Tuesday, June 5, 2018

My Week

Last week was not normal.  I was supposed to go sew with friends on Tuesday, but, I was sick.   Sick enough to not only cancel on sewing, but, I didn't sew, or even do anything else for most of 2 days. 

On Thursday, one of my bridesmaids came to town for work.  She only had a couple of hours to spend with us, but, we had fun catching up. 
hubby, me and Sheila
Sheila mentioned wanting to see some of the wedding photos, so, after we dropped her off at her hotel, I took some pictures of the photos.  Our wedding was 30 years ago.
wedding party

my bridesmaids and flower girl

Sheila and me

Sheila catching the bouquet

I did get to sew some the next day.  I worked on my crazy quilt.
stitching down the doily

Saturday morning, we drove to Wisconsin to see friends.  The weather was great (59-63 degrees for the high).

On Monday, I finally got my crazy quilt blocks stitched together, and the basting removed.  I still need to applique 3 of the Victorian ladies onto the cream colored blocks.
blocks stitched together

Yes, I'm going to keep the quilt this shape.  I'm calling it my Crazy Victorian Ladies quilt, so, I like the crazy shape, too.  This quilt is serving 2 purposes, for my 'Library Book Challenge' with my little quilt guild, and also my 'Crazy Quilt Challenge' with the Camp Tuckabatchee quilters.  The finished quilt isn't due until next March, so, it will be put aside for a couple of months, while I work on some other projects.  I needed to get it this far, since the 'Library Book Challenge' was due last night, at guild. 

I turned in 5 quilt blocks at guild last night.  The guild is making quilts for both a boys home and a girls home.  We are trying to get 14 quilts made before Christmas.  I handed out kits, to make blocks for a quilt last night.  I'll show the blocks when I get them back, in July and August.  Here are the blocks I made for some of the other  quilts.
for a girls quilt

for a boys quilt

for another boys quilt
More than 40 blocks were turned in last night for the 'space' quilt and for the 'eyeball's quilt and also for the 'sports' quilt (I turned in my sports blocks last month).


  1. Love the blocks... especially the eyeballs. Looks like a Halloween quilt to be.
    Such pretty wedding pictures. That bride has such a pretty smile. Lucky groom.

  2. Beautiful wedding pictures! Thanks for sharing them.

  3. Sorry you got sick--glad you're better. No fun missing out on sewing time!

  4. Oh I am glad you are feeling better. Great wedding pictures. Love your crazy quilt, and your blocks for the charity quilts.

  5. I'm trying Barbara's temporary fix to the no comments in my inbox problem.

  6. I'm glad you are feeling better and were okay to have Sheila visit. Do you always make your guest wear name tags? 😊 Your crazy quilt is looking fantastic. ~Jeanne

  7. Oh, what a gorgeous bride! You looked happy and stunning!

  8. Well goodness - once you got unsick - you really got to business!! Beautiful Photos!!

  9. Sorry you’ve been sick.I like what you’re doing with the doily. I have a ton of doilies from my grandmother. I want to get them out and try something like that.

  10. Love seeing the wedding photos! Sadly, I lost contact with my maid of honor, my single attendant in our small wedding. I know she and her husband are back in WA after serving a church in the mid-west for many years but after years of moving around as a child, many relatives and friends just didn't write or call as time passed and I have become accustomed to their silence.

  11. Great wedding pictures.your guild blocks are fun

  12. Glad you were able to recover quickly enough to keep up with your busy schedule. I wonder if they will get around to fixing that problem with the replies not coming. I have not found a solution that works and it is irksome.

  13. I'm glad you are feeling better and back to sewing. You sure had a beautiful wedding.

  14. I'm trying this again. Google, I want my comments back in my inbox!!!!


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