Monday, June 29, 2020

2020 Missouri TOGA

I got to attend the 3rd Missouri TOGA last weekend.  What fun! The TOGA (Treadle On Gathering and Academy) started on Thursday and went thru Saturday. 

On Thursday I did a demo on how to make the string Churn Dash block for next year's raffle quilt.
blocks I made for next year's raffle quilt

We also had a question and answer session on vintage machines.
me showing how to convert a machine to hand crank

We had a welcome desk with this year's raffle quilt behind it.

On Friday, Missy taught us how to make snap bags. 

my snap bag

a teeny tiny snap bag

Saturday was really busy!  Missy did a demo on how to decoupage a sewing machine case.

We also had a pin cushion exchange. 

pin cushion I won

We also had show-n-tell.  These are just a few of the show-n-tell items.

We also had a raffle table.  Here are some of the things I won off the raffle table.
Yes, I got a quilt!

the card in the center is the original print that was also on this year's T-shirts

Of course there were some machines at the TOGA.
just a few of the machines at the TOGA

Donna and her Featherweight

Missy and her new machine

While I played with sewing machines, hubby went hiking in the area.  Both of us had a great weekend. 

Saturday, June 13, 2020

National Sewing Machine Day! & some stitching!

Happy National Sewing Machine Day!  June 13th is the first of TWO National Sewing Machine Days!  The second one is September 10th.  Sewing machines are so wonderful that they get TWO days to celebrate!

In honor of National Sewing Machine Day, here are some photos of my latest sewing machine.  I got this machine back in April, but never posted any photos.  This is a 1950 White Rotary Series 77.  It is in a lovely desk/cabinet.

cabinet opened up
In the top drawer of the desk is a holder for broken needles and pins (the black circle).  It has a glass jar that holds the needles (you can't see the jar).
black lid opens to hold broken needles
This machine also came with all sorts of attachments, including a button hole maker and a zig zagger.
drawer full of attachments
This lovely machine needs a new home (I'm out of room for cabinets).  If you know of someone that would be interested, this machine is in the western suburbs of Chicago.

I have been stitching, too.  I made 4 pin cushions.


I also made a mini Penguin quilt.

I finished two more Ukulele's for someone else (his wife and his sister in law).

I also made a dress for my granddaughter and a matching one for her doll. 

The dress was from material that was already smocked and layered.  All I had to do was to stitch the seams and add the straps. 

Now to get the dress in the mail.

I did get the last baby quilt quilted, but I still have to sew on the binding.  I also got 5 game board quilts basted.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Some Finishes, Some Progress and a Cutie!

I quilted 2 more baby quilts over the weekend, and got them bound, washed and delivered to the new babies on Wednesday.
Alphabet letters

blue Minkee backing


up close of the monsters

polka dot backing
I still have one more baby quilt to quilt. 

I stitched more string blocks last week.  This time I made them the correct size and direction.  I didn't get them trimmed until today.  I already had 4 string blocks made (the correct size). 
28 string blocks

5 more string blocks
Now to start making the spool blocks for the exchange.  I think I figured out the math to make half size blocks with the strings that I stitched the wrong size. 

I also finished 8 more striped circle blocks.
Striped circles

I think I'm over half way done with these now.  These are my hand project that I stitch at work.  I usually get an hour a day to stitch.  I haven't been working every day since Covid, since my home health care client's wife hasn't been working very often.  I'm not needed if she is at home.  (More time to get my sewing done when I'm off).

Vicki over at Vicki's Crafts and Quilting has been knitting sweaters for kids.  I had her knit a sweater for my granddaughter.  My son sent photo's when the sweater arrived yesterday.
Gwendolynn in her new sweater

Gwendolynn making 'squishy face'

Yes, the sweater is large, but she can grow into it.  Since she lives in Alaska, she will get lots of wear out of the sweater.