Thursday, April 16, 2020

Finally, Some Stitching for ME!

I finished another 25 face masks Tuesday.  I don't know about you, but I'm getting tired of sewing face masks.  Don't worry, I'll do more, but I need a break first.

About a decade ago, I saw a cute pattern at a (formerly) local quilt shop.  I didn't get it then, and have regretted it for years (the store went out of business about a year later).  I've looked online for the pattern, but, when you don't know the name of the pattern, it's hard to find it.  Barbara at Cat Patches had the pattern.  Then, suddenly, it was advertised on Quilt in a Day

Since my father in law spent about 10 days trying to find toilet paper, hubby and I decided that my inlaws needed this quilt.  As usual, I can't make just one of anything, so I started 2 quilts (one is for me).

On Wednesday, I pulled out fabrics, and got the quilt to this point.
2 little quilts
Then I traced all the patterns onto freezer paper, and cut them out.

Today, I starched the edges of all the pieces.
starched pieces
Then I put the pieces into 'rolls'.
prepped for applique

I glue basted all the 'rolls' onto both quilt backs, then started hand applique.  So far, I've appliqued almost 3 'rolls'.  These should be quick quilts. 
glue basted, waiting to be appliqued 

Here is the pattern.

2020 has been a weird year.  We had snow yesterday, and are expecting another 2-5 inches overnight.  Isn't it supposed to be Spring???
over 2.5 inches

Sunday, April 12, 2020

Happy Easter! and Face Masks

Happy Easter!

It was strange not going to church today (or any Sunday in weeks).  Still, I got lots of 'Easter' services today.  My Sunday school class is online now.  After that, we watched Franklin Graham and Michael W. Smith's Easter service in Central ParkOur church also had a great service that included music, a special reading and even a children's sermon.  When I finally got up to my sewing room, I watched Andrea Bocelli's performance in Milan.  Even Dolly Parton had an Easter song.

As for sewing, I'm like lots of you.  I've been stitching face masks.  My first set of 64 masks.  Puppies, kitties, forest animals, tie dye, flames and leaves.  I've added pipe cleaners to the nose area of all of my masks so far.

Then I stitched a few masks for hubby and my son.  Camping and Star Wars.

I thought I was thru, then they suggested that everyone wear a mask when going to a store, so, my neighbors also needed some masks.  I cut out 28 masks for kids, and 16 for adults.  Camo, batiks, some sewing themed (for me) and some animals, dragonflies and Cars.

my neighbors, wearing their new masks
My little quilt guild has been making masks, too.  We've been distributing masks to my veterinarian (thanks for taking care of my dog, Ratchet), and several different nurses from several different hospitals, and some to an assisted living center. 

I didn't stitch any for a couple of days.  Somehow my right hip joint froze up, and I couldn't barely walk for 2 days.  The doctor gave me meds, and I'm back walking again, thank goodness. 

A friend asked for masks, too.  She works for a hospice, and people have been stealing masks from them (shame people).  She gave me kits for me and my guild ladies to make more masks.  I'll be working on those tomorrow. 

With so many masks, I haven't had any time to sew anything for myself.  I hope to remedy that this week.  Hopefully I'll have something besides masks to show you soon. 

Have you been stitching something other than face masks?