Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Peter Pan

Well, I finally finished the last paper pieced block late last night.  I still need to add some embroidery to it, but, that is the easy part.

I would have been done sooner, but, I made another stupid mistake.  This pattern is 'colored' on the back, and the designers background is a light green (mine is a white on white).  Instead of double checking each piece, before I added it, I just added green fabric to 3 places on one of the pieces of Peter Pan.  Oops!  If I'd been paying attention, and checking like I should have been doing, I would have noticed that those 3 pieces were supposed to be background pieces.  Seam ripper to the rescue. 

my mistakes, with dark green where the white was supposed to go

Here is the block, corrected.
correct Peter Pan block

both blocks (sorry for the bad color picture)

Peter just needs his nose embroidered on now.  This block was designed by Michelle Thompson, and can be found here.

The next part is the crocodile, that will be across the bottom of the quilt.  I found a great pattern at Sew Fresh Quilts to use, called Crocodile Rock, at her Etsy shop.  Lorna has some great patterns.  Here is a picture of the pattern that I'm going to use.  I'm only going to make one crocodile.
Crocodile Rock pattern

I'm headed off, as soon as this posts, to find some fabric for the crocodile. 

Here are some of the other fabrics that will probably show up in this quilt.
treasure map and nautical fabrics

Tinkerbell fabrics

I need to get this quilt top finished, so that the long arm quilter can do her part. 


  1. Peter is looking good... have fun with the alligator. He looks easier.

  2. Love the Peter Pan block Looking forward to seeing what you do with the alligator. This is going to be a great quilt! ~Jeanne

  3. Looking great. The new baby is going to be stylin'.

  4. Your Peter Pan block looks so intricate! I've done some paper piecing, but they are simpler patterns. You are a genius with these, Cheryl and they look awesome!

  5. Such fun to watch that Peter Pan quilt in process.

  6. I've enjoyed watching your Peter Pan Characters 'come alive' as you've paper pieced them. I've often found that paper piecing require paying close attention and can be so frustrating. I know this will be a treasured possession for generations to come.

  7. This is a masterpiece in the making! So many details and patterns and decisions... can't wait to see how you pull it all together!


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