for the link to that ladybug, i might try it.

  8. You get the best mail and your DIL is certainly a keeper. That pin is amazing, my machine would have broken the needle and jammed.

  9. Wonderful giftie items.....keep the DIL she's a good one! Good lesson and endorsement for the older machines. New ones would have jumped timing and skipped stitches.

  10. Your Wendy blocks are amazing! WOW! I wish I had a DIL like you have! I think she has you pegged! Those vintage just can't beat them!

  11. I hope my son marries someone just as sweet, and if she's a quilter too, all the better!

    I have also sewn though a flower head pin before. I was very surprised the needle didn't break.

  12. Great gifts! You have a wonderful DIL. Love the wallet.


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