Sunday, September 30, 2018

2018 Lyon's Farm Fall Festival

This weekend was the Annual Lyon's Farm Fall Festival, and as usual, I had a booth with some of my vintage sewing machines. 

Hubby and I set up on Friday.  Our cars were loaded!  People always ask me how I get so many machines in the car.
floorboard of my car (seats moved as far forward as possible, so that long things can get in the back area)

start layering the back end of my car

finish layering the back end of my car

add machines to the back seat of my car

stuff in the back seat of hubby's car
I didn't get a picture of the treadle cabinet in the very back of hubby's car, with more stuff around the cabinet.  Even my front seat was loaded with a sewing machine chair.

When we were done setting up, I decided to stop at one of my favorite thrift shops, just a mile or so down the road.  It's always fun to see what they have in the crafting section.  I was about to give up on the crafting section when I spied a small bag crammed with fabric, that said 'Quilting Remnants $3' on it.
Hmmm.... I wonder what kind of remnants are in this bag....

Well, when I opened it up, it wasn't remnants, it was almost a completed quilted jacket.
what was in the bag
The front parts were already stitched to the back, and even the collar was sewn on.  All of it was already quilted.  I just needed to find fabric for the binding (not in the bag).  Darn, I had to go to the quilt shop ;). 

On Saturday, my friend Marilyn came and sewed with me in my booth.
Marilyn, stitching on an electric Japanese class 15 machine

Here are a few pictures of my booth.  I had 15 machines in my booth, along with some of my small quilted things.
Drawing Room Cabinet treadle in the foreground 

13 machines (including 2 toy machines)

aprons and jacket parts on the chairs

A gentleman visited the booth early on Saturday.  He and his wife are volunteers at Lyon's farm.  He saw my Singer 20 chainstitch toy machine and said that his wife has one very similar to it.  He called  his wife, and had her bring the machine with her. 
his wife's 1955 Singer 20 toy machine in a case

All the parts except the needle and the screw that holds the needle in were with their machine.  They even had the clamp to hold the machine to a table and the screwdriver.  The book is in great shape, too.  He left it in my booth for the whole weekend.  It was a fun addition to my booth.

On Sunday, hubby came and spent the day with me in the booth.  Hubby knows lots about many of my machines and enjoys telling people about them.  He even helped the kids to stitch on the 1914 Singer 66k (Lotus decals) hand crank that he uses to make some camping gear.  The kids love to get a chance to use one of the machines (especially the boys).  

I spent way more time chatting about machines than I did sewing over the weekend.  I did get the binding stitched to the jacket parts on Saturday, and did most of the hand stitching at home on Saturday night.  I finished the hand stitching on Sunday, and stitched the last parts of the jacket together.
me in my new quilted jacket

The Quilter's Dozen hand quilting group was set up in the building, too.  You can see them behind me, working on a whole cloth quilt.  I know many of the ladies in the group.  I love it when they are also in this building.  Usually they are in another building each year.  

With temps around 58 degrees on Saturday, and around 68 degrees today, it was a great weekend for the Fall Festival.  What a fun weekend!  

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Quilt Show & a Bag

I went to a quilt show this afternoon.  Heritage Quilt Guild. I've been to this show many times over the years.  It's a smaller show, but always nice.

Here are some of the quilts.  They had lots of antique quilts this year.  Sorry, I didn't take photos of the cards attached to the quilts.

This next quilt is an antique, and the blocks represent each state.

I loved this cute little bag.  One of the vendors had a kit to make something similar to this bag (no, I didn't get it).

another antique quilt

great way to set sampler blocks

Of course, as a Harry Potter fan, I had to take a picture of this quilt.  One of these days, I'll finish both of my Project of Doom quilts.
Project of Doom
Linda and Terri, this butterfly quilt is for both of you.

antique quilt

antique quilt

This next quilt is painted.

what to do with all those HST's

Several ladies were working on this pattern, but they didn't like the weird cutting sizes in it (7/8's etc) so they re-drafted the pattern to easier to cut sizes. 

Julie, and your Log Cabin ladies, these are for you.

A lady from my Ottawa quilting group taught this class (paper piecing).  Just wait until you see the stunning quilt that Mary made for the Camp Tuckabatchee quilt show raffle (next week).

I love patriotic, elephants and teapots.

The applique on this one is stunning.

up close of the applique

I was pretty good in the vendor mall. I did buy some gifts for Christmas (not for me, for others ;)

Last night, I decided that I needed a small bag to hold the money from the raffle quilt sales.  I pulled a fat quarter out, then rummaged thru my leftover bits of binding, and made this bag.  It is the smallest size of my project bags (4 sizes in the pattern).  Until last night, I'd only made the large size. 
small project bag
I really should have stitched the binding on with my Janome & walking foot, but, I was watching Cannonball Run II, and didn't want to stop.  This was a lot of layers, with all the binding bits pieced together.  My Featherweight wasn't very happy with the binding part. 

I wore my new jacket, from the freebie table, today.  I got lots of great compliments on it.  Thanks again, Sandy!