Wednesday, March 22, 2017


It worked!!!  I figured out how to add the zipper to the purse I needed to make.

First, I had to make the purse.
this is the pattern
This is the purse I made.
before zipper is added

This is the reason you can't add the zipper like in the other purses I made.  The other purses are 'birthed' then you close the slit in the bottom of the bag.  This bag is one piece.
purse before the sides are stitched closed

I've always made this purse (and the ones I finished last week) on my Featherweight.  I know there isn't much room under the arm of the machine, but, it's just too much fun, stitching on a purple machine.
stitching on Betty Sue

Several people asked me to show how I put in the zipper.  First, I cut zipper plackets, and ironed in some fusible fleece.
fusible fleece inside zipper placket fabric

Stitch it right sides together, leaving one end open, so that you can turn it.
ready to be stitched

Turn it inside out, and iron it flat.  Pin the ends, and then stitch the open end, adding the zipper as you go, on the long side, then stitch the last end.  Do the same thing with the other zipper flap.  It should look like this when you are done.
zipper plackets with zipper added, ready to be attached
Now you should have a 'finished' zipper placket, with no raw edges.

Pin one side of the zipper placket to the inside, top of the purse, centering it.  It might help if you open the zipper.
pinned, ready to stitch
When that side is done, close the zipper, and pin the other side to the other side of the purse.
last side of zipper pinned to purse
Open the zipper, and sew.  I stitched 1/4" down from the top of the purse.  You could stitch farther down if you wanted, but, I wanted as much room in the purse as possible.

Here is the finished purse.
stitched zipper
finished purse
I didn't have a zipper pull for this one, so, hubby and I just got back from Hobby Lobby.  An Angel zipper pull will be added soon. 

This purse is for my best friend, Michele.  Michele and I have been best friends for 40 years this week.  We met at her birthday party, that she shared with a friend of mine.  We've been best friends ever since.  Her birthday is March 23rd!

This purse was made to match the other purse I made for Michele at Christmas.  Michele sells Mary Kay, and she wanted something to put her Mary Kay stuff in.
Michele's Christmas purse

Happy Birthday Michele!

Friday, March 17, 2017

A Fiber Fun Day!

First, don't forget that Saturday is National Quilting Day!  Personally, I tend to celebrate it almost every day ;)

Yesterday, I didn't get any sewing done :(  Oh well, it was still a Fiber Fun Day!

I started off by shopping at JoAnn's.  I've run out of fusible fleece, and wanted to use my 60% off coupon.  Of course, I found a few extra things while shopping.
whole bolt of fusible fleece & some clearance fabrics
I also needed the rings to attach zipper pulls to the purses I'd just finished.  JoAnn's was nice, and had all the jewelry stuff on sale.  I also found a few charms for myself (sewing machines) and a couple of charms for 2 of the purses (kitty and hibiscus flower).
charms and hardware to attach them
I should have the zipper pulls attached today.  I'll try to remember to take some pictures when they are done.

When I got home, there was an envelope in the mail, with this months Block of the Month from Stitching Depot, in Texas. 

pieces, laid out

Stitching Depot BOM
Somehow, last month's block didn't get posted to the blog.  Here is is.  They weren't going to include the background fabrics, so, I purchased a special background fabric with barbed wire, to go with the blocks.  Since they included the background fabrics after all, I decided to make an extra block each month, in red/white/blue and use it for Quilts of Valor
February's BOM

my block with my background fabric

QoV block with their background fabric
I used my scraps to make this block.  I might turn into a (bit) of a scrap quilter after all.

Well....shortly after I got back home, the doorbell rang.  FedEx had a package for me.  On Monday, Henry Glass informed me that I'd won their latest fabric giveaway.  How cool.  They also said it might take a while to get it in the mail to me, because of the snowstorm expected in their area.  She must have mailed it as soon as I sent the address.

Henry Glass fabrics
I hadn't read that they were flannels, but, that's fine with me.  The fat quarter bundle contains 24 fat quarters.  There are 2 bonus fat quarters with hexies on them, and also a jelly roll with 40 strips, which they didn't show in the blog post.  Woohoo!  Even more fiber fun to play with.  I'm thinking that I have some baby quilts in my future. 

Not long after these arrived, it was time to head to quilt guild.  Joe Cunningham (Joe the Quilter) was speaking at guild.  He sang us a song on his brand new guitar, that his brother had given him the night before.  What a great brother!
Joe, with his new guitar
Then he showed us some of his quilts.
Joe with one of his early quilts

yes, the ink is on the quilt on purpose

this is the class that is being taught today (no, I'm not taking it)

Joe and another quilt

up close of some of the quilting

self portrait

how he labels his quilts

his latest quilt
We have a freebie table at quilt guild.  Someone put this great table runner top on the freebie table.  Of course I grabbed it.
table runner top
When this is finished, I think it will sit under one of my vintage machines.  More fiber fun!  I also got some great patterns, and some machine attachments and accessories, that will work with some my machines. 

Talk about some Fiber Fun, even without making a single stitch! 

Saturday (National Quilting Day!)  I have Ladies Crafting at my church.  I think I'll do some hand stitching on my elephant quilt.  What do you have planned for National Quilting Day?

PS:  If you don't get a reply from me, on any comments you make, then you are a no-reply blogger, and I can't reach you.  Please send me your email address, and, I'll save it for future comments.  My email address is listed under my profile, at the top of the page (top right hand column).  If you are on a cell phone, go to the bottom of the page, and click 'View Web Version' to get the column on your phone.  Comments REALLY DO matter to me!

Happy National Quilting Day/Weekend!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Book Review

I was sent this book, to review, from Bethany House publications. 

This is the 5th in a series of mysteries.  The Drew Fathering Mysteries, by Julianna Deering.  The author is a 5th generation Texan (I'm a 4th generation Texan, I'm just misplaced at the moment).

I love books set in another time.  Her books are all set in the 1930's.  This book is set in England, on the Yorkshire moors.  I've always loved reading about different places in England (what a romantic country). 

The book is full of twists and turns.  You won't guess 'who dun-it' until the end.  The characters are interesting, and, we keep getting introduced to new characters till almost the end of the book.  There is murder, romance, and tragedy. 

This was a well written book, even the 'language' fit the 'era' and 'location'.  Now I want to get the first 4 books in the series. 

Wednesday, March 15, 2017


Last week was crazy busy, so, it took me much longer than it should have, to make the 4 purses.  I finished them yesterday.  I do still want to add some zipper pulls, but, I need to get the hardware to attach them.

made with pre-quilted fabric

The pocket disappears on this bag.

Here are some of the zipper pulls I want to add.

Now I have 2 other purses/bags to finish.  One, I'm making changes to the pattern, so, lots of 'thinking' involved.  I'm trying to add a zipper, where the original pattern leaves the bag 'open', not closed.  The first try won't work, so, I ripped it out, and will try again, with different size pieces, and a much larger zipper (to leave room to stitch it to the bag).  Frustration!

pattern I'm trying to alter

When that one is done, then I need to cut out the fabrics for this purse.

I want to make me one, too, but, I haven't quilted the fabric for mine, yet.  I ran out of fusible fleece.  I have a coupon for 60% off at JoAnn's, that isn't good till Thursday.  I guess I'll be at JoAnn's this weekend.  The top 2 patterns use the fusible fleece, and the bottom purses call for pre-quilted fabrics.  Since the backing fabric won't ever been seen, I decided to try it with fusible fleece, instead of wasting a whole yard of fabric that won't ever be seen. 

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Misc Stitching

I've been busy stitching, but, on different things. 

I did a bit more work on the Elephant, fusing the tree onto the elephant background, and making the tail.
tree is fused, the gray elephants still need to be hand appliqued

The tail was fun, but, took a long time.  First, I took three strips of the different greens, and braided them.
3 strips, braided
I did this 3 times, then took the 3 braids, and braided them together.  After that was done, I tied on the scraps pieces, from when I trimmed all the fabrics, to make the tail 'hairy' like a real elephants tail.  I like how it curved on it's own.  I didn't make it do that.
tail completed

tail laid on elephant
Then I had to put this project aside for a while.

 I have several purses that need to be mailed out this month.  I started on the first 4 purses (same pattern).  Here are pictures of what I've done so far, so you can see the fabrics.
inside pockets and zipper

front of purse

inside pockets and zipper

front of purse (hard to see the pocket on this one)

inside pockets and zipper

front of purse

inside pockets and zipper

front of purse
The top one is using pre-quilted fabrics, which I haven't done before.  I'm having to figure out the changes as I go.  The colors didn't show up well.  The pink/purple/blue (bottom) is really deep colors, but, the pictures show it washed out.  Oh well.

I still have to finish these 4 purses, then, I have another one, with an older pattern to make, and still another one that uses the screening

My little quilt guild (Wego Quiltin') met on Monday night.  Jinnie had kits ready for everyone, and we made wool needle keepers.  I finished mine yesterday morning.
front of needle keeper

inside of needle keeper
What a cute project!  Thanks Jinnie!  Since we are such a small guild (about 15 members) we teach each other different projects or tricks.  I taught the ribbon bookmarks last month.  One of the members had made about 48 of them, for her bible study group.  She showed them off at guild.

One of the ladies at guild gave me a present.  She cleaned it up before she gave it to me.
attachment box

full of top clamp attachments
Not sure what top clamp machine these will fit, but, fun to have, no matter what.  Thanks Kandy!

I've also basted more hexie's, while watching TV. 
I've finished all the green, and some of the others, too.  I'm about half done now.

Not sure how much sewing I'll get done the rest of the week.  It's a busy week here. 

Hope you are having a productive week!