Monday, July 4, 2022

Notebook Cover

One of the demo's from the Missouri TOGA was a notebook cover.  The pattern was Scrap Lab Notebook Cover from allpeoplequilt (free pattern).

I fussy cut some of my sewing themed fabrics for this notebook before I left home.  I think it turned out cute.

front, showing front pocket

I decided that the inside pockets could be the same, instead of different (like the pattern).  It sure saved fabric doing it my way.

front inside pocket

back inside pocket

Dorise told us how to add a piece of elastic to hold the notebook closed, if we wished to.  I added the elastic.  The elastic folds over the front, but when it isn't in use, it folds over the back, where it isn't seen.

elastic on the back of the notebook

If I were to make this again, I'd leave the batting out of it.  It makes it hard to sew thru all of the layers, and also to get the corners to turn nicely.  If I want it stiff, I'd just add some stiff fusible to the back of the cover.  

I'll be taking this to the hospital tomorrow, in case I need to take notes after mom's surgery. 

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

Missouri TOGA 2022 (and a WIN)!

 The Missouri TOGA was this past weekend.  What fun!  TOGA (Treadle On Gathering & Academy).  We played with vintage sewing machines, had demo's and classes, learned new things, hospital (for sewing machines), had a sewing kit exchange, show-n-tell, raffle table, raffle quilt and yummy food & friends (old and new)!  This was the 5th Missouri TOGA, and I've been to all 5 so far.

some of the ladies who attended

Friday's dinner

some of the sewing kits exchanged

some of the sewing kits exchanged

me teaching mitered borders

one of the demo's

Dorise teaching project bags out of placemats

one of our games & demo's

Sarah cutting out her rotary cutting kit

working on projects

Barb leading the 'Name Game'

game time

game time

We also had Show-N-Tell.  Here are a few.

Missy's antique quilt

Barb's quilt top (front)

Barb's backing for her quilt top

Esther's quilt

Hannah's quilt

Esther's quilt

Hannah's quilt

backing for Hannah's quilt

Esther's quilt

Hannah's table runner

Sharon showing off newspaper patterns her mother collected

Scott's grandmother's quilt

JoAnn's flag

music bags Abigail made for her sisters

I mentioned food.  Amber made the lunch for Friday and Saturday (YUM!).

Saturday's lunch

Amber getting lunch ready

Hucklebucks BBQ Saturday night

B'Ann, Missy & Me at the festival in Ava Friday night

I mentioned demo's and classes.  Sarah participated (youngest Togateer).
rotary cutting kit

project bag

There were other demo's and classes, but I don't have photos for them.  I taught the rotary cutting kits, mitered borders and paper piecing.  Dorise taught project bags from placemats and notebook covers. JoAnn gave a demo on EQ8.  We also had demo's on how to use some of the specialty feet for our machines.

There was a table raffle and a quilt raffle.  I won the quilt raffle!!!!
our T-Shirts matched the raffle quilt

2 pillowcases to go with the raffle quilt

I'll be sewing from my mother's dining room for the next several weeks, as I will be in Texas, taking care of her and my step-father after mom's knee replacement surgery.  I'll be missing hubby and my puppies (who will be staying home).  I have several projects to work on in Texas, both by machine (Radiant Suns, Omigosh!, etc) and hand (Angels Among Us).  We'll see how much I get done between cooking, doctor's appts & mom's rehab appts.

Sunday, June 19, 2022

Prairie Fest Quilt Show 2022

Every year the Quilter's Dozen hand quilting group has a quilt show during Prairie Fest.  I usually go to the quilt show just before I drive in the parade (I drive hubby's Barbershop chorus).  This is a nice, but small quilt show.  I took several photos for you (sorry for the angles, but it's a small space).

I know several of the ladies in this group, and some of the quilts are from ladies in my little quilt guild.  I missed out on entering a quilt this year, since I had to work the day we had to bring the quilts in (not my usual day to work, but I had to switch days so that I could get in to the dentist for temporary caps).

These two quilts are the first ones you see when you enter.  The top quilt is an antique quilt with embroidered state flowers.

embroidered state flowers

Since the space is small, they can only hang a few quilts.  The rest are draped over chairs on the sides, or over small quilt racks.



nice technique with the cutting

This quilt was made for her mother with her father's shirts.  

Father's shirts

This next quilt remined me of the Modern TOBE (Treadle On Block Exchange) that I participated in several years ago.  I love the fun prints that she used as the background fabrics.

fun background fabrics

Here are more of the quilts.

two different quilts

reminds me of the striped circle quilts I made

I made a mouse pin cushion for an exchange last year.  There was one like it at the quilt show.

This next one, Blue Onion, is similar to the Radiant Suns quilt that I'm making as a block exchange with my Treadle On group.

This next quilt was a fund raiser that the maker's mother participated in with her Sunday School class.  Her grandfather was the highest bidder, so they got the quilt.

all blocks are signed

This next quilt was found in an old trunk on their farm.  It has the date of 1891 embroidered on it.

crazy quilt

More quilts.

I wanted to show some of the hand quilting on this next quilt.  LOTS of hand quilting!

up close of the hand quilting

I'm showing this last one since I'll be teaching how to miter borders at the Missouri TOGA later this week.  It has mitered borders inside of mitered borders.

I've been prepping stuff for the Missouri TOGA and for my trip to Texas, where I'll help my mother after her knee replacement surgery.

I finished 3 more Sewing kits (one is for the Missouri TOGA Sewing Kit Exchange).

3 more sewing kits finished

These all have the same things inside that the previous one had (like the photos below) in matching fabrics.

Everyone is supposed to make a house block for the Missouri TOGA's raffle quilt for 2023.  We are also supposed to make a tree block.  I got the idea for my house block from this book.

my house block

my tree block

I prepped a new hand project to work on when I'm in Texas (waiting on mom while she is in rehab etc).  This is the Angels Among Us Calendar quilt.  These are all ready for the hand embroidery.

January thru June

July thru December

I ordered the buttons that go with this quilt.  Hopefully they will be here Tuesday.  We'll see.  I ordered a quilty gift for a friends birthday, but they lost the order.  Even after I called them, it took them days to get it in the mail, then it arrived shattered (they did a lousy job of packing it).  They were supposed to send me a new one, but I haven't heard back from them (again) since I told them about it being shattered.  I'm not hopeful, but I'm not ready to contact the BBB yet.  I'll give them a few more days, and call them again to see if they will honor the order.  I did get photos of the broken items.  It's sad, because this quilt shop was recommended to me.  Unless they come thru, I won't be recommending them.