Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Stitching and Life

I've been stitching, and I even have a finish.  Woohoo! 

I made a baby quilt for a couple at church. 
front of quilt

orange Minkee on the back
This was a quick quilt to make.  I did wavy line quilting on it.  I won the Henry Glass fabrics in March 2017, but didn't know what I wanted to do with them.  I had a picture of a quilt, with this basic design, and drew it up (I think someone said that it was a free pattern from Moda?).  I used a little more than half of the jelly roll.  I still have lots of fabrics left, from this group that I won.  The Minkee I picked up at a thrift store last month, while traveling to Texas. 

I also got all the circle blocks from last weeks post, stitched together. 
almost a top...

This needs to be a bit bigger, to fit a twin size bed (with enough drop on the sides).  I have a couple more of these blocks to put in the corners, and I bought some brown flannel at Joann's last week, for the borders (I love it when the fabric is 50% off).  Not sure when I'll get the borders cut, since my sewing room is a total mess, and I can't get to all of the cutting table at the moment. 

I've done some stitching on my Be Attitudes quilt blocks, but, I don't have a picture.  I finished the 6th block on the way to Alaska, in Feb, and started the 7th block on the way back home, in March.  I've done more stitching on the 7th block this past week.  I'm slow at blanket stitching.  I'm not rushing these.  I usually work on them once or twice a month. 

I'll be doing other things, besides stitching in the near future.  When we bought our house, over 14 years ago, it came with a TV in the kitchen.  The TV sat on the shelf of the closet, and the previous owner had cut out the drywall and the studs in the wall, and inserted the TV in the hole.  He'd put a 'frame' around the rough drywall, to make it look better. 

Well, the TV was 20 years old, and, if you tried to adjust the volume, it would change the channel half the time, instead.  Our oldest son bought us a flat screen TV for Christmas, to replace this one, but, since we have to repair the wall, we hadn't done anything until this weekend.  Hubby pulled the TV out, and took down the framing.  Here is what the wall in my kitchen looked like when the TV was taken out.
hole into the closet

You can see thru the closet, to the basement door. 

Hubby had to repair the studs before we can do anything else.  We can't mount the new flat screen TV without the studs in place.  Now the hole looks like a prison cell.
with studs repaired

A friend, who knows how to replace drywall is coming over Wednesday to help us fix our hole.  I'll have to paint before we can mount the new TV.  I don't really like painting, but, it has to be done.  I hope I can find a paint that matches.  I don't have the time or energy to paint the whole kitchen.  Ours is a 'walk thru' kitchen, so, I'd have to paint half of the downstairs.  Sometimes an 'open' floor plan is a pain. 


  1. That baby quilt is adorable - so fun looking! You've been busy and now your kitchen is a jail. Eek! I hope you get the drywall up and all gets painted soon. Isn't it a pain when one 'little' thing turns into weeks of work. Good Luck! ~Jeanne

  2. A most adorable baby quilt. Will be loved. We recently struggled with the same thing when getting a larger tv. Had to think creatively and constructively, but once done it was wonderful.

  3. Pretty baby quilt! I like the wavy line quilting that you did for this quilt too.

  4. Well if you can't find paint to match, paint or create a frame around the TV as if it was A design element of choice.

  5. A happy little quilt... sure to brighten up a baby's room!!! Yep... repairs take so much out of us... because they lead to another thing... that you really didn't want to spend time on too. Go to the sewing room and close the door!!!!!

  6. Love the baby quilt...easy and stylish! The brown circles will finish up nicely with big borders....keeps the focal point strong. UGH....home repairs and painting. Hoping it all goes smooth and doesn't lead to a lot of extra doing.

  7. Such a fun baby quilt!
    Good luck fixing the hole!

  8. Sew sweet! That Jelly Roll and Moda Bake Shop quilt are the perfect pair for a baby quilt. The wavy line quilting is a super accent. Nice one, Cheryl! For anyone interested who doesn't sketch and color from pins like Cheryl, here is the link to the Moda Bake Shop post with instructions: http://www.modabakeshop.com/2010/11/awesome-lap-quilt.html

  9. The baby quilt is so cute. Great job.

  10. Love, Love the baby quilt!

  11. Your prison cell so you can keep stitching? ha ha ! That first baby quilt looks so cuddly and cute! How nice of you!!

  12. Your baby quilt turned out so pretty. Maybe it's the colors or the design, but I can't stop looking at it. HA! We also have an old tv and we're too cheap to buy a new one til this one dies. I think it will live forever.

  13. Love your first girly quilt, great pattern using great fabrics. Yes open floor plans for painting are a real PITA!!

  14. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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