Friday, May 20, 2011

Cardboard Boat Races!

The Military crew
The Military crew
Today, my youngest son's Calculus class held the annual Cardboard Boat races.  The students from  the Calculus and Statistics classes have to design and build cardboard boats.  They can only use 1/4" thick cardboard, and, it can only be 2 layers thick.  They use duct tape to hold it together. 

To get credit, they must paddle the boats all the way to the other end of the pool.  To get extra credit, the boats must make it all the way back to the starting point with out sinking.  The paddles must be made out of cardboard, too, but, they can be heavily taped, unlike the boats.

Help! We're sinking!
 My oldest son did this when he was in Calculus.  His boat was the winner that year.  He went with me to the races today.  We were predicting which boats would make it and which would sink quickly.  The boats that have reinforcements in the middle usually have a better chance. 

Money Bags crew
 Most of the boats made it to the finish line and got credit.  Some of the boats made it back to the starting line and got extra credit.  A few boats sank after a few feet.  The Military boat made it both ways.

Nintendo group
 Several boats almost didn't get to the finish line.  Money Bags boat didn't make it, but, they gave it a good try.

Money Bags boat is sinking

Pokemon boat
 The Nintendo crew made it both ways.  No, the 'Mario' dude didn't wear the head dress in the water.  He couldn't see with it on.

Oh No!  Money Bags is sinking!  Nintendo races past them to the finish line!  Poor Money Bags.

one heat in the race
 Look at Pokemon.  Isn't Pikachu cute!  They even had Pokemon cards taped to the front of the boat.

Pokemon got off to a slow start, but, they picked up speed and won the heat, making it all the way back to start.


Go Pokemon!

Go Pokemon, Go!

My Son's Pirate group

The next boat sank.  They sure tried hard, though.
My son in black

My son's boat

Now for my son's crew.  Their boat was a pirate ship.  My son is wearing his pirate outfit. 

 More pictures of my son's crew.

Lots of boats raced.  The Attack sank at the finish line.

SS Royalty didn't even get a forth of the way before they sank.  They looked cute, though, while sinking, with their tiara's on. 

SS Woo-Pass won overall.  Congratulations crew!

The Attack

SS Royalty

SS Woo-Pass

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