Friday, July 6, 2018

Not much sewing....

There hasn't been much sewing going on here for weeks.  I was busy preparing for and attending the Missouri TOGA (FUN!!!). More importantly, I was busy cleaning and preparing for a visit from our grandbaby, Gwendolynn.
4 months old

Gwendolynn was only supposed to visit for 2 nights, but, she decided to stay for 8 days!  Woohoo!  I didn't know she was extending her visit until 3 days before she arrived.  My sewing room turned into a nursery.
cutting table as a changing table, floor space for the pack-n-play

A couple of hours before Gwendolynn arrived, I realized that I hadn't made a sheet for the pack-n-play.  Oops!  I quickly pulled out some of the fabric that I'd used for her Peter Pan quilt, and started stitching.
Peter Pan quilt
stitching velcro onto sheet

With an hour to spare, here is her new pack-n-play sheet.
pack-n-play sheet

Gwendolynn brought her mother, other grandmother and aunt to stay with us.  They drove down from Alaska.  (Sorry, it was so busy that I forgot to take pictures of everyone, other than Gwendolynn).

We had a busy week.  On Monday night, Gwendolynn came to visit my little quilt guild.  She brought mommy and her other grandmother along.  We had a fun time.
Gwendolynn and her other grandmother, at quilt guild

some of the ladies at quilt guild

We celebrate July 4th on July 3rd, since Plainfield has their fireworks on the 3rd.  Our church is a mile from where the fireworks are set off, so we have great seats on the church lawn.  The church has games and activities for the kids before the fireworks, and popcorn and glow sticks for everyone.

Here is Gwendolynn in her 4th of July outfit (I'm holding her).

photo bombed by one of the dogs

We went to Culver's for cheese curds and custard before the fireworks.  Gwendolynn slept with her new sunglasses on.

Gwendolynn and her entourage left for Virginia on the 4th, for a wedding this weekend.  They also have a family reunion in Tennessee later this month, where my son, his father in law and Gwendolynn's other uncle will join them.

When the reunion is over, all 7 of them will come back to my house for a week before they all head back to Alaska. (10 of us in the house for a week).

Before they come back, I have more cleaning to do and several projects to finish.  I'll also have the Michigan TOGA just before they get back to my house.

I took the last 2 days off to rest, but now I have to get busy while I have my sewing room available.  I have a baby quilt to finish...
blocks are made, waiting to be finished

a set of placemats to finish...
centers are made, lots left for these placemats

and I'm supposed to make a new high chair cover for them to take back with them to Alaska, along with several other things with due dates.  We'll see how much I get done.  At least the temps have finally dropped (and the humidity) for a few days. 

Are you getting any sewing done this July???


  1. Gwendolynn Is adorable! So glad she extended her stay AND is coming back!!! Enjoy! ~Jeanne

  2. Oh she is gorgeous! Lucky grandma, and she is coming back for a 2nd visit.

  3. Beautiful and adorable! A cute bundle of fun and love.....understand why you have been busy and loving it. Glad it was a longer visit and now you can see her again. And the rest of them too :)

  4. So glad you could have your grand baby visit. My new grandson was born June 22nd and I have driven to PA twice from Buffalo to see him. It is so exciting to have them around!

  5. What a cutie your grand daughter is. I can imagine that you enjoyed every second of her visit! At least you didn't have to say good bye for long with another visit on the horizon. Babies are the BEST!!!

  6. How fun is that! What great pictures of your precious granddaughter.

  7. Well, that was FUN!!! What a cutie! Glad you are getting some Nana time and able to share it with your quilt friends. All of your quilts and other projects are great. Busy July to say the least...enjoy!

  8. You sure are having a busy summer, and the baby is just beautiful!

  9. she is so sweet glad you had her for more nights and she is coming back..

  10. Such fun you've been having, Cheryl! Your sewing room transformed nicely into a temporary baby room! Love on sweet Gwendolynn as much as you can while she's here...she's so beautiful!

  11. How fun to get a visit from your cutie pie Grand baby! But 10 people in my house for a week would drive me nuts, LOL I'd have to sneak into the sewing room for many breaks!

  12. Very fun to have a visit and take her to the quilt guild meeting :-). Happy sewing. We are enjoying the break in the humidity over here too! What a lovely couple of days. I'll take a whole summer of this! I'm actually getting some sewing done, testing a couple of Featherweights that Jake has restored and fixed up. In our happy place in the garage sewing up some One Block Wonder blocks. And prepping another hand piecing project to take on my vacation.

  13. Lovely Grand! I'm sure you enjoyed her bunches!!

  14. With that darling baby around, I don't know how you found so much time for anything else! I had four family over the weekend and was worried I might never find all the things I had to re-locate to make room to even sit!

  15. She is a star!!! LOVE the sunglasses on her!

  16. She is adorable!! I am so happy for you!

  17. Gwendolyn is quite the doll baby...what a fun time you got to enjoy with her! Where in Alaska are they? I think we've talked about that before, but I can't remember. They will be doing an awful lot of traveling this summer! :)

  18. She is so adorable!! I love the sheet, did you have to buy a pack and play or did you borrow one?

  19. She's adorable, Cheryl! I hope to get my sewing mat completed at the sew day we are having over at the Art Guild in Ava next Thurs. Hope you get your projects done soon!


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