Sunday, April 28, 2024

Pattern Testing

I was asked to be a pattern tester for Rachel at Kohatu Patterns last week.  She is releasing a new pattern on May 10th in time for Mother's Day!

Since Rachel gives 2 different sizes for her Daisy pattern, I decided to make a Daisy in both sizes.  (Rachel also tells you how to make other sizes, too).

I picked a 'Sunset' background for the 12"x18" block.

I decided to do a blue sky background for the smaller block (7"x10").  Sorry, it was raining when I took the photo, so the blue looks a bit washed out.

I used the blue in the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt (almost done with that) and the white and yellows are from the Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks that I've been making (April's colors).

Of course I sewed both Daisy blocks on my 1927 Singer 15 hand crank.  I do all of my paper piecing on hand crank sewing machines, since the needle stops exactly where I want it to, and they make such tiny stitches, so the paper tears off easily.  I started both Daisy blocks while I was teaching a paper piecing class to a few of my little quilt guild's members at our sew-in last Thursday (they worked on spool of thread and sewing machine blocks).  Those blocks are way down towards the bottom of the page at this link.

stitching on one of the Daisy blocks

1927 Singer 15 hand crank

Go check out Rachel's website and all of her patterns.  These Daisy blocks were fun to make.  

Saturday, February 10, 2024

February Stitching So Far

I keep meaning to post, but then things happen, and I don't post. I need to get better at posting.  Since I haven't posted in a few weeks, I have lots to show today.

First up, I've finished Clue #7 on the Bonnie Hunter Mystery quilt.  Here are all the Clue #7 blocks.

stack of Clue #7 blocks

In my little quilt guild this year, we are teaching the history of different quilt blocks.  We have 3 different ladies each month that teach 3 different quilt blocks.  Last month I did Churn Dash. For February I chose the Storm at Sea quilt block.
Storm at Sea

I've been wanting to make a Storm at Sea quilt for a long time.  I used Christmas money to buy the Storm at Sea die from Accuquilt.  I printed out Accuquilts From Sea to Shining Sea pattern (free).  Accuquilt has several different Storm at Sea patterns available.  It took hours to cut out all the pieces!  I can't imagine how long it would have taken to cut this quilt out using rulers or templates.  The die is well worth the money (I got it on a BOGO sale).  Here is my quilt top.

Somehow I got 2 blocks turned wrong, so I'll have to rip them out and fix them before I get this quilted.  Oh well.  I will say that Accuquilts pattern is easy to follow, and I would make this again.  Hubby loves this quilt and said that we have to keep it.

My little quilt guild is starting a Round Robin challenge.  The first group started at the February meeting.  Since the first group is very small, I went ahead and added the first border to my center block.  I found the center pattern at a quilt shop in Rockford back in November, when I met up with a friends.

Wego Quiltin' Round Robin block

I've started on my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks the month.  Red is the color for February (my favorite color).  I've sewn strips and sub-cut them for TONS of 3 1/2" 9 patch blocks (I'll be sewing these long past February) and I've finished the 4 Flying Churn Dash blocks. It's hard to tell in the photo, but I used 2 different reds for these blocks.  One was very scrappy, since I used the tiny amount of red left over from my Bonnie Hunter Mystery.  The other red is mostly leftover from cutting out my Storm at Sea quilt on my Accuquilt.

Flying Churn Dash

My birthday was earlier this month.  I got some quilting themed presents from a friend and from my Secret Sister at church.  I've already used some of these things.  I'll be using the seam ripper to fix my Storm at Sea quilt top. The neck light is very useful!  

I managed to get another 50 Ohmigosh! 9 patch blocks made.  I'm still a long way away from getting these finished.  I'm using them as Leaders and Enders, but the RSC blocks have become my Leaders and Enders now, so there will be fewer OMG! blocks for a while.  

Saturday, January 27, 2024

Rainbow Scrap Challenge and Other Stuff

Wow, I haven't blogged since January 4th.  I've meant to, but I've been really busy, sorry.

First, I'm making 2 different blocks for the 2024 Rainbow Scrap Challenge.  One block I designed myself after seeing a similar block in Pinterest that I couldn't find a pattern for.  I was looking for different Churn Dash blocks, to teach the quilt block history of the Churn Dash block for my little quilt guild January 8th.  Did you know that there are at least 21 different names/variations of the Churn Dash block?  I listed all 21 names that I found, and showed several of the variations to my quilt guild.  This is the pattern that I drafted and made.  I call it the Flying Churn Dash.  It makes a 9 inch block.  

Flying Churn Dash for RSC24

I'm also making mini 9 patch blocks so that I can make a Jacks Chain quilt. The pattern from Quilter's Cache only has one block for the quilt.  There are two blocks needed, so I'll have to draft the 2nd block myself when it is time to put all the blocks together.  I made 45 green blocks for the January RSC24.  These 9 patch blocks are 3 1/2".  I made them using the Leaders & Enders method, and cut the strips with my new 1 1/2" Accuquilt strip die.  Sew much quicker to cut strips and sew them together, than to cut out each square (like the directions say to do). 

I have photos of the wedding couple with their new quilt.  They loved the quilt, as did both families.

the happy couple (and me) with their new quilt

While I was in Albuquerque, I dropped off 7 quilt tops (along with backing and binding fabric) to be quilted by another Treadle On member.  Jennifer has a long arm, and volunteered to quilt some of Marilyn's quilts for charity.  Marilyn was my good friend and quilting buddy that died in August. I still have quilt tops of Marilyn's that need to be quilted for charity. 

I met Jennifer at The Quilt Works quilt shop in Albuquerque.  Great shop!  I didn't have much time (wedding stuff to get done), so I only got to look at a tiny portion of the shop.  I checked out the white on whites (can never have too much background fabrics) and their sale room.  I could have spent and hour or more in that shop.  As it was, I came away with 7 different fabrics (4 backgrounds, 3 greens for the RSC, and a batik background).

cute bags that they use

The Quilt Works had a great balloon quilt on display.  Albuquerque has a balloon festival every year.  I asked if I could take photos and put them on my blog.  This is a pieced quilt, not a panel.  Wow!

I have done more on my Bonnie Hunter Mystery clues, too.  I've finished clue #6, #7 & #8, along with more of clue #3 (that she miscounted units for).  I have not started putting all the parts into blocks yet.

clue #6

clue #7

clue #8

more clue #3

I have a Zoom sew-in this weekend with my Treadle On group, and I'll be working on sewing these units into quilt blocks.

I've been trying to find a headboard that I liked for our king size bed for 2 years.  I really wanted one similar to the headboard we have on our queen size bed (now in the guest bedroom).  Surprise!  One came up on Freecycle, and we picked it up the day we flew home from the wedding.  This headboard is very similar to our old headboard in shape/style. What a difference a headboard makes in a room.  The wood is the same color as my bedroom set.  I love Freecycle!

bed with new (to me) headboard

I drove a friend to the doctor earlier this month, and he lives close to one of my favorite thrift shops.  Of course I had to see if they had anything new.  I found some thimbles.  I'd seen (and have) a thimble like the 'Medieval' thimble.  It was sew cute in it's box (and it still had the original price tag in British pounds).

I also found these 2 thimbles.  I really like the firetruck thimble!  I passed up several dozen other thimbles (mostly from 'places').

firetruck thimble

Disney thimble

I've been working on a Storm at Sea quilt.  I don't have any photos (yet), but I've made all 56 blocks, and the 8 rows are stitched.  I just need to sew the rows together.  This one takes more time since the instructions say to iron the seams open (boy does that take lots of time).  I'll be teaching the block history for the Storm at Sea block at my February quilt guild meeting. I need to find out more information about this block (history).  

What are you working on???  As soon as I get caught up with my blog reading, I tend to fall behind again.  I'm almost a week behind again.  Oops! 

Thursday, January 4, 2024

First Finish of 2024

I finished stitching the binding on our niece's wedding quilt on New Years Day.

faux piping binding

The wedding is this weekend.  I hope the happy couple likes their new quilt.  

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, January 2, 2024

2023 in Review

I don't have as much to show this year, since I was traveling 90 days between January and July of 2023.  I did manage to get some things done in 2023.

In January, I was part of the Villa Rosa Blog Hop.  I made Tink using one of Villa Rosa's patterns.

Tink for the Villa Rosa Blog Hop

I also finally finished the hand quilting for my Covid Toilet Paper Shortage quilt.  It met the requirements for my large quilt guild's challenge for our quilt show.  I got 3rd place in the challenge category.

3rd place winner

I got a new granddaughter in January.  I made her 2 quilts.  Emmalynn's Compass won 3rd place at my guilds quilt show in the small quilt category. 

Emmalynn on her quilt

Emmalynn on her quilt

I also finally finished the binding on the Family Reunion quilt.  You can't see it in the photo, but the white 'X' blocks are signed by family members. We auction off a quilt to raise funds for future reunions.

String Crossroads, family reunion quilt

My daughter-in-law loves the Pioneer Woman colors and items.  I made her some drying mats and decorated towels and wash cloths for her kitchen.

drying mats

decorated towels and wash cloths

Every year at the Missouri TOGA, we make a raffle quilt.  Since I'm not there during the year to help put all the blocks together, I made part of the backing for the next raffle quilt.  Our theme was Sewing Notions, so the part I made is the center of a spool of thread block.  I made the 'thread' by making a Jelly Roll race quilt.

Joann showing the quilt back and the pattern that will be used to finish the backing (roll of thread)

I participate in several exchanges each year with my Treadle On group (people powered sewing machines).  One of our exchanges this year was for a sewing machine cover.  This is the one I made.


back with pockets & little scissors pocket

My oldest granddaughter was given 13 fat quarters at a quilt shop in Anchorage last February.  I told her I'd make something with those fat quarters.  I made 16 Turkey placemats (12 for them, 4 for me).

16 placemats

My friend Marilyn died in August.  While cleaning out her sewing room, I found a Hanukkah embroidery.  I made a wall quilt for her husband.

Since it was such a crazy year, I decided to make pillowcases for the grandkids and other for Christmas this year (easier than shopping and shipping).  My grandkids were funny on Christmas day, when they opened their presents.  My daughter-in-law put the youngest inside her pillowcase, then the older kids jumped into their pillowcases and had a sack race with them.  Cute! (video calls are the BEST!)



I made a Tote bag for the Holiday exchange with my little quilt guild.  

I may not have finished many quilts or projects in 2023, but I did make lots of blocks.

I started making some of the Women of the Bible blocks (I have LOTS left to do).




The Samaritan Woman

My Treadle On group had a block of the month.  I only got 2 of the blocks made.



I also participated in the Batik Stars exchange with my Treadle On group.  I made 4 sets of blocks.

I finished up the blocks for the Angels Among Us quilt.  These were my hand work projects while I was traveling.






The Missouri TOGA (Treadle On Gathering & Academy) has a raffle quilt each year.  The theme for the 2024 quilt is Sewing Notions.  I made blocks for them and also some blocks for me.  Out of the 25 blocks I made, they got 12 blocks for the next quilt (and the Jelly Roll race for the spool of thread backing).

I participated in the Friendship Star block exchange with my Treadle On group.  Here are the blocks I made for that exchange.  I'm showing them with the machine that they were made on.  4 sets of blocks on 4 different hand crank sewing machines.

1921 Singer 66

1921 Singer 128

1914 Singer 66

made on the 1914 Singer 66

1927 Singer 15

I started making the Ohmigosh!  quilt as a leaders and enders quilt in 2022.  I finished over 200 tiny 9 patch blocks this year.  I have a long way to go!

150 blocks

50 blocks

I also started Bonnie Hunter's Mystery this year.  These are the blocks I finished in 2023.

clue #1

clue #2

clue #3

clue #3

clue #4

clue #4

clue #5

clue #5

clue #5

I don't count how much fabric comes in or goes out (WAY too much coming in).  I did get some big goodies this year.  For my 60th birthday, I bought myself a used Accuquilt Studio 2 cutter.  I've collected several dies over the year, including for Christmas this year.

I was good in the sewing machine department in 2023.  I did sell one machine, and gave away another machine.  I only acquired 3 machines this year.  Two of these machines are special to me because of who I got them from.

1948 Singer 15 from Captain Dick (he started Treadle On)

approx. 1905 Bradbury Soeze hand crank from my friend Marilyn, who died in August

1934 Singer 15k hand crank, came over from Holland and has an original hand crank (vs. a reproduction hand crank)

I taught a few classes this year at both my little quilt guild and also at the Missouri TOGA.

I taught how to make a ruler bag at the Missouri TOGA.

me with both of my ruler bags

I also taught how to make project boards at both the TOGA and for my little quilt guild.

teaching how to make project boards

I also taught curved piecing at my little quilt guild.  These are some of the blocks I used for the demonstration.  

Not too bad for being out of state so many days in 2023.  I do have my first finish for 2024, but I need photos of it.